Three UK's 'Feel at Home' abolishes roaming charges in seven countries

Three UK has announced a new roaming scheme known as 'Feel at Home' that promises to abolish roaming charges when you go abroad. The catch; it's limited to seven countries at the moment, and those countries are ones that all have their own Three network. Still, it's a bold and welcome move from the carrier, and should take some of the pain of travelling with your smartphone away if you're hitting one of the supported locations. 

Visiting Republic of Ireland, Australia, Italy, Austria, Hong Kong, Sweden and Denmark, 'Feel at Home' will automatically activate the moment you turn on your phone allowing you to use your regular Three allowance while you're there with no extra charge. 

Three already offers competitive EU roaming rates, with access to your UK based allowance costing just £5 per day when within EU countries, but this is one step further in the right direction. 

Source: Three

Richard Devine