These are the first five games you need to try on Oculus Quest

The Oculus Quest is a completely standalone VR headset. It can track the room you're in and your movement in six directions, which opens the world up when it comes to gaming. The Oculus Quest has an impressive library of launch titles, but these are the first five that you absolutely need to try.

The essentials

The Oculus Quest provides a unique opportunity to use popular VR titles without being tethered to a PC. Games that require movement, both around the room and with your hands, feel liberated by the Oculus Quest's lack of wires.

There's a wide range of games and apps available on the Oculus Quest, and that list is set to grow quickly as developers jump on board. The games on this list stand out for their ability to take advantage of the Oculus Quest's tracking features and support for two controllers.

Beat Saber is a top-rated game that is a hit at parties. It has various skill levels, so it's an excellent game for beginners and experts. The Oculus Quest's built-in speakers fire music directly at your ears and the tracking system means that you can swing away at blocks without any risk of snagging a wire.

SUPERHOT VR's slow-motion gameplay and unique look and feel creates a combat experience you won't get in any other game. It's also an excellent game to test out the Oculus Quest's features and to take advantage of the fact that you don't have to wear any wires. SUPERHOT VR requires you to make complicated sequences of movements, and the Oculus Quest feels like it was built for titles like this.

Sean Endicott