Steve Jobs' shot at Android's multitasking (and battery) almost true, but not quite

The Apple-Google zingers at today's WWDC gathering (that's the one where the Apple faithful dress up in robes and dance and sing around trees, right?) were actually pretty tame compared to the war of words we've grown used to over the past few months, and we didn't spot any out-and-out untruths like in previous keynotes.

But there's one line that we don't want to let slide. And that's the quote from Google co-founder Larry Page regarding multitasking and battery life that Apple CEO Steve Jobs paraded in front of. It read: "... software running in the background, that just sort of exhausts the battery quickly."

That's coming from a TechRadar piece from a few weeks ago. What Jobs conveniently left out was the follow-up from Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who said, "And people bring in applications that are not particularly smart about that, which is what Larry is trying to get at."

Read in context, it makes sense. Badly coded apps drain battery life. If you're going for the cheap shot, well, look up. [Image via GDGT]

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Phil Nickinson