Sprint officially reminds us the Epic 4G Touch is getting Ice Cream Sandwich

That the Sprint Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch is getting Ice Cream Sandwich shouldn't be a surprise -- we've already seen several leaked builds make their way out. But if case you need something more official in the way of an announcement, Sprint's just given it in its community forums.

Sprint will begin to roll out Google's latest version of Android™, Ice Cream Sandwich, to our customers in 2012. Ice Cream Sandwich will be available via an over-the-air update to a variety of devices including Galaxy™ S II, Epic™ 4G Touch and Nexus S™ and other key products in our line-up. Stay tuned for more details and exact timing.

The Nexus S 4G (never mind that Sprint calls it a mere "Nexus S" here), of course, is already getting its ICS update. So there's not a whole lot of meat here. But some word is better than none.

Source: Sprint

  • I wish they had specifically named the Evo 3D
  • My thoughts exactly!!!
  • Exactly. This is ridiculous. It is almost May 2012 and still no ICS.
  • There have been 26 ICS leaks for the Epic Touch so far, so hopefully it's almost done.
  • Of course, if Samsung would stop TouchWizing ICS and adapt the Google source code to their impressive hardware, we wouldn't have this issue. I miss the Nexus One and the five minutes Google had the Balls to take on the carriers.
  • Please stop spreading this myth that has already been debunked. The Gs2 got ics before the ns4g did.
  • Preach...!
  • All the manufacturers apply their own skin, so I doubt that's going to end anytime soon. As an E4GT owner, I'm not obsessing over this update the way some people are, but it will definitely be welcome.
  • Leaks,leaks and more leaks........I would like some substance, but I will continue to be patient. I hope it's final build will be out soon, maybe within the next month to be optimistic.
  • Really Sprint, really? Give me a break already. Roll it out already and stop all the teasing. Sprint/Samsung takes FOREVER to roll out updates. Sprint/HTC is much more aggressive. I'm eager to trade in my Epic 4g Touch for a EVO 4G LTE. Sigh:)
  • I can agree with you.....I am tired of all the leaks just release it so I can download it!
  • And I bet you will be first person to bitch about all the bugs when it's released in its current buggy state. Don't care about the bugs? Then go ahead and download it from XDA. I don't want to get screwed on the OTA because you are impatient.
  • "Sprint/HTC is much more aggressive" How did you come to that conclusion? Does the 3vo or any other HTC device on sprint have ics? No. But within probably weeks 3 Samsung devices on sprint will have it. (Ns4g, gnex, e4gt)
  • Brian man, I've had EVO, EVO 3D and Gingerbread didn't seem to take long to get, granted it was awhile ago. I had GB on my EVO 4G almost a year before my buddy got it on his Epic 4G. Now I'm waiting for ICS on my EVO 4G Touch even though 4.0.x it's been out for 6 months. By the time it comes, I'll already be done with Samsung and will be back on HTC with the EVO 4G LTE. It's been my limited experience that Sprint/HTC pushes updates faster than Sprint/Samsung. That's all I'm saying.
  • and i'm still waiting for AT&T to release there official QTA release of ICS for the Samsung Galaxy S 2!... going on 2 months.
  • This is exactly why as much as I think I want the Evo LTE, I may have to just go with the new Nexus. I mean if I still really like my Epic Slider Version I'm pretty sure any of these newer dual core phones would make me happy. Google really did a great job with ICS and it's sad to see it all changed up. Even though some of the things Samsung, HTC, Motorola and others add are cool. I really wish they would adopt there skinning apps as ad-ons that you can apply as you see fit. I think I realized for me if the carriers could put out updates faster I would care less about rooting and running a rom to have the newer OS.
  • *double post*
  • Sprint: "Soon..."
  • Soon to one, might be not so soon to another. It's simply an opinion. And based on Sprint, it could still be another 3 months before "Soon..." finally comes around.
  • This phone has slow data speeds and is pissing me off, I want the GS3 when it comes out.
  • A device is only as good as the network it's on. Don't blame the hardware for sprints congested network. Blame the multiple prepaid companies that Sprint supports.
  • That will all be changing soon, Sprint's network is getting ready to grow in capacity and speed. In my area, I am already seeing some speed upgrades. Go to www.s4gru.com, they have all of the latest updates on Sprint's Network Vision transition, including LTE.
  • I don't think a GS3 will change the network speeds. Well i guess the LTE speeds will increase. I'm guessing you don't get to use WiMax. I was referring to 3G speeds above.
  • Good news and bad news. The update will officially come on December 22, 2012... the day after the world ends.
  • Gee Sprint, really? The only reason I'm anxious for the update to come out is so Sammy will drop kernel source so that the few bugs left on CM9 can get worked out and we can get a proper AOSP kernel going.
  • Point blank period ,its not the carriers that takes forever to send out an ota for their Samsung device its Samsung who takes forever and they the worst manufacturer to push updates then anyone besides LG
  • This whole ics deal sucks I have a EVO 3d and Sprint doesn't even have it for sale on there site anymore unless they put it back up today . They said it would be one of the top phones to get ics and not a word on that .
  • From Sprint: Sprint will begin to roll out Google's latest version of Android™, Ice Cream Sandwich, to our customers in 2012 Okay, I'll put December 31 on my calendar for the update. This way, I will be "surprised" if I get Ice Cream Sandwich this year. Of course, I got the Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch as it was, and am generally happy with it. Not quite sure of what ICS will bring that I do not currently have. Is it really THAT much of a difference to an average user?
  • My thoughts exactly. ICS is big on cool factor, but inevitably several of your apps will lose functionality because not all developers are on board because ICS hasn't had much penetration overall. But hey, it sure will look cool. I got my E4GT knowing full well how Samsung treated the OG Epic owners. I had been with HTC since the beginning, and liked the E4GT as it was. Still do. Everything works and works well. I don't care when they push ICS cause I'm satisfied with it how it is. I think that's the best thing I could say...
  • E4GT getting ICS is all well and dandy, but what Sprint NEEDS to do is assure us it will be carrying the GSIII. Hopefully this isn't their way of trying to appease the customers that really have their eye on the GSIII.
  • I've used all the leaked builds, but if Samsung this new ICS as is... I'll be sticking to CM9. There's nothing quite like that pure Android feel! Cause the Touchwiz Dialer and Contacts app suck compared to the Stock versions... And I almost forgot the Dock,and not being able to make chafes to it... Other then those thing, I don't mind Touchwiz.
  • How long has Sprint had their hands on Ice Cream Sandwich? Do they only have 1 person working part time on this? The CEO made almost 10 million in 2010. A fraction of that could pay for a few more employees to actually make loyal customers be happy to be loyal customers.
  • This is BS what we should do it go to another carrier, apparently every other carrier gets updates and the newer phones except Sprint last in line. They keep changing there policy to screw the consumer my contract has changed several times in the last 2 years always to their benefit!
  • Half of the year is over. When are we getting this? I'm done waiting. Rooted phone, using CM9.