SwiftKey, Cyanogen, Aviate host device customization Meetup in San Francisco

SwiftKey is hosting a meetup in San Francisco, CA on Thursday, December 4, to talk about device customization. The maker of the SwiftKey keyboard will be hosting a talk along with speakers from Cyanogen, makers of CyanogenMod, and Aviate, to talk about how you can personalize and modify your device.

At 'Customizing your device: What's next?', we'll explore mobile device customization and what the future holds.

The event will include snacks and drinks along with a networking portion. During the session, you'll get to hear talks from Joe B. from SwiftKey, Aviate co-founder Will Choi, and Cyanogen director of engineering Howard Harte.

When it comes to your personal device, the details matter. It's now possible to customize almost anything on your smartphone - your home screen, launcher, color schemes and more. So what's next? Is it possible to modify your device so it's even closer to how you want it to act and look?

If you're in San Francisco, be sure to check out the source link below to RSVP through Meetup as "space is limited."

Source: Meetup

Chuong H Nguyen