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Students in RIM's hometown declare war against Android

Our RIM-o-riffic pals from CrackBerry are up in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, this week to attend Research in Motion's annual shareholder's conference and assure themselves that things can, in fact, get better. Hope they're having fun with that.

Meanwhile, a sect of students from the University of Waterloo (go Warriors!) and Wilfrid Laurier University (go Golden Hawks!) apparently have declared war on Android, via The idea is to take down Android from the inside.

It's WAR! RIM and Waterloo are under attack by Android. You can counterattack. Help build an ad directory that will destroy the Google ad model, which funds Android.

Let us know how that works out.

They're also holding rallies today and Tuesday "to galvanize Waterloo as a community to fight Android." No word yet if CrackBerry Kevin will be there, pitchfork in hand. (Or if he'll be the only one.)

The Dow Jones Industrials index was down 144 points in early trading Monday. Google was down 0.43 percent at 529.72 a share. RIM was down 2.24 percent at 28.33 a share. We'll check back next year and see how the campaign's going.


  • Idiots.
  • They are not idiots....they are ID-10-T's.
  • LOL, that is FukN funny!
  • Oooo look here comes Jerry's kids. When it gets to this point you know they are done for :-D
  • That's in rather poor taste, isn't it? Please...
  • Yep sure is, never have nor ever will be pc. I'm an equal opportunity offender. Slam me all you want I can take it. :-D
  • "Slam me all you want I can take it." That's what HE said.
  • :-D
  • I failed to mention the Jerry's kids are all sporting Fedora's, neck beards and their hands are mangled from big chain pickeral and shoddy cabinet hanging:-)
  • its great they realize how important rim is to waterloo but unfortunately rim makes no good hardware and also no good software so its going to be pretty tough until they get caught up on those fronts
  • I don't know what planet you're on newdeal but RIM makes very good software. Problem is just getting developers to make stuff for their platform what they're doing for iOS and Android. RIM needs to get over to a QNX OS for phones fast.
  • rim didn't make qnx they bought it. all their blackberry OS suck, they couldn't even write and email client for the playbook and their sdk sucks so yeah their software does suck imo
  • "rim didn't make qnx they bought it" vs. AUGUST 17, 2005 1:35 PM PDT
    Google buys Android What's the difference?
  • if they only knew then what Android was to become.
  • "rim didn't make qnx they bought it" vs. AUGUST 17, 2005 1:35 PM PDT
    Google buys Android What's the difference?
  • It wouldn't be a problem if the software was that good. Software is the problem. It's not 2005 anymore. Don't tell me they make good software and then say they need to get on QNX fast. And they didn't even build QNX, they just bought the company that did. RIM's software is now junk, they couldn't make a better platform so they had to purchase one. What planet are you on?
  • well in this case I suppose they should boycott google maps, gmail, google reader etc. and promptly remove these from their blackberries. after all they're on a hunt to destroy the "google ad model" LOL
  • The funny thing would be if Google decided to fight back by not allowing anything Google to be loaded on a crackberry!
  • RIM doesn't need Google,they just signed that big deal with Microsoft. It's "BING everything" now for all new Blackberry devices.
  • Not to mention those idiots are trying to leverage Android on QNX via the "Android player". I honestly don't think people think sometimes.
  • They should be attacking Apple and the iPhone. Pretty well everyone I know owns an iPhone. There's actually more Windows Phone 7 at my work than Android.
  • What a Tool
  • Thanks for the Monday laugh. LoL
  • Some people should go troll their ass...
  • Why...? What is the point? There are nearly 4 times more Android devices activated per day than the entire population of Waterloo. This "campaign" will go nowhere.
  • The whole reason I got a EVO is because of the blackberry tour delays with sprint last year. I have not looked back a bit. I have been reading about the decline of RIM products, and really it is no surprise. Nothing new to offer, no break through IS, no form factor change, it's just same old stuff. My evo is as relevant as the day I bought it. Good luck RIM
  • blame Canada hope south park does something with this
  • From their about page, it looks like the site is actually set up by a startup advertising company looking to compete with adwords, by trying to get RIM to adopt their system. So, pretty much just some self promotion under the guise of 'fighting android', whatever that means.
  • Those damn canadians. With their flapping heads and beady little eyes...
  • I've never seen a Canuck in a porno before... so what's a flapping head?
  • It's a South Park reference.
  • The energy against Android should be redirected to RIM itself for allowing the once-viable company to slip so far. I had the opportunity to buy a Storm 2 or an OG Drizzy back in '09. Haven't had the need to even visit the Crackberry site since then. I love touchscreen, so my options again for RIM is once again STILL the same phone I decided against two years ago or the SGS2 or the Bionic.
  • WTH is an OG Drizzy?!
  • i think he means OG Droid
  • It's either Snoop Dogg himself or a poser.
  • So, a small group of students is trying to do what multiple multi-billion dollar companies have been trying to do for most of the last decade. Good luck with that.
  • Go back almost 30 years and I bet you could see the same on a hand-written poster: "It's WAR! Radio Shack and OS/9 are under attack by Apple. You can counterattack. Help build a 5-1/4 inch floppy disk of 1's and 0's that will destroy the Apple ad model, which funds the Apple II."
  • RIM has themselves to blame for not keeping up with the Joneses, and as a result have fallen behind and now are paying the price to catch up. Don't hate the player(s), hate the game, Waterloo.
  • You know what I find ironic... that lead picture shows what seems to be an Android, stomping Googles Android. Good luck with that RIM -
  • shouldn't they have a d-bag in a suit and tie doing it?
  • That's the first thing I noticed as well.
  • If they directed this energy into making a better product, RIM might have a chance. They fight, instead, to defend the status quo at RIM.
  • You cannot stop the Android BLITZKRIEG. Sorry but it's not going to happen.
  • I think its too cute. ROFLMAO! As a former blackberry owner all I can say is good luck with that rim.
  • Then it time just for android to step it up more, and launch a major counter attacked and finish RIM off , lol :D
  • Funny thing is how the students got it right and the RIM execs appear to have it wrong. In that open letter from that exec he goes off talking about trying to mimick how Apple has done this and that while its not Apple killing them. Its Android. If anything they need to figure out Android's success.
  • Ooo Lloyd got a RIMjob.
  • Haha good one
  • We take your women, actors, sport (hockey), why not your phone company too?
  • didn't Canada beat USA @the Olympics in hockey? ;-D don't forget our good doctors =D
  • "didn't Canada beat USA @the Olympics in hockey?" He was talking about things that are important. Next you'll be bragging about your dominance in curling.
  • Having come from Blackberry years ago and dealing with the absolute flaming forums over at Crackberry, all I can do now is LAUGH. I even had one of my threads removed by their bias MODS because it was about why I left Blackberry for Android. They know they're headed off to the dark abyss to die. To have 'Crackberry Kevin' do this completely stupid video just shows how desperate they really are. Blackberry has a crap OS, crap apps and stifled innovation. I hope Google buys RIM. Then what will Crackberry nerd boy do? PS: What an insult to Star Wars fans out there with that ridiculous shirt.
  • I wonder how fast Lucas hits them with a C&D over that logo--if it hasn't already happened.
  • Exactly. They are so desperate, it's comical. One day "Crackberry Kevin" is writing a post about why it's a good idea for Google to buy RIM and the next he's trying to "rally the troops" because everyone sees them sinking. The funny think is RIM is currently doing nothing that's a leap forward over what they've been doing. QNX isn't coming on smartphones until next year. People aren't going to run out to get the Torch 2 and the 9900. I just don't see the motivation. And honestly, I'd rather see Apple and google go head to head. I don't care about RIM. I much rather see the American company grow.
  • What a coincidence. I was just about to ditch my evo for a blackberry. lol. Youll see fire and brimstone falling out the sky before that happens lol
  • This is same chicken-head group of horn-rimmed glasses wearing, grass-roots activism-laden college complaint rock driven mass that's existed since the beginning of time. They're the same group that tried to save 3dfx from Nvidia and ATI - or as I like to call them...the "Vote for Nader" contingency - for having high ideals and 0 power to do anything about them and even less of a chance of swaying everyone to their viewpoint. Seriously - if you want to save a company on the brink of extenction, marred by bad management- at least you could try and save Microsoft - they might actually have the money to survive.
  • They're not students fighting against Android, they're a startup trying to promote its adsense wannabe by pretending to care about RIM and Waterloo. You can spot the scheme easily: it says "is this a scheme?" right on their homepage.
  • RIM's problem is that their popularity is due to only two things, none of which matter to the tech savvy users of Android, WP7 and to a lesser extent, webOS and iOS. The Blackberry quickly became a way to say "I have the same phone as that CEO/celeberity/successful person, ergo, I may be successful too, you have no way of knowing for sure" and BBM, which appealed to that same crowd who was able to muster together enough cash to buy the phone for appearances, but couldn't afford the plans that allowed for unlimited texting. The fickle nature of that crowd sounded the death knell for RIM at the same time they were propelled into the stratosphere of mobile device success. Damn, that's a long way to drop without a parachute...
  • I find it more than a little ironic that yet another major defeat is destined to occur in a place named "Waterloo." Just like Napoleon, for years RiM appeared an unbeatable force. Oh well, the same thing happened to Palm via lack of innovation and RiM stepping up to the plate. It's the cycle of business life!
  • so dumb, for real
  • idiots, if anything they should be fighting apple not android. apple is the one trying to steal their customers with the stupid imessaging
  • i say start with the sole purpose of flattening blackberries with a steam roller!
  • I think this is the most pointless and retarded thing anyone has ever done. Android is not attacking Blackberry, Waterloo, or any Canadians! They are making money by making a better product! This is a free market economy and the consumers choose who has the best product. Blackberry has made crap for the last couple of years. The only thing they have gotten right is the Bold. Storm...dud, Torch...garbage, Style...catastrophe! You Blackberry fans wanna know how to help Blackberry out. Tell those fools to start making better phones and not what they think is right for the consumer. Ask the consumer what they think is right for themselves. BBM ain't gonna save ya Blackberry and neither are these fools.
  • I actually liked my Blackberries. They just became boring after awhile. They stopped entertaining me (I had come from cheapo prepaids before my first BB the Pearl) so I moved on. I'd have no problems going back to one at this point because, quite frankly, at the end of the day Android is kinda boring too.
  • Might want to check the site. Its done by a startup looking to make a name for itself, not by students. "1. "Isn't this just a gimmick to promote a startup?" Yes, of course, is intended to help a startup (Paybuyer) – a startup that will indeed damage Google's AdWords and Android if it succeeds. To see why, view this PowerPoint presentation given to RIM executives in late March."
  • Wow. Wuss much?
  • "Our RIM-o-riffic pals from CrackBerry are up in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, this week to attend Research in Motion's annual shareholder's conference and assure themselves that things can, in fact, get better."
    So far I dont see a problem with CrackBerry. sounds like someone trying to get attention.
    Nothing going on here, move along, move along.
  • Hahaha idiots. RIM isn't even worth fighting for, nor is Blackberry, they haven't advanced in years.
  • It's just comical that they have to do all this to "rally the troops" of declining company. I don't care what they do, a Pep rally isn't going to make the 9900 a good phone nor will it make QNX come faster. They should be more concerned about RIM's inability to progress into 2011 instead of worrying about Android. If they think the current line of blackberries or the ones coming soon will be able to compete with the HTC Sensation, EVO 3D, SGS II, Bionic, he11 even a Droid Incredible and dare I say any iPhone model, they are just as delusional as dumb and dumber that are running the company.
  • The sad part is that its there own fault. They drag there feet on innovation and look dumbfounded when other OS's pass them by.
  • Are yall crazy? RIM has cutting edge technology (if you are trapped in 1980).
    In all honesty though, RIM is a definate choice if you want people to think you are cool because of your pre paid Blackberry.
  • Blackberry really does suck. I mean, my fiance just bought the "new" torch, and RIM says that she can't get the OS 7.0. Maybe Android has spoiled me? ps: way to make us Canadians look bad...
  • Really?! This is what those silly kanuckle heads will fight for ?! With all the troubles in the world and you people pick the WACKberry?!..Yet another great day to be an American.. WACKADOO'S..
  • I'm not sure what idealistic crap someone blew up these kids butts, but that website seems to be more of an ad for PayBuyer than a legitimate protest of Google and Android.
  • I'm not sure what idealistic crap someone blew up these kids butts, but that website seems to be more of an ad for PayBuyer than a legitimate protest of Google and Android.
  • Isn't that cute? They think RIM still has a chance.
  • Having a pep rally at the HQ isn't going to boost RIM's morale & vision for the future. RIM was blinded by the light, wanted to dive into the consumer market against Android and now they're paying for it. That's what happens when you don't plan ahead before the OG Droid was released. Step up or step out RIM!
  • Android FTW!!!! And I just got an invitation to Google +!!! Wooo
  • If they really want to waste their time to defend an inferior and outdated OS...good for them. LOL
  • They're messing with the wrong people.
  • Waterloo: Synonymous with victory in battle.
  • I just thought I should say this for all the idiots posting about this rally. Most of the students who participated just did it for the money. Easy job, easy money.
  • I just thought I should say this for all the idiots posting about this rally. Most of the students who participated just did it for the money. Easy job, easy money.