Stadia finally lets you view all of the achievements you've been earning

Stadia controller
Stadia controller (Image credit: Android Central)

What you need to know

  • You can now view achievements in Stadia using Chrome or Chromecast.
  • Achievements have been counted since Stadia's launch, and now you can view all the ones you've racked up while playing.
  • There is currently no way to view achievements with the Stadia app.

If there is one thing that gamers love to do, it's to rack up achievements. Unfortunately, when Stadia launched it lacked the ability to view achievements, among a laundry list of other features. However, even though you couldn't see the achievements, Google said they were being counted in the background all along.

Starting on December 19, Google finally pushed out a way to view your achievements. True to its word, achievements have been silently racking up in the background all this time, and now there is finally a way to view them.

You can check out all the awards you've earned the past few weeks by viewing it with either the Chrome browser or your Chromecast Ultra.

To view them using Chrome, click on the friends list icon and then your avatar. Once you've entered that menu, you'll see a new button under "Settings" for Achievements, along with a list of the ones you've earned most recently.

After clicking on Achievements, it will present you with a list of the games you've played that support achievements, along with the total number of trophies and how many you've earned so far. You can dive in deeper by clicking on the game itself to see the names of the trophies and a list of what you have left to unlock.

To view your achievements on a TV using Chromecast, you'll need to press the Stadia button on the controller and then select your Stadia name.

Besides accessing your own achievements, you can also check up on your friends and see what trophies they have earned, but it does require them to share that information with you. Unfortunately, the Android app is still missing the ability to view achievements. Hopefully, that's in the works and will roll out soon.

Along with the ability to view achievements, Google has been adding plenty of new features to Stadia. In its first Stadia Savepoint blog, it detailed support for all Chromecast Ultra devices, the new Stream Connect split-screen technology, and the acquisition of Typhoon Studios, to name a few. While it may not have launched in the best state, this does show that Google is hard at work in the background improving Stadia week after week.

Jason England