Sprint HTC EVO 3D video hands-on

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It's been a few months since we first handled the Sprint HTC EVO 3D. And at the time, the software was far from finished. But we're just a mere week or so away from the official public launch of HTC's first 3D-capable smartphone, and it's time to give it a thorough what-for.

Hardware-wise, the EVO 3D feels a tad slimmer than its predecessor, though it's a tad taller. We're also very much impressed by the textured soft-touch coating on the battery cover. As you'll see in the video, you're going to get your grubby fingers all over the camera lenses when using the EVO 3D as a phone, and we're a little worried that the flush lenses will become horribly scratched -- just like with our EVO 4G.

Software-wise, it's got Android 2.3.3 and the new Sense 3.0, which we're very much impressed by. (And you can hear it in our voice.) All in all, it looks like the EVO 3D's going to be the Summer phone to beat on Sprint.

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Phil Nickinson
  • YAY
  • does this do 1080p? cause the reviewer from Engadget said that it only did 720p........................ p.s. i didn't watch this video, i'm at work :D
  • 720p 3D, 1080p 2D
  • OK good. I had the same specs u mentioned in mind. the Engadget reviewer messed up then.
  • No, it only records 720p in 2D as well, unfortunately... There are more a few reviews out there that are reporting that. Sucks. But oh well! It is still a phone after all! Hell I dont even have a 1080p TV, so it doesnt matter to me :)
  • yeah i was going by specs but after reading more closely i read that on engadget's review
  • Yeah...the Engadget review was a downer:( It's 720p video if in 3D, 1080p if 2D I believe, though apparently stills on this are no better, if not worse, than the OG Evo:((( BUT I'm still super excited and can't wait! (Though I have to say the wait for the 3D while I still have my OG Evo is a lot less painful than the wait for the OG Evo while I had my old BB Curve 8330!)
  • I would pay no mind to Engadget's review....Every other review out there except for Gizmodo(gross), gives the Evo 3D and excellent review. Engadget has turned into an Apple-Biased monster. Why do you think the top editors left and made their own website: www.thisismynext.com ?
  • I dunno about all that... I mean, take a look at the Evo3D review over at This Is My Next and it's basically just a list of specs. I don't think they mentioned call quality at all. If anything, it was worse than the Engadget review.
  • The best reviews is on Phonescoop and CNET. BGR also has a decent review up.
  • I get to play with the 3D today when my Sprint Rep comes in and I'm very exited! Lol... I don't think it's going to be the big seller the OG evo was but it'll be a good phone for a while!
  • God I really can't wait til next Friday now. That phone totally flies
  • MAN this looks nice, but I think I will wait a couple of months. My rooted Evo with gingerbread will be ok for now.
  • not a big enough upgrade for me from my EVO to burn my upgrade on. i actually prefer the slightly extra display width of the EVO vs. the 3D. yea yeah i know about qHD but i like the width. they should have made this puppy 4.5"+ display. i'll wait for the coming 4.5"+ display superphone on Sprint. i predict an upcoming barrage of 4.5"+ devices coming soon.
  • The dual core speed and Sense 3.0 should be what sells you on the phone. The 3d is icing on the cake.
  • 1. i defy you to show me any real world appreciable day to day real difference in speed from EVO vs. EVO 3D.
    2. Sense 3.0 is nice eye candy but a lock screen and weather ain't that much.
    3. 3D is a negative not icing. ugly dual camera, ugly big clunky button, all for a feature i'll never use.
  • I'm sure 3d gaming will be smoother (or not, due to increased resolution) 2x horsepower will always provide increased day to day performance.
  • yeah definitely. but i'm not a gamer or big video watcher so the dual core etc. is lost on me. i'm mostly PIM, email, text, web, docs, and a few unique apps.
  • No, it is four times as much RAM, 8 times as much storage, faster GPU, and 2.4x the CPU horsepower. It is a major upgrade.
  • Would you really notice a difference of .2"?
  • i guess you don't realize that's a diagonal measure so .2" represents a lot. go compare a 4" display vs. a 4.3" display. or 4.3" vs. 4.5". small numerically but significant visual difference. you should know better.
  • EVO 3D upgrade features over the EVO 4G * Bluetooth 3.0 vs 2.1 * Dlna: You can wirelessly share HD video with a supported HDTV. * Better Screen: SLCD qHD (960 x 540)vs. TFT LCD WVGA (800 x 480) * Much faster CPU: 1.2 Ghz DUAL CORE vs. 1Ghz Single Core * Faster GPU: Adreno 220 (88 million triangles/sec.) vs. Adreno 200 (22 million triangles/sec.) * Twice the RAM: 1GB vs. 512 MB * More internal storage: 4GB v.s 1GB * Sense 3.0 vs. Sense 1.x (Sense 3.0 adds more useful features and customization and a more graphical and speedier UI) * Much improved Battery Life (Despite what you may have read on Engadget) * Much better picture quality (despite the lower megapixel count) according to every other reviewer except Engadget. * Dedicated Camera Button that has gotten Universal praise across the board. ---- All that in a body design thats weighs the same as the Original EVO and is virtually the same size (slimmer but taller) as the original EVO! PLUS, I haven't even mentioned NONE of the 3D features. Thats just an added BONUS. Whats great about that is its up to you if you want to use them or not. The only things that sets you back after upgrading is the lack of a kickstand, and instead of a standalone HDMI port, you have HDMI out built into the USB port, which is now called an MHL port. SOunds like a worthy upgrade to me.
  • Wow, thats fast. I have the original Evo but the new one looks like it is way faster.
  • Wow, Sense 3.0 runs way more smoothly on this vs. the Sensation, good to see. That extra 256mb of memory must really help.
  • Does the screen size appear smaller on the EVO 3D compared to the EVO?
  • yes. the EVO 3D display is slightly taller than the original EVO but the original EVO is slightly wider. personally - i prefer the wider display of the original EVO. some will tell you though that the EVO 3D's display matches up with true HD aspect ratio like an HD TV - so no black bars ever needed for HD content. i say make it 4.5"+ with the correct HD aspect ratio.
  • Can you guys please lower the music in your videos? Is it really even necessary?
  • can you stop complaining? its really not even that bad.
  • .. it's bad
  • the AC music always reminded me of 80s porn music. Phil - is there something we should know?
  • I'm a fan of the music, too many reviews are silence + boring/trying to be exciting reviewer voices. I also like how Phil seems so blunt in how he talks. I'm glad AC has its own music and lloyd, they need to stand out when there are so many sites trying to do the same thing.
  • Is it not ironic that musician, bob marley, is complaining about music being too loud rather than requesting it to be louder? I personally expected the complaint to be that it was not raggae... J/k
  • I can't wait to get this phone next Friday. I'm loving it!!!
  • What a piece of junk. Who would ever want anything like that? /Sarcasm
  • I'm scared.... I'm set to receive my evo 3d on opening day.
    However, my complaints with the original evo which I have owned since opening day 2010 may not have been addressed with the 3d. According to the Engadget review, picture and video quality is not going to be great. Also this video shows the same issue with the lenses and scratching. The video also made the white look not as good as the original. Am I trading down on quality picture/ video resolution for 3d even though screen specs are better?... will it be worth it? Also The side usb port is going to hinder my charge and watch ability? Did I pick wrong phone for 3d... is the Samsung Within coming out after 7/24 so I can't switch? Arg.
  • Calm down, bro, it's just a phone, not a major life decision. From the sounds of it, you don't keep devices very long anyway, so it's not like you won't be bored with this in 6-9mo & looking for the next new thing.
  • Bad review or not, ain't a damn thing stopping me from getting this phone! I already reviewed it by watching every youtube video on it since it was first announced! Can't wait! It is a big upgrade, trust me. I bought the flyer last week. It has a single core 1.5 processor and it flys! And sense 3.0 is beautiful! The surround sound thru your headphones is phenomenal!
  • I compell all current Evo 4g owners to IGNORE ANY AND ALL THAT ARE UNTRUE REGARDING THIS DEVICE...IE...ENGADGET...MAINLY..As current owners of the Evo 4g we already know exactly what we currently have and what we will be recieving on June 24th 2011. The specs on the Evo 3d are industry leading and nothing coming out this year will surpass these specs. Yeah devices will and can have larger screens what 4.5inches but other than that no other device will have past the Evo 3d in anything. Rumor mill is talking of an Nexus 3 ok great but again that is only rumor and pretty much that will happen in Dec or Jan another 6 to 7mos from now and we still don't know who will make it. Bottomline the Evo 3d as well as the Sensation and Galaxy S2 are the best SPECED devices on the market. Going into tmobile today on Delancey st in Manhattan New York to visit the cousin of the Evo 3d the Sensation further assured my overall desire for my Evo 3d on June 24th. My deposit has been down since May 8th and clearly I made the right choice for my device the next year UNTILL the QUADCORE EVO in 2012...The Sensation was a joy to play with and was very responsive and quick so I know the Evo 3d will BE THE BOMB...HTC/SPRINT HIT A HOMERUN HERE...8 DAYS AND COUNTING....
  • 1. "... nothing coming out this year will surpass these specs" You only show your ignorance in a comment like this. In the tech world, nothing is absolute. The game can be changed with a simple announcement from a major player. Grow up. 2. " and we still don't know who will make it [Nexus 3]" What's wrong Rich? Not even 2 days ago you were saying how HTC was the only possible manufacturer who could make the next Nexus phone. Not so confident about your own silly little "predictions" are we? Oh that's right, you're the same Richard who incorrectly stated that the E3D would be out June 4th. Keep trying. You might eventually guess something right. 3."Bottomline the Evo 3d as well as the Sensation and Galaxy S2 are the best SPECED devices on the market." Wow. How bipolar/hypocitical are you? In the past day alone, you've done nothing but bash the Sensation and GS2 over at Phandroid, and here you are saying they'll be the "best speced devices"? Care to make up your mind just a little?
  • As usual you bring your CLOWN ACTIVITIES here to androidcentral well since you LIKE TO TROLL every comment I make throught the android world of the internet I can tell your bored over a PHANDROID so yes I will entertain you for a little while then KICK YOU OUT right back to your little world. All of yor comments ARE TIRED but that is you being you I am use to that by now. Since you seem to be so aware of when this Nexus 3 will come out WHY DON'T YOU TELL ALL OF US?? or better yet TELL US WHO WILL MAKE THE DEVICE since you always love to make remarks about other people thoughts and predictions.Tell us all how is that USELESS SAMSUNG MOMENT YOU HAVE THAT IS ROOTED in order for you to really get any use out of a 2year old phone. I can't help but laugh at you and all your sad attemps to attack people every site you enter...Your simply USELESS.
  • HAHAHAHA!!! You? Going to "kick me out"? I'd like to see you try! You're not an admin. You don't know any admins. You have no clue on how to contact an admin. Please, for your own sake, don't make baseless, empty threats like this. It makes you look incredibly foolish. 1. Did you even read my post? I never indicated I knew when the Nexus 3 would be out. I ridiculed your statement of how the only possible manufacturer of the next Nexus would be HTC. I never said WHEN it would be out. With all of that said, if the rumors hold true, the Nexus 3 (It's speculated name is now "Nexus 4G" btw) will be shown off at least by the end of the year. That's common rumor-mill knowledge. At this point, all info on the Nexus 4G is pure speculation. I certainly don't claim to know more than anyone else here. Except you of course. I just know what's circulating the rumor-mill. Aren't you keeping up? 2. I like to troll your comments because you amuse me. You say the most ridiculous BS I've ever heard from anyone, and it pleases me to watch you either not respond or make a further fool of yourself with even more unintelligent posts. Like the one I am replying to now. 3. As I have said before, my phone isn't "2 years old". Look it up. It was released Nov. 2, 2009. Some basic math puts it at 1 year, 8 months, and 15 days old or so. Not quite 2 years old. Get it right. 4. What's wrong with rooting? It allows you to extend the life of the phone beyond what the manufacturer intended. If I wanted to, I'm sure I could keep using it for then next year and still be perfectly fine, albeit without a few "advancements". An unrooted phone on the other hand, Doesn't last very long unless it's high end. The Moment is not high end. I'll live with that. It's not that big of a deal to me to be able to watch movies, play the really really cool games (with large filesizes), etc. I don't need flashy 3D, a huge screen, hdmi out, a front facing camera, or any of that additional stuff. I just need a smartphone that works, and my Moment does exactly that. How's that for some "useless" info?
  • That's nice, but what about the fact that the call quality and speaker volume are much worse than he EVO 4G? Certainly most of the specs are better, but I won't sacrifice call quality and volume for all of the other pecs combined. You just wait until users start posting reviews of the low volume and call quality and then we will see how many return their 3D's for the EVO 4G.
  • Wow this richard dude must be a complete idiot. The EVO 3D is a cool device. To say its going to be the best phone of 2011 is stupid.....I'm sorry. The EVO dominated 2010. I can't say the same for the E3D.
  • I'm not your bro, friend. I've worked it so I get a new phone every year... should I be penalized for that? Should I be chastised for expecting everything for 200$... demand is what drives new devices. Being burned with the Pre as my first smart phone is not easy to get over ...since I was stuck with that POS for longer then I care to remember...
  • You can get a new phone every month if you want, why do I care? But again, it's just a phone. Besides, no matter what you choose, something better will be out in 6mo but the one you go with will still do everything you need it to when you are ready for your next one.
  • does it have gorilla glass or plastic ??
  • I had the EVO 4G from opening day, however, I think I will take my money to the Photon.
  • Personally I'm thinking of waiting for a more detailed review (Anandtech) or some user feedback. The comments about call quality have me concerned, and I'd like some empirical battery tests (a la Anand), not Engadget's retarded "we left all radios on and it died fast" test, or the anecdotal comments from other reviewers. Honestly doesn't anyone but Anand bother to test things in a controlled environment anymore? There's so many ridiculously conflicting comments across the reviews right now, even if you ignore Engadget's battery/camera claims. One review claims good viewing angles, the next one says the exact opposite; one review claims it holds unto a stronger signal then the OG EVO despite the call quality, another says it gets terrible signal... These things are only subjective if you're poorly equiped to review the device and don't have anything else for comparison purposes, otherwise they're easy things to test, just takes a little time.
  • Best places to check for full reviews of the evo 3d start by checking here first then if you need more places to explore check out mobiletechreview.com, cnet.com, wsj.com, technobuffalo.com, laptopmag.com, phonedog.com, phonearena.com, mobileburn.com, wirefly.com. By the time Sunday or Monday rolls around many educated reviewers would've had the able time to make proper reviews on this device with everyone wanting to know about battery life. Evo 3d haters who cares what you think if your not purchasing the device THEN KEEP IT MOVING, IF YOUR NOT ON SPRINT AND DON'T LIKE THE DEVICE KEEP IT MOVING WE DON'T WANT YOU HERE.
  • Over at Android Police you stated "THESE REVIEWS MEAN NOTHING [and] ARE OVERRATED". So which is it? Do they "mean nothing" or are they credible reviews? Make up your mind already. We don't want mindless drones (such as yourself) here either. Go be a part of the Apple fanboys. You'd fit right in with all your repetitive and simplistic statements.
  • Thanks for a great review Phil, I look forward to many other reviews as the days move forward.
  • on that application screen there is also a star and a download area. i think the star is just for frequent apps and not favorites correct? i noticed on soem beta roms that if u hold down on the one of the three icons on the bottom tab u have access to re-arrange them. can u add anything else to that bottom tab, like a favorite app or even a folder organizer widget/icon?
  • @richardyarrel I don't know you or even assume to know you. but the biggest mistake you made in your comment was saying those phones you mentioned are going to be the best spec'd phones of the year. well not to burst your bubble but the lg optimus 3d has better specs on every level and there are benchmarks to prove it and it has been announced for release.