Teaser website for Final Fantasy 16 shows off setting and protagonist

Final Fantasy 16 Setting Teaser
Final Fantasy 16 Setting Teaser (Image credit: Square Enix)

What you need to know

  • Square Enix launched a teaser website for Final Fantasy 16 today offering details on the game's world and characters.
  • The action RPG will be released on the PS5, though there is no estimate on when.
  • The story will follow Clive Rosfield, a teenage master swordsman.

Square Enix provided a bunch of enticing new details about Final Fantasy 16 on a teaser website launched today, revealing an all new world and set of characters for the RPG series.

The game, which will be released exclusively on the PS5, will be set in Valisthea, a land dominated by mountains of magical crystals. It is divided into six realms, each with their own Mothercrystal, and the uneasy peace between them is breaking down as blight spreads across the land.

Final Fantasy 16's protagonist, Clive Rosfield, is son of the archduke of Rosaria. He was meant to become a Dominant, a person with the ability to call upon the extremely powerful creatures called Eikons, and take the throne as the next archduke. However the Phoenix, Eikon of Fire, instead chose his younger brother, Joshua. Clive instead dedicated himself to becoming a master swordsman and has been tasked with protecting Joshua, who lends him some of the Phoenix's fire.

Things go awry thanks to a tragic event caused by a mysterious Eikon, Ifrit, that leaves Clive seeking revenge. The website also introduces Jill Warrick, a 12-year-old from the Northern Territories who was made a ward of Rosaria as part of a peace deal between the warring nations and has become close friends with the brothers.

Descriptions of the realms also promise plenty of intrigue and conflict. The Kingdom of Waloed in eastern Valisthea has been in regular conflict with orcs and beastmen. Its current king, who is also a Dominant, has just crushed a rebellion and built an army which he plans to use to expand his territory.

More information of Final Fantasy 16 will be released next year so check back here for updates.

Samantha Nelson