T-Mobile's patent-pending scam detection tech, dubbed Scam ID and Scam Block, is making its way downmarket to its prepaid subsidiary MetroPCS. Unveiled earlier this year, Scam ID is something T-Mobile has been working on in conjunction with the FCC to hopefully curb scam calls on its network — that is, illegitimate unsolicited calls coming in hoping to take advantage of those who could be tricked by certain social engineering attacks.


Though only a small percentage of these scam calls are successful in the end, the best way to fix this issue is to stop them from connecting to T-Mobile (and now MetroPCS) customers at all. T-Mobile says it has already blocked nearly 250 million scam calls in just the few months since launching the tech on its network. Doing so isn't particularly easy, as these scammers often use phone numbers just once before moving on to avoid detection, and change their tactics regularly.

Best of all, MetroPCS customers won't have to pay extra or configure anything — starting July 25, Scam ID will be automatically turned on at the network level for all customers. If for whatever reason you'd like to turn off the feature, you can dial #OFB# (#632#) to turn it off, or #STS# (#787#) to check its status, on your MetroPCS phone.

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