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T-Mobile picks up 1.1 million new customers in Q1 2017 as net income rises 46%

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T-Mobile has announced that it picked up 1.1 million new customers (opens in new tab) — 914,000 postpaid and 386,000 prepaid additions from MetroPCS — in Q1 2017. The carrier also saw a 11% increase in overall revenue to $9.6 billion, with year-on-year net income increasing by 46% to $698 million.

The numbers underscore T-Mobile's recent momentum in what has been a highly competitive time for the wireless industry. Verizon rolled out its own unlimited plan earlier this quarter, but that didn't prevent the carrier from losing 289,000 postpaid customers.

T-Mobile says it captured 250% of the industry growth, suggesting the carrier was successful in luring customers away from its rivals. The carrier will be looking to maintain that momentum by leveraging the recently-acquired 600MHz spectrum to improve its network coverage.

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia at Android Central. He leads the site's coverage of Chinese phone brands, contributing to reviews, features, and buying guides. He also writes about storage servers, audio products, and the semiconductor industry. Contact him on Twitter at @chunkynerd.

  • I guess AT&T and Verizon need to get their acts together and start recognizing T-mobile as a rival company. That #4 is now #3 and gap is closing. Fast.
  • This puts TMO at around 72 million, Verizon at roughly 146 million. AT&T is around 135 million.
  • Yeah, that's not a gap. Is a chasm. And it's not closing fast.
  • Not really. Given how fast T Mobile has grown
  • Assuming T-mobile maintains it's growth of 1 million subs per quarter (not likely) it will take over 15 years to match AT&T's numbers. It's not a gap...
  • 600 MHz will be the nail in the coffin. T-Mo's got it. I'll probably never leave now as the future is bright! I mean $70, taxes baked in for unlimited everything, 1-hr of gogo pass (and free texting all flight long) and 10gigs of LTE tethering (slower after, stays unlimited) is just too good. Verizon, at $80, jumps to $98 post-tax where I live. One gogo pass is anywhere from $5 (texting for an hour) to $30+ for a single flight. Free if you have T-Mo (I fly weekly so this is important). I'm gonna ride this $70 plan into the 600 MHz future with a smile on my face.
  • Zero rated to hell. No respect for net neutrality. No thanks. I'll stick with slightly more expensive att just so I can get a signal everywhere today. I also appreciate that my carrier doesn't waste money on pointless Super Bowl commercials with expensive celebrities. I choose my wireless service based on how well it works today, not who endorses it.
  • Yep, because i choose my wireless service based on what celebrities are used not on actual usage....
  • Considering ATT just started a huge ad campaign with Mark Wahlberg and a beaver.....
  • Hey! Leave the beaver out of this. He doesn't care about cell phones.
  • Profile pic checks out
  • As if some beady-eyed, noisy rodent is going to convince me to switch wireless carriers. On the other hand, I do like beavers.
  • nice
  • What's wrong with T Mobile controlling what goes through it's servers?
  • Zero rating doesn't happen on T-Mobile One, get your facts straight.
  • Verizon on average dropped 20% of DL speeds as well. They"re LTE Network needs serious updating. I Live in the Boston area and they are slow. T-Mobile is very fast in Boston & Suburbs. After all the growth that T-Mobile has had Their Network hasn't faltered. That is very impressive. T-Mobile continues to update and improve their LTE Network, they invest in their network, Since they just bought a ton of spectrum T-Mobile will continue to kick ass.
  • The only true way they can fix their network is by dropping cdma and reigning their devices to only LTE for everything. The mix of maintaining cdma and LTE networks complicates things.
  • T-Mobile, CDMA? Do tell ....
  • Jo
  • I believe they were referring to Verizon.
  • I wouldn't say their getting slow it's more the fact it's getting congested in Boston I reside in Boston and just did a Speedtest after reading this post and got 97 down and 22 up.
  • It has definitely faltered where I live. AT&T is probably the best network for pure speed here where I live while Verizon and T-mobile have slowed down considerably.
  • Too bad their network is running out of steam, speeds are slowing to a crawl.
  • How so?
  • either you're joking, or t-mobile's crawl is exponentially faster than vzw or at&t
  • Yea, 90mbps and 103mbps is very slow.
  • I'm with T-Mobile in the Philadelphia area and sometimes I'm getting 4-7 down. Depends on where I'm at. I also had similar results when I was with Verizon.
  • I'm in Philadelphia as well, I don't use tmobile but I know a lot who do and it's getting slow, too many people and not enough spectrum to handle it all.
  • I think the reason why many speeds are still doing good with t-mobile is because they are handling capacity very wellwell. Yes, there are a few areas that need help but many of the newer phones like the s7 and iPhone 7 have carrier aggregation enabled and once these towers keep spreading things will ease up. Not to mention the s8 has even more capabilities to handle different bands at one time. Most people don't keep their phones for more than 3 years so that will help also.
  • I never run into speeds that slow in Philly, but there are still a weird number of absolute dead spots for no reason that I can put my finger on. Outside on my block, I usually get around 60-80Mbps down (inside is another matter entirely; thanks, 1880s construction), but if you walk 50 feet around the corner, there is no signal whatsoever. There are a few dead spots like that in Roxborough/Manayunk, and they're all one block or smaller. It's weird.
  • What part of the country are you in?
  • I was recently in Seattle on business. TMobs speedtest results 115.52 down 33.39 up. That's not bad!
  • Not bad! That's great
  • Good job T-Mobile👍👍👍
  • Still not making anywhere near the money atnt and Verizon put on the table.
  • Who cares! They brilliantly spent the $3 billion cash and used the $1 billion in free spectrum they got from AT&T in thier failed merger to build a blazing fast network. I just ran a speed test and got 154/32 Mbps. My three kids are on AT&T and we are always checking to see who has the best coverage and fastest speed. Coverage is equal, but TMobile easily wins the speed war. Those that still bash TMobile haven't tried them lately.
  • I just switched back to Verizon from T-Mobile, there is no comparison. Verizon has over twice the download speed, and works EVERY WHERE. T-Mobile has random dead spots all over town, especially in doors, and basically doesn't work at all outside of town. I wanted the cheaper phone bill and unlimited data, but you get what you pay for.
  • You obviously don't live in Phoenix.
  • They will though. Competitive pricing and investments into their network. Also they're friendly to bringing unlocked phones
  • Unless you're a shareholder, why would you care about that?
  • If you're a tmo subscriber you should care. If tmo is not making enough money to build out their network, then performance will suffer. TMO is not a charity.
  • Because people are stupid
  • T-Mobile stepping they game up.
  • They'll be getting two more customers at the beginning of next month. Been with AT&T for a long time and am tired of their crappy customer service. I don't necessarily expect T-mobile to be that much better, but I'll get to pay less for more services.
  • I have AT&T, I found their customer service to be just fine. Although I rarely have a need to call them
  • I switched from Verizon to T Mo last Friday and couldn't be happier. Got the V20 on a discount so when they roll out new phones for the 600Mhz next year it'll be an easy upgrade. Verizon made no attempt to keep me and my wife as customers.
  • same experience, but got the V20 in Feb
  • Your experience a huge reason that Verizon is loosing customers. The day I went in to tell Verizon that i was switching carriers, they basically said don't let the door hit you on the way out. Every time I walk into a T-Mo store, everyone is happy and smiling. Little things like that make a huge difference, especially to people like me who live in a major metropolitan area and don't have to worry about coverage most of the time. For me, price, ease of use, and service are everything.
  • i took 5 of my lines from Verizon to T-Mobile, then added 2 more on T-Mobile. After seeing how much i liked it, my brother brought his 2 lines over from VZW to Tmo
  • Was having issues with Sprint not allowing my yearly upgrade to happen when it was promised a year ago. Multiple attempts and they wouldn't help any, so I called TMob to see what they had to offer....Needless to say, they wouldn't help much either. They basically offered me the unlimited plan for my 4 lines and that was it, couldn't tell me if I got an employee discount or not. Pricing difference: TMob = $160 vs Sprint = $ I just added 2 lines to Sprint and got new phones (costs me $0 to do that). TMob could of had another 16 yr Sprint customer, but their customer service was not knowledgeable, didn't push to bring in a new customer much, and the pricing is getting almost as high as ATT....NO THANKS!
  • But you said Sprint. Not even close to coverage
  • Impressive sir. Good job T-Mo
  • I've been with Tmo in one form or another for the last couple of years (post-paid and now $30/prepaid plan). I like what they're doing, but their network just doesn't cut in my area. I'll likely leave them for Verizon or ATT this fall and will check back with them once the 600MHz spectrum is up and running. Love to seem them putting the squeeze on everyone though. Competition is good for consumers!
  • I am really looking forward to the implementation of that 600Mhz spectrum. That will go a long way to resolving my only real complaint about their service (philosophical disapproval of zero-rating notwithstanding).
  • I know. God forbid they decide what to do with the data that runs through their servers
  • I was one of those customers...for 5 minutes. Preparing to leave store with my new device when they said - 1 more thing, we need a COPY of your driver's license.
    Of course it is 'for your protection'. I declined and cancelled the service immediately.
  • Why would they need that?
  • Probably because he s/he financed the device. Taking a photocopy of ID (along with SSN and other identifying info) is pretty common when a customer takes out a line of credit.
  • The bottom line for the argument of which carrier is better, as it has been for years, is that your experience on any given character is what makes it best. It's all relative to you, what you are getting and where you are located. There are areas where carriers are not as good. If you love T-Mobile and their coverage is great for you, then it's a win. It doesn't mean they're necessarily better overall, but just best for you. I enjoy my grandfathered unlimited data on Verizon. So, to me, it is the best option. That's really all that matters.
  • I'd love to join T-Mobile, but unfortunately they don't exist in 94% of the state I live in (both by population and area).
  • They're going to still have to do better across Alabama before I can consider them. I was on AT&T for about 5 years or so under my mom's account and we always had problems with signal or customer service. Since I went to Verizon when I got my own service last year I have had no signal issues unless I'm in a known bad area and I have actually been surprised by how good I've been treated by customer service both in store and on the phone. They did everything to help try to get a Moto G4 activated that I had but the phone had an issue with their network. I would like more device availability so I keep a prepaid T-Mobile SIM in one of my old phones and reload it every so often to see if it's improved.