Technology makes your workout easier to track

Fitness apps and mobile technology have already come a long way. Now with Android Wear, they're going even further. The Wear Fitness Personal trainer is an intuitive app that actually counts your reps for you while you are mid-workout. That's not all either, this app comes packed with all the features to make your workout seamless with technology. So if you've been looking for a way to find tracking your workout easier, then we may have found the app for you.

The Wear Fitness Personal Trainer goes a step further than many of the other fitness apps on the market in how they are utilizing Android Wear. While you workout wearing your smartwatch, the app will detect the reps in your exercise, and count your rest in between reps. You can also add exercises and reps manually, use the interval timer or stopwatch, and delete exercises you no longer have a need for.

Track your reps

The Android Wear app connects back to the mobile app, where you can look at your workouts on a much more in depth level. You can also connect to Google Fit, see all your exercises in a list, log your workouts, and pick goals and your experience level for a more personalized experience.

The voice commands work very well, and the app itself detected most exercises without any issues itself detected most exercises without any issues.

If you've ever gotten frustrated trying to keep track of your reps, or you just don't like sitting down after a workout to log everything manually, this app is a great option to check out. The voice commands work very well, and the app itself detected most exercises without any issues. The detection does tend to disappear fairly quickly once you stop moving, but it is solidly put together. The fact that you can add exercises manually is also a perk that is definitely handy. For those who workout on the go, The Wear Fitness Personal Trainer is a great way to keep track of things without having to derail your workout.

With the features available on The Wear Fitness Personal Trainer, it's definitely one of the fitness apps to keep an eye out for. This is especially true if you're interested in technology that will count your reps for you, letting you concentrate 100% on your workout. With the addition of a timer for your intervals, a stop watch, and an easy way to manually enter exercises, this is an app not to be missed. Does this sound like the kind of app you'd want for your workout, or do you have another one that works better? Let us know!

Jen Karner

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