TweetDeck services taken offline after rapidly-spreading exploit

Update: TweetDeck says they've "verified [their] security fix and have turned TweetDeck services back on for all users" and apologized for the inconvenience.

Original story follows.

If are a big user of TweetDeck, you might have noticed some issues with using those apps today. A security issue that was first discovered with the Chrome app version has since caused the app's owners at Twitter to shut down all TweetDeck services to fix the problem.

The problem was first revealed earlier this morning, and it involves an XSS issue could cause hackers to execute code remotely on a user's PC — as demonstrated by a slew of automatic retweets spreading rapidly across Twitter.

TweetDeck at first claimed on their Twitter feed that they had quickly fixed the security issue and that it was isolated to the Chrome web app, but the problem is apparently persistent and showing up in other TweetDeck clients. That was enough for Twitter to basically pull the plug on Tweekdeck completely. The latest message stated, "We've temporarily taken TweetDeck services down to assess today's earlier security issue. We'll update when services are back up."

How are TweetDeck users coping with today's insanity?

Source: TweetDeck on Twitter

John Callaham