ThunderBolt update unofficially delayed, or at least is very, very slow

In case the sight of several thousand HTC ThunderBolt owners either twiddling their thumbs or jamming them obsessively on the "Check for update" button wasn't enough for you, it appears that the 1.13.605.7 update for the 'Bolt has been delayed. That's the update that Verizon's Twitter support account said was pushing out starting yesterday, and the one that nobody has seen either hide or hair of since.

No word yet if this has anything to do with Verizon's LTE crash last week, or if it's some other showstopper bug that must have cropped up in the last minute. Stay tuned, folks.

Source: Droid-Life; More info: ThunderBolt forums

  • Of course this is delayed, it's what Verizon Wireless does best...dangle a carrot and then pull it away. Growing tired of constant VZW delays. Here's a thought, don't announce anything until you are 100% ready to release it!
  • Just like the thunderbolt release dates that kept getting pushed back. Now this. I said this would happened but didn't want to believe it. Like a sucker I wake up in the morning grab my phone hoping to see that update notification pop up and nothing. This phone has been damned since day one. This phone is Rosemary's baby. Verizon's devil child. Failed us once again. F--ck it. Just give us 2.3. The incredible S came out 2 days ago and already getting 2.3 updates. That's that b--llsh1T
  • Failed? Pssh. So glad to be rooted and running BAMF 1.6 Remix. I don't need VZW's stinkin' update.
  • DAMN SAMSUNG STINKS .......oh wait :)
  • this is getting old..everything related to the thunderbolt since release has been a phone has so many bugs in need of updating its rediculious
  • Don't you think that most of the people who care about updates and check non stop would be people who are rooted and there for don't really need updates if their running a rom? Before I had my G2 I didn't really care about updates and I still don't now that I'm rooted. I don't see average users spamming checking for updates but I could be wrong.
  • Nothing here yet. To soon for me to pass judgement on this phone. But if it ain't got gingerbread by the end if June like HTC said, I will have to pass on a future phone. Why is gingerbread taking so long? I just don't get it. Twas released last year. We are almost through the first half of the year already. Just seems suspect. No word from the big G about what could be taking so long this time around.
  • had this for weeks now. Root and install a ROM that has the leaked update. It's incredibly easy with 1-click root anyway, if you're really that into your phone you should be on a custom ROM anyway, imo :)
  • How much you wana bet gingerbread is delayed and delayed and delayed on this phone.
  • Can I bet with a post dated check? November OK?
  • And this update isn't even gingerbread. Lol.
  • They should rename this phone the HTC DELAY 4G
  • Is anything with this phone not plagued with delays? The only gratifying news I've gotten since buying this phone was a fluke -- Skype leaking out. Unreal.
  • I'm so seriously sick and tried of the slow response from Verizon regarding an update to help fix the issues with this device that when I was in the Verizon store tonight to ask when the update was coming out a couple standing nearby asked what I thought about the phone so I told them honestly. They thanked me and bought something else since they were signing a 2yr contract and didn't the speed but reliability which this phone lacks.
  • I think it is anything that has to do with LTE
  • It's not the phones, the delays are due to their LTE problems. Yes it sucks, as early adoption often does.
  • Just bummed, really bummed.
  • Hey guys this is my first post. Been following for a while and decided to sign up today. I am really interested in the Charge but I could not resist posting to this. Isn't it all you HTC people that crap all over Samsung with "OOO my Sense is better than your Touchwiz" and "OOO Samsung sucks at updates and HTC rocks"? When in reality none of the phones ever get timely updates and UI is a matter of preference. Just a thought...
  • Welcome aboard. Samsung has a long history of delays dating back to Windows Mobile. HTC has a long history of timely updates dating back to Windows Mobile. I'm convinced that if it wasn't for HTC phones, Windows Mobile would have failed long ago. A lot of Samsung phones are still on 2.1 which were supposed to / or going to have 2.2. So that is enough reason for an intelligent person to make a decision on which phone to get. As for TouchWiz vs Sense. That is a personal preference. For me, why do I want my phone to look like that crappy UI that Apple has?
  • Care to name some samsung phone that is still on 2.1? Every single galaxy s phone is officially on froyo. Smaller wireless carriers variation had it since december of last year because of very little carrier bloat. If your rooted, you'll be running a leaked froyo rom since december as well. the leaked rom is essentially the same thing as the official ota update but with no bing and no bloat.
  • I've been running this update for a week now on my rooted Thunderbolt. I have no problems with it so far. My battery life is nice with 4G service on. I can't understand why a lot of people have the issues with the reboot. Maybe VZW is trying to deal with that?
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  • Everyone quit crying, if you hate the phone so much, root ir or take it back, I am happy with mine, running bamf 1.6 remix and have no issues, best phone I have ever owned.
  • Dont worry all the updates will be on the Tbolt 2 comming out in june.;)
  • No tbolt 2 coming out in June, Its the iphone 5. Do you belive it????
  • This news depresses me. No update since release of the bolt and still delayed? Instead of releasing another 2.2 update big red needs to step the game up and push 2.3 ota.
  • Any one know if this is true about Tbolt2 coming out in june????
  • Im still waiting for a reply ???
  • 500meg in 4 days.