SteelSeries Arctis 7P vs. BlackShark V2 Pro: Which headset should I buy for PS5?

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Headset Ps5
Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Headset Ps5 (Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

SteelSeries Arctis 7P

Arctis 7p Cropped

The Arctis 7P is a great value, offering great audio quality and comfort for its price. Its 3D Spatial Audio enhances the PS5 gameplay experience, making it one of the best headsets to use with the console, if not the best. It lacks a bit in microphone quality and its customization app, but it's one of the top choices for PS5 owners regardless.

SteelSeries Arctis 7P

The price is right

3D Spatial Audio
24-hour battery life
Comfortable ski goggle design
Mediocre microphone
Lackluster customization app

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

Razer Blackshark V2 Render

What the BlackShark V2 Pro lacks in features on the PS5, it makes up for with its comfort. Its audio quality and customization app put it above many of the other headsets on the market. While its price may be slightly higher than some headsets of similar quality, it makes up for it with its lightweight design and detachable microphone.

Razer BlackShark V2 Pro

Top in Comfort

Most comfortable PS5 headset
Detachable microphone
Excellent customization app
Spatial Audio doesn't work on PS5
Less comfortable around neck

The Arctis 7P is a great headset that works the best with the PS5, with prime spatial audio and more than one color option. The BlackShark V2 Pro has excellent audio quality and is one of the most comfortable headsets available. Both have great battery life and have good companion apps. Overall, the Arctis is the best you can get if you want a headset specifically for the PS5 at a more reasonable price, whereas the BlackShark is a good pick if you can't find the Arctis and don't mind paying a little extra money. So, which is the best for you? Let's break it down.

Arctis 7P vs. BlackShark V2 Pro: Which one is best for the PS5?

PlayStation 5 owners have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to audio. The best PS5 headsets offer amazing sound and comfort, and it can be hard to choose which one you want.

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Header Cell - Column 0 Arctis 7PBlackShark V2 Pro
Driver diameter40mm50mm
Frequency response20 Hz – 20 kHz12 Hz – 28 kHz
Microphone patternBidirectionalUnidirectional - Supercardioid
Battery life24 hours24 hours
Wireless rangeUp to 40 feet (2.4 GHz)Up to 40 feet (2.4 GHz)

The SteelSeries Arctis 7P, with its superior audio, and the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro, with its unparalleled comfort, top any list. Of the two, the Arctis is undoubtedly the better of the two, but some factors might make you pick the BlackShark, and it is a suitable (if slightly more expensive) alternative. Let's get more granular.

Arctis 7P vs. BlackShark V2 Pro: Audio and customization

Steelseries Arctis 7p Controls

Source: Jennifer Locke/ Android Central (Image credit: Source: Jennifer Locke/ Android Central)

Audio is the most important aspect of any headset, and both of these headsets give great sound. The Arctis leads slightly here for the simple reason that it offers 3D spatial audio with the PS5, whereas the BlackShark's THX Spatial Audio only works on PC. If you want the best audio experience with your PS5, the Arctis is the clear choice.

Both headsets work with companion apps that let you customize the audio, the SteelSeries Engine, and the Razer Synapse, respectively. Synapse's tools are much more in-depth, but the customization isn't available on consoles, whereas the Engine's is.

Neither headset's microphone is spectacular, with the Arctis's being one of our few areas of complaint in our review. The BlackShark's can be detached, which can be useful when you're not going to be using it for a while and don't want it to get in your way.

Arctis 7P vs. BlackShark V2 Pro: Comfort and ease-of-use

Razer Blackshark V2 Pro Headset Around Neck

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

Each headset puts a premium on comfort, and both feature breathable fabric cups. The BlackShark is lightweight at 320g, and the Arctis uses a ski goggle design in the headband to keep it from feeling heavy. Either one would be a great choice if you're looking for a lightweight headset to use while gaming for several hours.

Comfort in a headset is not just a matter of how snugly it fits against your head or how cool it keeps your ears. One of the major complaints we had about the BlackShark in our review was that despite the headset being very comfortable to wear on the head, it was much less so around one's neck, the standard resting position for headphones not in active use.

When it comes to using the headset with the console, the Arctis does have one slight downside, in that the USB-C dongle that the user would put on the front-facing port on their console is oversized and blocks the port next to it. It's not a big complaint, but it could be an annoyance if you want to use the other port.

Arctis 7P vs. BlackShark V2 Pro: Price and availability

Steelseries Arctis 7p Hero Folded

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

Price is also a consideration. The Arctis 7P is cheaper at $150, while the BlackShark V2 Pro is $180. It's not a large price difference, but if it comes down to it and you can't decide between the two headsets, it'd be natural to go for the cheaper option.

What puts the Arctis 7P at a disadvantage is that it's not in stock in most places. That means that when you can find it through third-party sellers, its price will be much higher than it would be if you managed to snag it through a retailer. If you can find the BlackShark, you might be able to find it for a lower price than what resellers are requesting for the Arctis.

Both headsets are compatible with a large number of devices outside the PS5, if that's something you need to think about. The BlackShark comes with a 3.5mm cable, which allows it to connect to the Xbox One and Series X/S consoles via the jack in the controller, in addition to the PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This should also allow you to use it with phones, though some of its features might not be available for it. The Arctis, on the other hand, doesn't come with a 3.5mm cord, meaning you can't connect it to the Xbox One or your phone. HOWEVER, its USB-C dongle will work with Android, as well as PC, PS5, and the Switch.

Arctis 7P vs. BlackShark V2 Pro: Which should you buy?

Steelseries Arctis 7p Ski Goggle Band

Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central (Image credit: Source: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

The Arctis 7P is the clear winner, but only by a small margin. Either headset would be a good choice for a PS5 gamer, but the Arctis is cheaper and has an audio advantage with Spatial Audio that works with the console.

If you can get your hands on it, buy the Arctis. However, given the headset is sold out everywhere, the BlackShark is a great alternative if you want a headset sooner rather than later and don't mind paying $30 extra.

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