Top 5 best cases for HTC One M9

Many HTC One M9 owners out there prefer to rock their device without a case, feeling that HTC Uh-oh protection provides enough insurance in case of a serious drop. The rest of us, however, need that extra protection to make us feel safe. And rocking a case doesn't necessarily mean we have to compromise on style or slimness, either.

Our top 5 best cases for the HTC One M9 have been selected for their popularity in the HTC One M9 forums and staff favorites here at Android Central. Jump past the break to check out which cases made the cut.

HTC DOT View II Case

Featuring a unique matrix UI flip cover, the HTC Dot View II not only protects the HTC One M9 from scratches and impacts, but also lets you see notifications, weather updates, accept or reject calls, and even play games — all without ever opening the case.

Where the DOT View II differs from the original DOT View Case is the clear acrylic back shell. This plastic cover snaps around your HTC One M9, but is completely transparent, so you can still rock the original look of your device on one side. When opened, the case kicks-on your display for instant access, but when closed, it activates the retro UI of the front flap. The sheer uniqueness of this flip cover makes it a popular choice among HTC One M9 owners.

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Spigen Slim Armor Case

A community favorite is Spigen's Slim Armor Case for the HTC One M9, utilizing a webbed TPU core to absorb impacts, topped with a smooth polycarbonate exterior that has a built-in kickstand for watching movies hands-free. No matter what color you go with — champagne gold, gunmetal or slate — each one compliments the HTC One M9 beautifully.

Glossy accents wrap around the top and bottom of the cover, adding to the Slim Armor's simplistic appeal. When the kickstand isn't in use, it sits flush with the rest of the case, providing an audible snap to let you know when it's secured. As its name implies, this hybrid cover really is slim — even with both layers of protection.

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Seidio SURFACE Case

Built differently from its predecessors, the SURFACE Case got a redesign with the HTC One M9, which includes a thin TPU layer that sits inside the smooth polycarbonate shell. The best part is that size wasn't sacrificed with this update. It's still the same slim hard case from Seidio we've grown to know and love, only with a little extra cushion.

Featuring two pieces that slide together from the top and button of the HTC One M9, the Seidio SURFACE Case adds a firm grip with its signature soft-touch coating and leaves access to your charging and headphone ports. The side buttons are easily accessed by the inner TPU layer, too. Color options include black, blue, red and violet.

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HTC Clear Hard Shell Case

Perfect for the accident-prone HTC One M9 owner that doesn't care for cases, this Clear Hard Shell Case from HTC keeps your device looking pretty and wipes any worry of bulk away. Aside from the slim TPU bumper around the edges, this hard case is completely see-through, and looks amazing on the HTC One M9.

With that TPU bumper comes additional grip, which is nice. Side buttons are easy to press and ports are cake to access when it's time to plug in a charger for auxiliary cable. The lip around the display could be raised a bit higher, and the acrylic shell isn't the most scratch-resistant we've seen, but it's a great case for casual protection against minor impacts. You can snatch it up in either a black or pink bumper.

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Spigen Neo Hybrid Case

Last up is the Neo Hybrid Case from Spigen, which makes the list for its slim design, incredible grip and bitchin' bumper. The patterned TPU that reaches across the back gives the case a slightly rugged appearance, but matches perfectly with the metal coated side buttons and smooth polycarbonate shell.

While rocking the Spigen Neo Hybrid you also gain display protection from flat surfaces, thanks to the raised lip on the front. Although the case doesn't come as one whole piece, installation is still very simple, including both the hybrid shell and durable bumper that keeps it all together. Take your pick of satin silver, gunmetal or champagne gold.

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