T-Mobile G1 Having POP3/IMAP Email Fail?

If you are one of the lucky ones and you have already unboxed your shiny new T-Mobile G1, maybe you have a Gmail account that you already use religiously and your G1 is working like a dream. Or, if you use a POP3/IMAP email account, you can set up your email and things should also be dreamy, right?

Not so fast. Apparently there is a significant failure rate reported by new G1 users trying to send and receive POP3/IMAP email, claiming a connection failure rate as high as 95%, according to Kelly Hodgkins over at boygeniusreport.com (read the post here). Not good. To fix the problem, some users recommend resetting the phone to reestablish the connection, but allegedly the connection works just once and fails again.

If basic things like POP3/IMAP email are having problems, what other technical hobgoblins are in store? Are any of you trying to use POP3/IMAP, or Gmail only? Is this just an aberration in an otherwise bullet-proof device and OS, or is it just the first of glitches to come? Let us know what you think!

Brian Hart#AC