TouchPad Android port project fizzles, but not quite dead

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Let's hope the recent upheaval in the TouchDroid realm -- that's the endeavor to get Android properly ported onto the nearly extinct HP TouchPad -- doesn't completely derail the project, but things have looked better, folks. There's been some back and forth about code, and some milk spilled, apparently. But there's also the video you see above, which walks you through booting a very alpha build of Android on the TouchPad.

Again: Very alpha. As in, 99 percent of you (and us) have no business trying this, even if you happen to have a TouchPad. In fact, if you manage to sit through this entire video, you're better men and women than we are. This is low-level stuff, and we're perfectly happy kibitzing this one. More deets are at the links below, and let's hope things get started again eventually.

Source: TouchDroid 1, 2

Phil Nickinson
  • note: this is only the touchdroid team that is being discussed here. CM is still working on their own port. So all hope is not lost!
  • The title seems a bit drastic since the port hasn't fizzled at all. There are simply a few less than honest people on the Touchdroid team that got caught stealing code. The Cyanogenmod team, however, is making great progress and Android will be coming to the Touchpad at some point. I wouldn't put anything from the Touchdroid team onto my Touchpad, just be patient and wait for CM.
  • the CMTouchpad team has been doing some awesome work and i expect we'll see the results of their work soon enough.
  • I've been running CM on my NookColor for months now, and even at $99 I wouldn't buy a Touchpad if my only Android option was CM. Clearly CM is better for phones, so unless and until a Honeycomb port is looking like a possibility, I will shelve my desire for the Touchpad. That said, if presented the opportunity I'd probably buy a Touchpad in the hopes Ice Cream Sandwich could make its way onto the device. I'd just leave it in the box until then.
  • if you do get one how about just freaking using it as is or letting someone who really wants one buy it instead. webOS is better in on a tablet in alot of ways than android anyways...
  • Why does it matter? If he buys it, he can put whatever he wants on it. I doubt he's a member of the "Pre Faithful", so he isn't obligated to show undying loyalty to WebOS. I turned in my Pre Faithful membership card months ago. The only reason I'm (and probably many) are still interested in a $99 TouchPad is not for WebOS, but for putting Honeycomb on it. The TP should embrace its new position along side the Nook Color.
  • i ditched my pre almost a year ago, but i can't deny the fact the webOS is superior to android in most ways. the only way i would put android on the touchpad is if it was relatively easy to accomplish, was honeycomb, and a dual boot. maybe not even then. what exactly do you people want to do with your tablets that the touchpad can't?
  • I agree, WebOS, from a design and UI point of view, is great. But it doesn't have any apps. Thats probably the #1 reason why there is a rush to get Gingerbread on it. I wouldn't mind using the WebOS on the TP if there were at least ports of the apps that I use (most of the apps like Mint, Paypal, etc, can't be created by random developers...).
  • It doesn't have any apps? It has a browser that runs Flash and is smoother than most Android browsers...and that's what folks spend 90% of their time using on most tablets. Most iPad apps are simply GUI front ends for data, info, services, or sites that are available on standard web sites. It made sense on a phone since screens are small and those apps can reformat sites for fat fingers...but on a tablet? That webkit-based WebOS browser also runs Hulu, HBO Go, Max Go, MLB TV, Youtube...pretty much most video sources other than netflix. It also can run browser-based email, but the TP also has an excellent email client. It has a kindle app. It has Quick Office, other text editors, various weather apps, multiple music player apps, a facebook app (if you don't like their website), photo/camera/video/sound recording apps, RPN calculators, Bing maps app, any number of news and streaming radio apps, and a number of games. It also has the unparalleled experience of "synergy" for calendar, contacts, and email. Sure, it lags behind in terms of app count...and does not have 1000 fart apps or 100 texas hold 'em apps. I got it. But no apps? Seriously? I use the heck out of my Touchpad and feel like I got one of the best deals ever. $0.02
  • Thats great and all, but I personally would prefer dedicated apps. At the end of the day however....the TP and WebOS are sunk. So apparently, (in addition to a variety of things, mismanagement, lack of dedication on HP's part), the people who do hold the "fart apps" in high regard decided to pick up an iPad instead, or a cheaper Asus Transformer. Those people outnumber us "geeks" with more refined tastes.
  • Try using Google Music on the touchpad and then on android, a dedicated app is tons more useful in most instances
  • "what exactly do you people want to do with your tablets that the touchpad can't" Connect to 802.11x WPA2 Enterprise wi-fi with phase 2 MSCHAPv2 like the one on my college campus. Without WiFi on campus this Touchpad is little more than a glossy paperweight outside of my apartment.
  • I dont get way so many are hung up on hc. I would way rather have a working gingerbread port to it way more apps and games.HC no Madden 12 no nfs hot pursuit no battlefield no Dead Space only a hand full of gameloft games work. Love my Touchpad cant wait for a duel boot webos gingerbread tablet CM will come through
  • Agree with you. Especially on smaller tabs (7 - 8inch) I think froyo or gingerbread is better than honeycomb. I got 3.2 on my Acer iconia 7, and only 1 Gameloft game works. Most of the apps I want to use either don't work (no Netflix), aren't available, force close, or aren't formatted properly for a tab. Kind of sucks :(
  • Seriously AndroidCentral, this post makes you guys look amateurish and uninformed. TouchPad Android port project fizzles, but not quite dead No. The TouchDroid team broke up because a few of its members were caught stealing Cyanogen Mod's work, and tried to pass it off as their own. They then plotted to obscure that fact, and deny that they had ever done it. Thanks to these people, the rest of what was left of the team decided to part ways. Cyanogen Mod has been making great progress on the Touchpad, they have not only booted Android 2.3.5 on it, but have multi-touch working, hardware acceleration, and almost everything, except for Wifi. So the only ones who really fizzled were the members of the TouchDroid team. Do some research next time, please! Posts like these are below your usually great standards.
  • So you're saying the TouchDroid port is alive and well? Because the article is ONLY about the TouchDroid project and how their porting is going. It was not headlined: All attempted TouchPad Andriod ports projects fizzle, but not quite dead The article was about TouchDriod and TouchDroid ALONE. If it was about TouchPad porting in general then you would be correct. But it was not about TP porting in general. It was about TouchDroid's attempt and their progress.
  • I think his point may have been that the touchdroid team isn't even worthy news because they are a bunch of hacks. It's not even worth writing an article about them. Also, 99% of the people don't care who makes it work, just as long as someone does. That's why this article is confusing people. I agree the article is poorly done.
  • Hey, I have that laptop too! :-D
  • i will wait for CM. Always solid bases.. then someone else can put all the cool stuff back in!! lol Maybe a better UI cause i am not a fan of vanilla android