Last year, while mourning the loss of my favorite smartwatch to a Fitbit acquisition, I was given hope by a wearable called the Ticwatch 2. It featured an innovative operating system and a very clever touch-sensitive strip for controlling it. Recently, almost 20,000 people pledged about 3.2 million dollars on Kickstarter to bring its two sequels to life.

The Ticwatch S and E models are the result, and I got to check out the sportier "S" model during a weeklong review period. The Ticwatch S ditches its predecessor's proprietary OS for Android Wear, but it also eliminates its single most interesting feature in favor of affordability. With its "tickle strip" ditched and its casing looking a lot like every other fitness watch out there, does the Ticwatch S still stand out? Click on MrMobile's Ticwatch S Review above to find out!

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