T-Mobile 3G Rollout: New Cities Get 3G, Philadelphia Gets 21Mbps Super 3G

If you've been keeping track of the T-Mobile 3G rollout like we know you have, you'll be happy to know that it's steadily moving along. The latest cities to receive T-Mobile 3G are Honolulu, Hawaii and Salt Lake City, Utah. So whether you're enjoying the last remnants of summer in Waikiki or anticipating the impending snow season in Salt Lake City, you'll be able to experience the game changing feature that is 3G.

But the news gets even better for Philadelphians. T-Mobile is cranking up the current 3G in Philly and bringing 21Mbps HSPA+ to T-Mobile users in the city of Brotherly Love. We know that T-Mobile plans to use 21Mbps HSPA+ in lieu of moving to 4G (LTE) and though we disagree with the decision in the long-term, 21Mbps HSPA+ right now sounds like the best 3G data around. (For comparison, current T-Mobile 3G is capped at 1.8Mbps and even AT&T's 3G maxes out at 7.2Mbps)

Those in Honolulu, Salt Lake City, and especially Philadelphia, please let us know in the comments how the 3G is working!

[via tmonews]

Casey Chan