Sprint HTC EVO View 4G hands-on

How do you make the HTC Flyer even better? Pop in a Wimax radio, put it on Sprint, and call it the Sprint HTC EVO View 4G. What you see above you is the second version of the Flyer to hit the United States -- the Wifi-only version is currently available at Best Buy; this one's on sale June 24 -- this Friday -- for $399 on contract.

So what do you get for all those bones? How's about a slick 7-inch tablet with Android 2.3.3, a custom version of HTC Sense that's pretty much like what you get on the new HTC Sensation and EVO 3D, a1.5 GHz single-core processor, and, of course, the HTC Scribe stylus for some serious note-taking.

But, as you'll see in the video after the break, everything's not coming up roses, despite all that awesome hardware. Take a look.

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Phil Nickinson
  • Is the flyer/view 4 not a 1.5 ghz single core?
  • Yes, it is.... Unfortunate.
  • I had the same question. Reading through the specs, they never claim dual core. It's always just "1.5GHz processor." I was actually thinking about the unit, but I'm waiting for a verifiable dual-core.
  • Yeah. It's single. TOO MANY DEVICES. lol
  • Is it just me or does all of the "reviews" or "hands on" the same? Other then always just showing us the usual power/volume button, show how it could be used. I don't just mean showing us how to take a picture either.
  • Why is HTC even bothering with a 7 inch tablet?! I think they've really dropped the ball on getting into the tablet market. They need to quit screwing around and just release a 10 inch, quad-core snapdragon tablet with an 8 megapixel camera, 4g, and a sense version of honeycomb.
  • Gadget addict so I have the 7" Tab, iPad, Tab 10.1, Transformer etal. When I go out for the day, the 7" Tab is the device that goes with me because, for me, the 7" screen size is the ideal combo device from video / web viewing pleasure, size, weight, and pocketability perspectives. I know we always hear the mantra that the 7" non-Honeycomb devices are just big smartphones, and I say "so what". After viewing videos, and the web on the Tab / Flyer, I do not want to use the 4" smartphone for videos, or prolonged web sessions. Those 4" screens seem tiny, and the iPhone's / Nexus One's screen seems puny. Same is true for the third party apps, 99% of them scale up fine on the 7" screen, and are much more enjoyable on the 7" devices. I prefer 2.3.3 with Sense 2.1 on the Flyer to Honeycomb, and am quite happy with 2.2 on the Tab. Don't care if either device is ever updated to Honeycomb which I have used extensively on the 10" tablets in my toy box. Of course,, that is just a preference which is personal. I do respect other opinions. If you used a 7" device for awhile, and am not impressed, fine. If you used it for 5 minutes at BB, my advice is try it for an hour or two, you may like it.
  • thats easy to answer. Because it will be in the price range of the xoom and ipad2, if not more. Many potential buyers will hop on the more popular tablets.
  • I like the size of a tablet in 7" not 10". My flyer is great for my uses.
  • I wanted to get the Flyer/View but I had a change of mind. For me... I'd like to see a wifi only HTC View or a black/gray Flyer. I like the View's exterior color. I'd use the mobile hotspot on my EVO to get internet access. I think 7" is the perfect same for a tablet. It is more portable than a 8.9" or 10.1" tablet. I wish the View/Flyer has the usual dual led flashes like on other HTC devices. I'm cool with the version of Sense (I think) since it has some of the same features of verse 3.0. I wish the View/Flyer had a dual core processor. I'd like to see the device have 32GB ROM and RAM and have an additional 32GB added. The pricing is ridiculous. The View/Flyer both need a price drop of about $100 to $150 - especially the Flyer.
  • I have to say I agree on the color. I have Flyer (View is not sold in Europe), and I would certainly prefer View's dark finish.
  • Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen it anywhere: What is the price of the Evo View if bought outright? I've got till 2013 with my Galaxy Tab, and I'm entirely salivating over the View, especially with the free pen. If it's included free, I won't feel bad if I end up not liking it and never using it. On the other hand, buying it outright in the first place may not be worth it either.
  • 2:40 - Come on, Phil. That drawing started off as boobs. Admit it.
  • I'll chime in as someone who owns a 10.1" Honeycomb dual core (Acer Iconia) and the 7" single core HTC flyer. I bought the Iconia a week ago and used it daily. There are some neat things about Honeycomb but the screen size (and some things about the honeycomb experience) turned me off a bit. Yesterday I went out and purchased the HTC Flyer at Best Buy and have been using it nonstop since then. The Iconia is getting returned this week - I might make a video outlining the things I like better about the Flyer, but for now I'll list them: 1. The flyer's form factor is infinitely better for what I wanted. The Iconia, while nice, is just too big to lug around and doesn't feel as good in my hands. 2. The screen on the Flyer looks much better with all settings the same between the two. Perhaps it's just the smaller screen in general but it is sharper, brighter, better color and better viewing angle. 3. The build quality feels much better for the Flyer but that could definitely be personal preferance. 4. I can charge the Flyer via usb - this was huge for me as I spend 95% of my day in front of a computer or in my truck. I can charge it both places. 5. I vastly prefer the Gingerbread/Sense experience over stock Honeycomb. Of course this is personal preference and many might not like it but the UI and navigation of the system alone is enough to prompt me to keep the 7" tab that costs $100 more than the larger. (Not to mention the weather animation on the Flyer is friggin' breath taking) 6. Much has been said about the Flyer's single core processor and I do wish it was dual core but I'm not bullsh*tting when I tell you that the same apps and browsing that I have done side by side on these things render faster on the flyer. I don't know the reason for this but I am guessing that until everything is optimized for dual core - you are really seeing 1.5 Ghz (flyer) vs 1 Ghz (Iconia).
    I believe the Iconia is only using one core at a time. This may change with several apps running at the same time but I tested one app and browser session at a time. .
    I realize that nothing that I say is going to convince someone to like a form factor that isn't for them - but I think a lot of people are under estimating the Flyer/View because of its single core processor. From what I have seen thusfar, it is actually faster for my needs than the dual core Iconia is. Hope this helps someone out there if they are debating about which tablet to get... I know I went back and forth many times before I purchased one of each.