TAG Heuer's new Wear OS watch taps Super Mario to power up your wrist

Tag Heuer Super Mario Wear Os Watch
Tag Heuer Super Mario Wear Os Watch (Image credit: TAG Heuer)

What you need to know

  • The TAG Heuer x Super Mario watch comes with unique watch faces that power up as you fulfill your step goal.
  • Each watch comes with two novel interchangeable straps, a special-designed steel watch case, and a travel case in Super Mario red.
  • Only 2,000 watches are being made, making this a super-limited edition Wear OS watch.

If you're in the market for a new smartwatch, TAG Heuer and Nintendo are about to throw a blue shell in your direction. This special collaboration between TAG Heuer and Nintendo certainly looks the part in every way, from the newly redesigned steel watch case to the Super Mario travel case each watch comes packed with.

Two special watch bands are included: a black leather band with red rubber edges and a red perforated rubber sport band. You'll even find "TAG Heuer x Super Mario Limited Edition" inscribed along the back, in case the rest of the presentation didn't make it obvious enough. But the outer watch hardware isn't the only special thing you'll find here.

Special watch faces that ship pre-installed on this special edition watch will prominently display Mario on the face. As you meet your step goals throughout the day, Mario will power up and complete an entire course. These power-ups happen at each 25% interval and end with Mario sliding down the flag when you complete your goal.

TAG Heuer says that these special watch faces will be made available on other TAG Heuer Connected Wear OS watches, so if you've previously purchased one and want to get in on the action, you won't have to wait long. There's no way to touch up the custom bezel, crown, and other special Mario-themed elements without buying this hardware, though.

Given that the limited-edition watch is launching this week, it won't be running the new Wear OS at launch. Many of the best Wear OS watches won't receive the update, particularly those from Fossil, but TAG Heuer might pull some strings to make it happen, given the exorbitant price of its watches.

Only 2,000 of these watches will be available, and you can only get them at selected TAG Heuer boutiques and at tagheuer.com, starting July 15th. TAG Heuer doesn't mention a price, but Engadget reports the watch will cost $2,150, and based on previous TAG Heuer Wear OS watches, that sounds about right.

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