Top Combo Crew tips and tricks Android EVGA Tegra Note 7

Combo Crew is a beat 'em up game designed specifically for mobile play. The name of the game is all about building the largest combo you can during each level. The bigger your combo, the greater your score, plus you'll unlock great rewards. Choosing from a variety of characters (including guests from Street Fighter and Another World) and then setting out to pound the hordes of enemies is a fierce good time. Combo Crew costs 99 cents in the Google Play Store and has in-app purchases.

Unlike most beat 'em ups, Combo Crew isn't just about knocking out enemies and clearing the level. You'll need to keep that combo up and complete various missions in order to unlock everything the game has to offer. Our all-new tips and tricks guide will help you hit the ground running in this classic game of fisticuffs.

1. Pick the right control style for your device

Top Combo Crew tips and tricks

Combo Crew offers two control styles: "One Hand" and "Thumb" (two hands). The choice between one hand or two isn't so much a matter of preference as using the appropriate style for your device. If you're playing on a phone, Thumb style is probably a good option. You can comfortably grip the phone and still be able to hit enemies on either side of the screen using your thumbs.

On a tablet however, you just won't be able to reach many of your opponents with both of your hands gripping the sides of the device. That's too much screen real estate for normal human thumbs! So pick One Hand style and let your dominant hand do all of the attacking while the other holds the device in place.