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Stadia may be causing Chromecast Ultras to overheat

Stadia promotional image
Stadia promotional image (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Stadia Founder's Editions have begun shipping out to different players.
  • Many players are now reporting that playing using Stadia is causing the included Chromecast Ultra to overheat.
  • Google has not yet responded to this issue.

Google's new game streaming platform Stadia has begun rolling out to different players and amidst multiple other issues such as players not receiving their codes or having shipments delayed, another problem is arising for those who have recieved their Founder's Edition.

Multiple Stadia users have reported on Reddit that the Chromecast Ultra included in the Founder's Edition of Stadia is getting far too hot, far too quickly. One user mentioned that it was hot after about three hours of playing, while another noted it was "absurdly hot" even before they'd begun playing. Google has not provided a response to these issues on the Stadia subreddit so far.

For now, we'd recommend that any Stadia users keep an eye on their Chromecast Ultra that was included in the Founder's Edition and if it starts getting hot, take some breaks to let it cool off. Note how long it's taking for the Chromecast Ultra to get hot as well. While eventually players are supposed to be able to use their own Chromecast Ultras bought seperately, at this particular time, only the Chromecast Ultra included in the Founder's Edition is capable of supporting game streaming for Stadia.

Early reviews and impressions of Stadia have been released and overall, they are mixed, if not outright negative. While the technology does work, at least to some extent, many touted features are not being used or taken advantage of by any games at launch, including the achievement system, Stream Connect or Crowd Play.

Samuel Tolbert
Samuel Tolbert

Samuel Tolbert is a freelance writer covering gaming news, previews, reviews, interviews and different aspects of the gaming industry, specifically focusing on PlayStation on Android Central. You can find him on Twitter @SamuelTolbert

  • Thanks for the heads-up on the potential heat issues for the Chromecast - not something I would have thought to check, but I'll definitely take a look later (both before starting a session and after running it gaming for a bit) Google dropped the ball in some respects, such as failing to launch with the full array of features they had previously committed to and, and their slow and not-always-in-order-sequential-delivery of access codes. Still, reviews by people using the service are certainly not "overall...negative" - people publishing reviews of trying to use it on Starbucks wifi or other networks / configurations that do not match up to the suggested guidelines for connectivity are understandably dissatisified; people using them on networks that meet or exceed the requirements are largely reporting that it works well. Similarly, those expecting the exact same level of performance in all aspects as provided currently by consoles are likely to be disappointed, though i suspect with the maturation and broader availability of 5g the locally driven advantage of consoles will lose their edge, and the benefits of cloud/server-based processing will become the new norm (whether it be from Google or another provider)
  • This doesn't surprise me, bit like everything Google is throwing out at the moment untested beta hardware!
  • This is fine. Absolutely fine. Said the dog surrounded by flames started by his Chromecast Ultra.
  • My Chromecast ultra got hot after 15 minutes of being plugged in and trying to update software I had to unplug it
  • It's a WIP I'm not tripping about some missing features and issues new tech takes time to mature. I knew what I was buying good thing I have a rare thing called patience.
  • My regular (not Ultra) Chromecast was overheating and rebooting just playing YouTube last summer. Taped an old heatsink to it, and made a little computer fan blow at it. No rebooting or overheating now! ... so I can't imagine how hot the Ultra would get while using Stadia.
  • My controller.randomly.stops working in game. The stadia button works(think Xbox button) so I can access the stadia stuff, friends list etc.. but the game controls just stop working.🤷‍♂️