Timehop for Android: Throwback Thursday made simple

The ghosts of social media past return

You may have noticed an app popping up in a lot of throwback posts of late called Timehop. Timehop is an app with a very specific purpose: it digs up your social media posts from years ago and presents them to you on their anniversaries. While the primary use for Timehop is to rediscover old posts and content and then reshare it, Timehop can also serve as a daily dose of nostalgia — or embarrassment, as is often the case for my own social history. Timehop is a quick, no-frills trip down down memory lane and a cheat-sheet for #throwbackthursday.

So, when are we off to?

Lots of connections to be made here.

Before you can go glancing through your personal this day in history, you need to hook all of your social media profiles into Timehop so it can scan and pull them up on their particular day. Timehop has a nice little list of all the feeds you can plug in including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and Foursquare, should you want to share where you were years ago compared to where you physically are now. While you can't plug in my preferred network Google+ — they really need to put out an API at some point — you can at least plug in your Google+ photos, meaning that you'll be able to reshare old vacation pictures or screenshots of your old homescreen.

Mind the bottom. REDSHIRTS.

If you've been active on social media for years, then your Timehop will be bursting at the seams everyday with tons of content for you to share and have a good laugh over. However, if you weren't exactly diligent about posting every day in years past, you might open your Timehop to this...

I was not always a social person. It shows.

A bit not good, that.

Once you find something from today you like, you can share it to some or all of your social media accounts easily with a unified share feature. Simply type your message — it includes a character counter for Twitter for you to make sure the Twitter version isn't lopped off — and the More button takes you to the standard share menu in Android, allowing you to post it on Google+, or any other app you desire.

Sharing a pic. Ain't she adorable when she's bored?

Timehop is an app that craves your attention, notifying you at least twice a day if you don't check it on your own, and the app will only show posts from that day, so if you missed yesterday while you were off skiing, tough luck. You'll see it next year. But overall, it's a useful little app, especially for those of us who are always looking for fun content to get a laugh out of our readers. So, do you want to see your content from yesteryear? Or is this just a cheap way to get in more posts per day?

Ara Wagoner

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