YouTube launches NFL Sunday Ticket free trial just before kickoff

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What you need to know

  • YouTube announces new subscribers can take advantage of a seven-day free trial for NFL Sunday Ticket ahead of this weekend's kickoff.
  • The trial is not available for student plan holders nor can it be bundled with a monthly payment plan.
  • YouTube has also stated subscribers can take advantage of a $50 discount until September 19.

We're only a few days from kickoff Sunday, and YouTube is offering something football fans might enjoy. According to a support page, YouTube is offering a seven-day free trial for the NFL Sunday Ticket (via 9to5Google). However, current and former NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers on YouTube or YouTube TV are not eligible for this promotion.

The company adds the trial is available when purchasing the ticket on its own or packaged with Red Zone on YouTube and YouTube TV. Consumers are not able to snag the offer through cellular or internet providers such as Wow, Frontier, and Verizon.

The free trial is also not available when purchasing the student NFL Sunday Ticket plan, nor can consumers grab it alongside a monthly payment plan.

YouTube offers more information, such as step-by-step walkthroughs for how users can go about grabbing the free trial. The streaming service adds consumers with YouTube Primetime Channels can get the free trial, too.

The NFL Sunday Ticket will cost consumers $349 if they're a YouTube TV subscriber and $449 if they're grabbing through YouTube only for the season. The free trial is likely a way to give people a decent sneak peek (as September 10 is approaching) if they're on the fence about subscribing for the season.

YouTube warns the free trial is "gradually" rolling out, so consumers should exercise patience as the week closes.

After listening to a great amount of user feedback, YouTube rolled out some better pricing plans ahead of the 2023 games. The company's announcement saw "most states" receiving a monthly payment plan option if users aren't interested in holding onto the service throughout the season.

YouTube also listed several improvements for its NFL Sunday Ticket, such as more multiview options. Watching football games online will heat up as the platform plans to incorporate a live chat and polls as the 2023 season moves along.

Lastly, YouTube has announced there is a $50 discount available for the NFL Sunday Ticket. This promotion lasts until September 19.

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