The Surge 2 gets a new trailer showing off brutal combat

What you need to know

  • The Surge 2 is an upcoming action-RPG from Deck13 Interactive and Focus Home Interactive.
  • The new trailer for The Surge 2 shows crazy combat featuring dismemberment, as well as different gear and upgrades.
  • The Surge 2 is currently scheduled to release on September 24, 2019.
  • You can preorder The Surge 2 from Amazon for $60 USD.

The Surge 2 is the next game from developer Deck13 Interactive and publisher Focus Home Interactive. Building on the foundation that the first game provided, The Surge 2 is an action-RPG with emphasis on the word "action" as brutal combat is the focus here.

You can use different scavenged bladers and other tools to cut your enemies down, limb from limb, then upgrade yourself using their remains. There's a new trailer for The Surge 2 that shows this all in action:

Veterans of the first game will notice that the environment is completely different: instead of making your way through a dangerous factory, the massive Jericho city is the nightmarish locale you'll have to survive. While cutting off limbs might be easier with small enemies, you're going to be facing towering machines and other extremely dangerous boss-type foes that might require some careful thinking and planning in order to bring down.

If you'd like to see even more gameplay from The Surge 2, you can check out some previously-released footage here. The Surge 2 is currently set to be available on PlayStation 4 on September 24, 2019.

Samuel Tolbert

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