T-Mobile 3G Rollout: New Cities Get 3G, Philadelphia Gets 21Mbps Super 3G

If you've been keeping track of the T-Mobile 3G rollout like we know you have, you'll be happy to know that it's steadily moving along. The latest cities to receive T-Mobile 3G are Honolulu, Hawaii and Salt Lake City, Utah. So whether you're enjoying the last remnants of summer in Waikiki or anticipating the impending snow season in Salt Lake City, you'll be able to experience the game changing feature that is 3G.

But the news gets even better for Philadelphians. T-Mobile is cranking up the current 3G in Philly and bringing 21Mbps HSPA+ to T-Mobile users in the city of Brotherly Love. We know that T-Mobile plans to use 21Mbps HSPA+ in lieu of moving to 4G (LTE) and though we disagree with the decision in the long-term, 21Mbps HSPA+ right now sounds like the best 3G data around. (For comparison, current T-Mobile 3G is capped at 1.8Mbps and even AT&T's 3G maxes out at 7.2Mbps)

Those in Honolulu, Salt Lake City, and especially Philadelphia, please let us know in the comments how the 3G is working!

[via tmonews]

Casey Chan
  • I'm in Salt Lake City and as of right now - no 3G.
  • I'm in Philly. Work on the east side of City Hall on Market St right across from the Hard Rock. Right smack-dab in the tourist section of the city and right across the street from a T-Mobile store. If there's 21Mbps HSPA+ here, they haven't turned them on. Unless they're somewhere else in the city (certainly not where I live). One would think they would put them in the densely populated tourist areas. Obviously my logic isn't shared by all.
  • Not a bit of 3g in utah. I'm starting to think I should've switched carriers.
  • HA... Android! You shouldn't post a news article without checking your facts. NO 3G in Salt Lake... I had mine turned on all day and all I got was a still slow drained battery... Sounds like Philly didn't fare any better...
  • It must have switched over at midnight. I'm using 3G right now, I was so excited to finally have it in Salt Lake that I signed up an account here to say AWESOME! 709k down
    122k up
    using speedtest app
  • I have had tmobile for the better part of 10 years, ups and downs, good and bad phones, and good and bad customer service. This latest development, or should I say lack of a development has by far been the most frustrating. I bought my black berry 8900 over 6 months ago, and have been wondering how every other carrier has 3g or something like it, but not Tmobile. Rumor after rumor and still nothing going on. I am very close to switching carriers, but I definately have it in me to wait a couple more months. I wont wait much longer than that though. I am tired of not being able to utilize this awesome phone at its full capacity. It is really a bummer, that Tmobile has fallen so far behind the competition. I live near Salt Lake city, and believe me when I say, it takes 3 seconds to load google, and over 30 seconds to load a page that has 40 or 50 images. I must have a dial up modem phone. Just kidding, but really frustrated. Good luck to you other Tmobile users who are in the same boat. I have a feeling that Tmobile is about to suffer a mass exodus.
  • I am getting it right now it Orem Utah. Seems to be working great! Very happy.
  • I'm down in Provo, Utah - about 30 miles from SLC and 3G is working great
  • i'm in south salt lake (riverton), and am getting 3G.
    701kb/s download
    128kb/s download
    on 2 bars at the moment app downloads are insanely fast now!
  • Currently attending SLCC in Taylorsville. I didn't have 3G yesterday but today I do and it's pretty dang quick compared to what I'm used to...
  • super spotty for my Im of 2100s and 1000w. Keeps jumping from 3g to edge to nothing. Hopefully it improves. Will post about EM and Saratoga Springs this evening. 540kb/s download
    128kb/s download
    on 1 bar at the moment
  • I'm in SLC (Sandy) and just noticed the 3G graphic this morning and went on a search to see what it meant. I'm pumped to see it available in SLC and will post later on the speed.
  • Just tested with speedtest app in SLC. 129 Up
    511 Down 3 bars
  • Im in SLC, I had 3g for about two hours around midnight. it hasnt happened again in a while though.
  • Testing with 3Gtest app: (not all of the results, but relevant ones) Local DNS lookup latency (ms): 241 Moderate
    Average TCP handshake latency to landmark server (ms): 206 Moderate
    Average HTTP GET latency to landmark servers (ms): 496 Moderate
    Signal strength level from 0 (low) to 10 (high): 10 Good
    TCP downlink bandwidth (kbps): 301 Moderate
    TCP uplink bandwidth (kbps): 30 Bad
  • In the basement at work here in Orem, UT (on SLC's 3G, I guess) 464.7 Kb/s down
    144.1 Kb/s up Full bars. I hope I get this down in Spanish Fork at home tonight. edit: For comparison, EDGE gets me 126.1 Kb/s down and 28.2 Kb/s up.
  • No 3G here in the middle of Honolulu..... all I can say is that if Sprint gets their 4G system up before TMO can even get 3G running....time to move on. AND if there's a new 4G/Android being released....never mind the Storm2 ...but I'm tired of holding my breath...just hurry up already. Aloha
  • 3G turned on today. Called T-Mobile and was told there is no T-Mobile 3G in Utah. They said I was on AT&T's 3G. SIM card won't let me log on to AT&T tho. Someone needs to tell T-Mobile customer service about 3G in Utah.
  • I got the switch over to the 3G on my way into ogden and now i'm back home in slc i still have.
  • Just noticed the 3G here in SLC, Utah when I turned off my wireless and Googled it to see if there was any news about it. It works great! I'm at: 516.7 Kb/s down
    130.4 Kb/s up with full bars. Woot!
  • 3g has been working from provo to slc gateway sense yesterday witch was Tuesday 9.23.09 it was kinda sketchy Tuesday Wednesday also flips from edge to 3g but seems to be okay so far and I'm located in south jordan so its working I'm going to speed test it now so ill keep in touch y'all comment back or message me daredog8989@gmail.com or add me to im g talk
  • My wife noticed that our G1's had their 3G notification showing up in SLC. I don't know what our speeds are, but it is noticeably faster. Unfortunately I don't get 3G up in Park City where I work :(.
  • the fact that it has taken T mobile this long is ridiculous. By the time they get 3G everywhere Verizon will be running LTE and iphone's can you say monopoly?
  • 3g is finally here in Carrboro, NC and I expect its probably in the rest of the Raleigh/Durham area.
  • I commute between Salt Lake and Ogden, and still no 3G =0( That's the reason I bought the G1, and I think its lousy that I've had to wait a year for 3G when it was advertised we would have 3G if we bought the G1.
  • yea t-mobile 3g Here in honolulu woo hoo !!!!!! on my samsung memoir i am gettin 1036 kbps up and 677kbps down using mobilespeedtest.com/mspeed .its waaaaay faster than the crappy edge speeds im used to...
  • I have 3G now in Provo. If you are having a hard time activating it, go to your network settings and uncheck "use 2g networks only". Guess it saves battery life. Once I did that it totally found the 3G. Sweetness. Going to give it a spin and see how I like it now.