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T-Mobile's version of the Samsung Galaxy S is known as the Vibrant, and it's as slim and sleek as its cousins. Same 1GHz Hummingbird processor, same 4-inch Super AMOLED display. T-Mo just had to show us how Avatar looks on the phone, and while it's not quite the same as in the theater, it's still pretty damn good for a 4-inch smartphone. Check it out after the break.

Update: hands-on photos!

[YouTube video]

  • wow samsung came out packing. i did not think that they would come out on all 4 top carriers, but no they also did us cellular and cellular south.
  • looks pretty nice ! can't wait for the review !
  • I hope if doesn't have the same problems the moment has. With data and craptastic battery
  • Why do these phones all lack front
    facing cameras? I thought that was a feature of the Galaxy.
  • What the frig' is so special about a front facing camera! Just like the iPhone 4 owners are now learning, you will use it 13 times then forget you have it. Phil you need to have a poll about the front facing camera. I'm confident it will show that a very small percentage of people really care about the front facing camera.
  • amazing. I don't game on a phone, but between this and the Asphalt 5 demo on the Epic that might change.
  • ohhhh @ that last pic. Does that mean what I think it means Phil?!? :))))
  • I almost considered this phone until I saw that ugly skin that makes it look just like every other sammy feature phone on the market. Other factors that turned me off: 1. No LED flash. 2. No front facing camera.
  • And why do they all lack camera flashes which at this point should be pretty basic by now. You have a camera? Put a flash on it! No camera flash = deal breaker for me.
  • for those that have been complaining about the fact that the vibrant does not have a flash (i was one of the many) have to check out this post on xda! i am now over the fact that the vibrant has no LED flash and i am trying to get over the fact that it has no front-facing camera.... i am slowly getting over the no FFC after trying chatting is good, but i just dont think the US is ready to handle the usage. in a year or so, the FFC might be a necessity, but not right now. any thoughts?
  • Sorry man, but those demo pics have way too much noise. Admittedly, a front facing camera isn't a must have to sell me. But after having tried one out on the EVO and having it on my iPhone 4, it's something I'd really like to have on my Android phone since Apple restricts it to WiFi and iPhone to iPhone only. Especially in a phone that I would consider to replace my Nexus One.
  • Sprint got the Keyboard. Verizon got the flash. T-Mo could have done so much better then this. & the fact T-Mo is showing off a movie instead of a game? Make me wonder if their hiding something. I have a TV at home for movies. Show me the games. Disappointed . . .
  • I'll be buying the Europe unlocked Galaxy S with the front facing camera. It works with AT&T using their 3G 850mhz & T Mobiles 1900mhz frequencies. Having to sacrifice a front facing camera or flash I'll sacrifice the flash. Verizon's Galaxy S will have flash on theirs why T Mobile couldn't at least do that. I'll just have to pay $650 bucks...oh well.
  • I'm also considering that. But do you think we wud get enough support like the phones sold by carries when it comes to android updates?
  • Yes, we would still get the updates because it will be unlocked. As long as the internet settings are set for the carrier of the sim card everything should be normal. I have the Nexus One right now and like the Galaxy because of the front facing camera & better screen display while outside. The 4 inch screen is a perfect size for me as well, good for reading docs besides movies etc. Here's the link to get the euro version:
  • Phil. You like many of us Android fanboys are too honest. When you review the phone don't be honest and say its not the same as the movies theatre. Do like the iFools and swear its.better than any showing of Avatar ever seen including IMAX 3D. But seriously I notice "our" reviews never go ahead and proclaim phones the best smartphone or superphone out there when often ...... they are.
  • How many microphones does this have?
  • *whining* Booo it has no flash.....booo it has no front facing T-Mobile should have at least built the phone for Samsung.....boooo its all T-Mobile's fault. I am leaving T-Mobile for another carrier that will give me everything I want. I never heard so many whiney adults in my LIFE.
  • Me either, mind numbing levels of stupidity and whining.
  • Why in pics 3 & 4 of 25 it looks like it has a FFC
  • because you would like to believe that a proximity sensor is a front facing camera :)
  • I'm impressed that you can buy this outright for only $329 on, and win above the other carriers with the best rate also! If you live in a solid tmo coverage, the HSDPA+ is just as solid as most WiMAX areas, and for 60 a month starting, that is a pretty sweet deal. UPDATE: That may have been a fluke, when I check back, it has no price option now...
  • It still pains me to see the same phone in three variations and T-Mobile is the only one with out a flash. Maybe the T-mobile board members sit around and think of ways to make the phones they get worst than the other wireless providers. Thats like going to a Ferrari show room and looking at a Ferrari that you know you want and that others want to buy and then asking them to take the badges off and putting them on a red 1986 Pontiac Fiero and trying to smile about your purchase as everyone that sees you on the street laughs uncontrollably. Sometimes I think T-mobile sits back and snickers at the customers that stay with them, even after they get booty slammed on phones. God I'm such a retard. Maybe one day I will move over to Verizon.
  • The only ones with Flash is the Fascinate and the Epic, get your facts straight - it's not a surprise that many T-Mobile customers don't have them
  • can anyone tell if this phone has a notification light? Also can anyone confirm if the unlocked I9000 Galaxy S will work with T-Mobile 3G?
  • I do not believe it has the notification light. Also, the unlocked version does not work with T-Mobile 3G as it has the European 3G bands 900/1900/2100 and T-Mobile uses 900/1700/2100 with 1700 being their 3G frequency so you can get EDGE speeds but no 3G.
  • Why do some of the pictures show the phone having 3 home screens and some show the phone having 7. Which is it????????
  • It's actually 5.
  • Actually, in the images above the Vibrant has 7 home screens and 3 screens in the App Drawer (it has as many screens in the app drawer as needed for all of your apps).
  • Whoops, yeah. You can have up to 7. And as little as 1!
  • Bell Canada is advertising a SAMSUNG GS Vibrant coming soon. The pic they show looks different than this one. Though the specs are very nice, I don't think I like their skin very much. Also, it just looks a bit too much like an iPhone to me. Hope this is a sign of things to come up here though. First high end Android on Bell and in line with US launch, usually it is several months after that they get them if at all. I'm still leaning towards a HTC legend but we'll see what is available when I'm ready to buy in the next couple months.