TELUS opens pre-orders for Essential Phone, starting at $290 on-contract

Coming in a day after the Essential Phone launched in the U.S., Canadian carrier TELUS has opened up its pre-orders for the new phone from Andy Rubin's company. Unlike the Sprint "exclusivity" in the U.S., TELUS has a true exclusive deal to be the only retailer in Canada selling the phone, rather than just the only carrier partner in Sprint's case. Essential won't be shipping its unlocked model to Canada at launch, so your only choice up North is to buy from TELUS.

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At launch, TELUS only has the "black moon" color on offer, just like Sprint, and of course, the only storage option is 128GB.

Pricing is set at $290 on a two-year plan of at least $95 per month, or a hefty $490 on a two-year plan of $85 per month or more. Online orders ship for free (at that price they better), and the TELUS store now says shipments will head out on September 1.

TELUS also says that the Essential Phone's 4K camera attachment will retail for $270 when it ships later this year.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • With the lacklustre camera software highlighted in Andrew's review, the Essential phone really doesn't seem worth it just yet. The screen's cool but why have dual cameras if you're not going to utilize them? Personal opinion of course.
  • Basically that's my personal opinion too. Nothing very enticing about its dual camera setup. Then there's the fact they left out OIS which to me, is a big oversight and deffinitely an "essential" in that price range. Too many aspects of the phone fall short when paying such a premium, may fall into others wheelhouse but not mine.
  • This phone will not sell well at all in Canada. Most people own Galaxies or iPhones and both phones are highly water resistant. That feature alone will shy customers away from the Essential, especially since the price is similar.
  • Think you are right, there's better handsets available that offer more.