Boid Beta

Graham Macphee, one of the members of Team Boid, announced today on his personal blog that the group would cease future development of its popular Twitter client, Boid. When the group set out to create Boid, the intention was to show the development world how well Twitter clients could look and work. They wanted to be the "Tweetbot for Android," and they surely made a splash. Well regarded as an example of Google's new "holo" design guidelines, Boid was extremely popular.

Unfortunately, now without ever exiting "beta," Boid will no longer be developed by the group. Macphee explains that the Boid app wasn't meant to be an achievement for the team, but rather a tool that helped in the achievement of their true goals. They believe that what they accomplished while working on Boid is a positive result for them. The overall result, as they see it, was that other apps followed their lead and started to use design in ways that helped the overall user experience.

Macphee reiterated via Twitter after the post went up that this is not an official announcement -- and there was no mention of the moves Twitter's making that's driving other clients out of business -- but that this is what they intend to make official very soon. If there was any silver lining in this, it's that their intention going forward is to make Boid open-sourced for anyone to continue to work with it in the future. We'll be excited to see how Boid does as the community takes on the development effort.

Source: Graham Macphee; @gmph