SwiftKey Beta gets an Animoji clone in its latest update

Microsoft SwiftKey
Microsoft SwiftKey (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • SwiftKey Beta now has an Animoji-like feature called 'Puppets'.
  • Puppets lets you record messages as several cute animals like a dog or owl.
  • The update also brings support for the Shan language.

SwiftKey Beta users can now play with Puppets, a 3D animation feature that's similar to Animoji's on iOS or Samsung's AR Emoji. Users can record themselves as a dinosaur, cat, owl, dog, or panda and have their phone's camera track their face so SwiftKey can animate their facial movements.

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Because Puppets is inside your keyboard, it works with just about any app, though the ease of use varies. For example, sending a video through Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram requires you to select the recipient again even if you're already in a message thread with them.

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As you can see in my test video, Puppets is still very rough. It doesn't track mouth movements very well and seems out of sync. It is in beta, so this will likely improve over time.

In addition to the Puppets addition, SwiftKey Beta now also supports the Shan language. You can update SwiftKey Beta by checking for an update in the Google Play store.

Sean Endicott