Starbucks app now lets you order and pay for coffee with your smartphone

The official Starbucks app for Android has picked up an update, which enables you to place an order and pay for said drink without speaking a word. It's now possible to grab a coffee from your local Starbucks in the US using nothing other than your smartphone.

Customizing your order within the app is only the beginning of your caffeine fix journey, which will likely result in you locating a suitable workstation to pull out the laptop covered with trendy stickers.

Bundling both payments and ordering into the mix and you've got a fully working Starbucks self-service, only you're not the one making the coffee. It's worth noting that the changelog specifically states the new feature will only work in stores Starbucks owns. The company has announced this feature will roll out to Canada and the UK next month.

Download the latest version of Starbucks from the Google Play Store.

Source: Starbucks

Rich Edmonds