THX Certified Game Mode for TVs debuts at CES 2020

TCL 8 series
TCL 8 series (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • THX Certified Game Mode enhances contrast and color while simultaneously reducing input lag.
  • TCL will be launching the first certified TVs later this year, with other manufacturing partners to be announced.
  • THX AAA debuts new audio quality and better battery life for wireless headphones.

When you think of THX, it's likely the first place your mind wanders off to is a movie theater. After all, THX has been partnering with great studios since 1983 to create one-of-a-kind quality sound experiences in theaters and at home. But what if you could bring THX audio excellent to the wonderful world of video games? THX, in partnership with TCL, is launching a brand new THX Certified Game Mode for TCL TVs, helping gamers get the most out of their brand new 4K HDR TV from the nation's fastest-growing television brand.

THX Certified Game Mode can be selected for each input and provides fast response time for gaming input, as well as a slew of new visual features to enhance the gorgeous graphics sure to come from this year's next-generation gaming consoles. Many TVs ship with visual enhancements designed for movies and TV shows, but those sorts of enhancements typically will make the experience worse when gaming. TCL and THX recognized this fact and provide a mode that enhances colors and contrast, as well as disabling any enhancements that might add precious time between when you press a button on your controller and what happens on screen. That means less tinkering around with your TV's settings and more time enjoying the best visual experience you can get.

While TCL is expected to launch with this new THX Certified Game Mode later this year, other manufacturers can get certified for these settings, as well. It's a key part of THX's strategy to incorporate the best settings in simple-to-choose modes for consumers, allowing them to get the very best experience no matter what they're playing or viewing. In addition to this new gaming mode, THX Spatial Audio will deliver three-dimensional audio immersion for gamers on certified devices, including upcoming mobile devices, to help better pinpoint the location of enemies in the gaming world.

1MORE Truly Wireless ANC Headphones

Source: 1MORE (Image credit: Source: 1MORE)

THX is also debuting a new Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA) that's designed to deliver the best headphone audio on the market. This isn't just restricted to wired headphones though, as THX has partnered with several companies, including Drop and 1MORE to deliver wireless headphones without sacrificing quality. 1MORE True Wireless ANC headphones are debuting for $199, while Drop is debuting Panda, a pair of ultra-high-quality headphones for $399. These two headphones utilize THX's new AAA technology to not only deliver better audio quality than ever, but also better battery life than you could imagine.

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