Sprint's old WiMax network will stay online for now due to judge's ruling in lawsuit

Sprint won't be allowed to shut down its old WiMax network on November 6 as it had originally planned. A judge has ruled for an injunction against that move, stating that Sprint has to keep the old network up and running until it settles a lawsuit filed by two nonprofit groups.

According to The Verge:

The nonprofits — two groups called Mobile Beacon and Mobile Citizen, specifically — cut a deal with the company Clearwire that let them provide affordable internet access on the network to customers like schools and libraries. But the nonprofits say that when Sprint fully took over Clearwire and the WiMax network in 2013, data speeds for the nonprofits' customers were unfairly throttled. Sprint has countered that other customers on the network have switched over without issue.

Sprint announced over a year ago their plans to close the WiMax network on November 6, so this last-minute delay definitely comes out of left field for the wireless carrier as it is trying to move over its remaining WiMax users to its LTE network.

Source: The Verge

John Callaham