Stadia may be causing Chromecast Ultras to overheat

Stadia promotional image
Stadia promotional image (Image credit: Google)

What you need to know

  • Stadia Founder's Editions have begun shipping out to different players.
  • Many players are now reporting that playing using Stadia is causing the included Chromecast Ultra to overheat.
  • Google has not yet responded to this issue.

Google's new game streaming platform Stadia has begun rolling out to different players and amidst multiple other issues such as players not receiving their codes or having shipments delayed, another problem is arising for those who have recieved their Founder's Edition.

Multiple Stadia users have reported on Reddit that the Chromecast Ultra included in the Founder's Edition of Stadia is getting far too hot, far too quickly. One user mentioned that it was hot after about three hours of playing, while another noted it was "absurdly hot" even before they'd begun playing. Google has not provided a response to these issues on the Stadia subreddit so far.

For now, we'd recommend that any Stadia users keep an eye on their Chromecast Ultra that was included in the Founder's Edition and if it starts getting hot, take some breaks to let it cool off. Note how long it's taking for the Chromecast Ultra to get hot as well. While eventually players are supposed to be able to use their own Chromecast Ultras bought seperately, at this particular time, only the Chromecast Ultra included in the Founder's Edition is capable of supporting game streaming for Stadia.

Early reviews and impressions of Stadia have been released and overall, they are mixed, if not outright negative. While the technology does work, at least to some extent, many touted features are not being used or taken advantage of by any games at launch, including the achievement system, Stream Connect or Crowd Play.

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