Apparently, some G1 users have encountered an odd problem that has them sending/receiving SMS and MMS messages to/from unknown numbers. The scenario: a G1 user receives a text claiming that they've been sending multiple texts to the unknown number. Not too big of a deal, could simply be just texting to the wrong phone number, right? Well, until they post the problem on a forum and multiple G1 users are claiming to experience the same issue! A lot of folks are supposedly receiving texts asking them "who is this" or claiming they had sent something that they didn't. Just odd.

The folks over at modmyGphone are saying that its an issue with the messaging servers that T-Mobile has set up for the G1. The problem is only apparent in the G1 and they are trying to fix it immediately.

Is anyone else experiencing this almost comically weird phenomenon? Let us know!

[via modmyGphone]