SwiftKey updated -- bug fixes and more language dictation support

SwiftKey, the software keyboard that can read minds, has been updated to version 1.0.8 in the Android Market.  Not a big change log, but what is there is nice to see.  Makes us all feel like we aren't being forgotten after we've spent our money.  The two big changes, at least in my opinion, are the new languages supported for dictation (English, Spanish, French, German and Italian) and contractions now include apostrophes in the auto correct area.  Now I can't blame my typos on the keyboard any longer!  The short version of the change log:

  • Fixed issue with contractions/apostrophization auto-correction issue
  • Fixed prediction/voice dictation bug in fields with drop-down suggestion text fields.

The Market entry has also been adjusted so the price is in U.S. dollars instead of British Sterling, as some banks have issue accepting charges in foreign currency through Google Checkout.  One last thing to mention -- the sale price of 99 cents goes away on Sept. 30, and the price goes up to $3.99, so don't say we didn't warn you.  Now go update, and put it through the paces.  If you haven't tried SwiftKey yet, download links are after the break. [SwiftKey]

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Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • Seeing as I'm getting my Droid X tomorrow. I will defiantly have to buy the app before the 30th :) Thank you Jerry
  • I thought Motorola had a good multitouch keyboard...?
  • Well it might, but I don' think it has predictive word like this does. And I've read the more you use it, the better it gets at predicting the words. So I figured why not... especially since it's cheap for now. I'd be less prone to buy if it was $4 (which it's going up to)
  • Alright, the "I'm" wasn't that big of a deal but this is great. For all you Swype users, I suggest you give SwiftKey a spin. I was really in to Swype and I won't say one is better than the other but I got to a point with Swype where I was mis-swyping too much and it was taking longer than just the stock keyboard. I've moved over to SwiftKey and I dig it, it's more my speed with the way I type things, there's a lot less error correction which I guess feels like I'm not wasting time fixing words.
  • the contraction bug was a big deal to me because i'm anal about those kinds of things while texting. i'm just glad they pushed out a fix so quickly
  • I'm told you may find that im appearing mid sentence will not be interpreted as I'm unless you capitalize the I. Some other odd bugs remain in some Apps such as the text message address field of Google Voice, missing keyboard on Grocery IQ, an alternative couple more. But other than that this is the best android keyboard out there.
  • The "I'd" contraction still isn't working properly. If you type "i-d" it produces "i'd" unless you cap the I at which point it offers "I'd". I also discovered Grocery IQ was useless with SwiftKey because the moment you switch to numbers to enter a price, that's it, you can't get the keyboard back. I left a bad review on GIQ for this, blaming them.
  • Fix for this coming tomorrow 9/30 per swiftkey twitter feed.
  • Yes its a real tug of war between Swype and Swiftkey for me. If Swype had voice input that might tip the balance. And up to now Swype has been a royal pain to reinstall after a ROM change (but I hear that's recently gotten easier.) I think I'll be going with Swiftkey again, or at least until the next Swype update!
  • Are you officially in the Swype beta? I've had to re-install it after re-loading a ROM or even after clearing data/cache sometimes but it has hardly been a hassle... I just go to the last e-mail I received w/a link to the downloader and I re-download it from scratch, works every time. If you try to use the existing downloader (rather than re-installing it) it doesn't work, sometimes, which is why I just go right back to the start now. I've only had to re-install it a handful of times... I bought SwiftKey and gave it a try, I couldn't get used to it anywhere near as fast as I got used to Swype. When I first started using Swype I got the hang of it within minutes and by the following day I was swyping/typing super fast. I'll probably try using Swiftkey again soon as I kept it installed, on the rare occasion that I want a landscape keyboard or I want a voice input button I'll switch over to it as well.
  • I'm currently using the HTC keyboard, even though I have Swype installed... I can type faster with two thumbs than just Swyping, since I tend to mis-swype as well. How does Swiftkey compare to the HTC keyboard?
  • if you have the Evo keyboard, and use them, you'll miss the directional soft buttons. The secret to SwiftKey isn't fast typing. You are on a phone, so most of what you're typing will be brief. After you teach the keyboard what words you use often, and in what order you use them, you can create whole sentences by typing just the first few letters of a word, then choosing all the words that follow it from a list. There's no real *BAM* factor with the keyboard itself, it's adequate. It has what a keyboard has to have to be good, but nothing special. The special is all in the dictionary and programming it. I don't like to gush too much when announcing an app or product, so I stayed semi-neutral. But in the comments I'm not afraid to tell you that *I* thinks it's the best buck I've spent on software.
  • Nice might have to give this one a try. Even though I do love swype. But for real can a moderator kill the spam in the comments.
  • With more than one language, this app is a nightmare.
  • Try ultra keyboard it combines swiftkey, Swype and Android keyboard all in one and its totally customizable. You can use the camera so you can see thru the phone while texting, zoom text fields, adjust key size or style, etc. There's a trial version available and the full version...this keyboard got high rating and just about everyone that tries it buys it.
  • Just go talk to her instead of watching her thru the camera while pretending to text.
  • You win 100 internets.
  • Amen to the update, especially the contractions bug. I switched back to Swype because of this. Now I can float keyboards based on my finger f'ing mood! Touch Input is super responsive. Swiftkey is just damn accurate. Swype is just plain fun to use! I love them all!
  • Swiftkey is horrible. The predicted words are never right.
  • Swype and Swiftkey would be perfect together in one keyboard. Someone's got to introduce these kids to one another.
  • Is anyone else having a problem keying in a contact name in Google Voice when initially trying to compose a text message?
  • Know bug. Till it's fixed, start from your contacts while sending texts via GV. UPDATE: Fix coming 9/30 for this issue. ALSO Market will have a trial version added.
  • I use both Swype and SwiftKey keyboard on my Epic. I use Swype when I use the onscreen keybord and SwiftKey when I use the slide out keyboard. I do agree that to integrate both keyboards would make it all the more sweet. But until that happens I'll keep switching between the tw
  • love swiftkey but where is blindtype???
  • The bug in selecting contacts for google voice is a known bug. It is still there for me after installing the latest update.
  • In Swiftkey, why doesn't it default to caps when entering a contacts' name?
  • Been testing out this keyboard and it's awesome so far, now I don't have to deal with the swype beta nonsense anymore
  • Worried about it's ability to collect passwords. Still slow at prediction compared to xperia keyboard,will give it more time.
  • I tried this for a week plus, but in the end I went back to Smart Keyboard, which has a better layout and is more customizable. One thing that drove me nuts about Swiftkey is that many keys have more than one alt via long press, so it just slowed me down a ton. I don't need accented vowels, so that feature is wasted on me. As for text prediction, I can type so fast that prediction is useless to me.
  • I was getting ready to give SwiftKey a try but then saw it's $0.99 and Swype is free (as of now)...that tips it over for me since Swype is working with the occasional errors (for free).
  • Its a totally different concept than swipe. It saves tons of typing because it knows what word comes next before you type a single character in many cases. You are missing a great keyboard that puts swipe to shame because you are too cheap to spend 99 cents. Tomorrow 9/30, there will be a trial version in the market. But I gotta say, you DO understand that this is Android, not iPhone, right? You can try out any app for 23 hours and get a refund if you don't like it.
  • Personally I don't think it puts Swype to shame, but it depends on usage. For typing with only one hand (say, while having lunch) I don't think anything can compete w/Swype, as far as speed (and even accuracy). I don't doubt that if you're typing with two hands SwiftKey could be faster tho, the prediction engine alone would overcome any swype vs. tap speed difference. I haven't gotten used to SwiftKey yet (and I have both installed), but it may be due to the fact that I've been using Swype exclusively for the past three months.
  • I have the paid version and it just went crazy on me. All my apps started force closing and I had to do a recovery. Thank God im rooted and didnt have to do a factory reset and lose everything. Uninstalling and returning asap!