T-Mobile UK Renaming HTC Hero Again, This Time as the G2 Touch

It was introduced to the world as the HTC Hero. T-Mobile UK first adopted it as the G1 Touch (probably to remain consistent with the Android/G1 branding) but it'll now be known as the T-Mobile G2 Touch. A little bit confusing? We agree.

Renaming the HTC Hero/T-Mobile G1 Touch to the T-Mobile G2 Touch kind of makes sense to us. The G1 brand marks the first generation of Android phones and with the HTC Hero being a clear step up from the G1, the G2 brand represents a new generation. Or at least that's what we think. Either way, it's a new Android Phone and for the fine folks across the pond, it can be had for free!

How do you guys like the name G2 Touch?

[tmobile uk twitter]

Casey Chan