T-Mobile quietly launches the Underground for tech enthusiasts to procure limited production phones and devices

It seems like T-Mobile is quietly launching a new service called the Underground that's geared at tech enthusiasts. As the name implies, the Underground isn't for the general public and is targeted at "true enthusiasts" with "limited-stock devices and accessories," the carrier said in a Google+ post.

Right now, visiting the T-Mobile Underground portal brings up the gold edition of Samsung's popular Galaxy S5 flagship smartphone. In addition to the gold-hued device, Samsung's Gear wearables and Jawbone's UP24 fitness band were also featured, but no other phones or accessories are currently up for sale through the Underground.

When you click to shop in the Underground portal, you'll be taken back to T-Mobile's regular website to complete your transaction. At least it looks like at this time, what is available in the Underground is available through T-Mobile's normal online store.

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T-Mobile advises that users "buckle up & check your factory-standard devices at the door" when visiting the portal.

With details still being scarce on the Undergound, it's unclear what T-Mobile's goals are with regards to this shopping experience. Whether it's a portal for exclusive colors of existing smartphones that T-Mobile already carries and markets, like the gold Galaxy S5, or if it's more of a marketplace where T-Mobile may import popular devices not currently up for sale in the U.S. is something that we'll all have to wait and see. It might be cool if the Underground idea expands so that users can pick up the OnePlus One smartphone or maybe an Oppo phone, devices that normally aren't sold directly in the U.S. by T-Mobile or its rivals.

Source: T-Mobile, T-Mobile Underground, via SlashGear

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