Sprint HTC EVO 3D review

There are a couple ways to look at the Sprint HTC EVO 3D. One is that it's a high-end smartphone, with the latest hardware and software you can get. Another is that it's a high-end smartphone with the latest hardware and software -- and 3D recording and playback technology.

There's a larger discussion to be had regarding 3D recording and playback on smartphones. Do we really want it? Do we need it? Are we just seeing first-generation tech growing pains? That's a discussion we've been having for some time, and we'll continue to have it.

But back to the EVO 3D. It's one of the first dual-core-processor phones to be released by Qualcomm (along with the HTC Sensation). It's one of the first to run the new HTC Sense 3.0 user interface. Oh, and it's the first 3D smartphone to be released in the United States. And it's following up one of the hottest phones of the past year or so in the EVO 4G. So it's got a lot going for it, and lofty expectations. Will it live up to them? Find out after the break.

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The initial hands-on

Youtube link for mobile viewing

The hardware

Save for one glaring feature addition (that'd be the 3D), the Sprint HTC EVO 3D appears to be, on the outside anyway, your typical run-of-the-mill Android smartphone. Large touchscreen, capacitive buttons, black slab. But there's no mistaking the pair of cameras on the back. We'll get to them in a minute.

Let's start on the front. You've got a 4.3-inch display at qHD resolution. That's 540 pixels wide and 960 deep, for a pretty decent pixel density of 256. And that means that compared to most other smartphones (480x800 is still the most prevalent high-end resolution), you've got more pixels crammed onto the screen, which should make for clearer graphics and images. It also means you shouldn't notice individual dots on the screen.

In our testing, the screen looks darn fine at that increased resolution. Look for it to become the norm in high-end smartphones.

Just below the screen you have the four capacitive buttons that come standard on most Android phones. They're done up in the home-menu-back-search order, and done in the style of EVO 4G and EVO Shift 4G. They're easily visible when the screen is dimmed, and nicely lighted when the screen is turned on. We are seeing a very slight amount of what's known as "light leakage" -- where light from behind the display spills out through a tiny gap between the screen and the base of the phone. It bothers some people more than others, and you'll likely only ever notice it in a very dark room. It's hardly a strike against the phone, and your EVO 3D might not have it at all.

Above the screen is the earpiece and 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera. There's a little notification light tucked into the earpiece speaker grille. The color of the light is broken up by the grille a little bit, giving it some texture. Nice little tweak. To the right of the grille is the 1.3MP front-facing camera (it only does 2D), and to the left is the ambient light sensor.

That's all normal stuff, of course. The rear and side of the EVO 3D are where things get interesting.

Let's start in the back. Immediately you'll notice that HTC has sneaked an extra camera on here. They're both 5 megapixels, and they work in concert to produce 3D still images and video. Between them are two (natch) flashes. Look at 'em long enough, and they start to look like they're looking back at you.

The camera ... region ... is pretty darn large. It's been compared to a cassette tape (you might have to ask your parents), and that's not off the mark, though it's certainly not that big. But it does take up a fair amount of space, and we definitely had our grubby fingers all over the bottom lens (the one closest to the center of the phone) when holding it in the usual portrait (vertical) position.

The camera lenses also are flush with the camera housing and ringed in that trademark fire-engine red. While we don't know what kind of plastic they're protected by, we're more than a little worried about scratching them, especially because the entire camera housing sticks out from the rear of the phone. It's not more than a millimeter or two, but it's enough to have cause concern. Hopefully we'll be presently surprised.

The second design feature that stands out on the EVO 3D is the 2D/3D toggle switch and two-stage shutter button. The toggle switch is labeled "Camera Mode" -- and that's what it does. It switches the camera from 2D mode to 3D mode. Nothing more, nothing less. You can toggle it all you want while you're using the rest of the phone -- it won't do squat. But when you're using the camera on the EVO 3D, it's a quick and easy way to switch from 2D to 3D and back again.

And the button itself is nicely designed. It's large enough that you don't have a problem finding it. It's got a nice action to it, and a nice, firm "click" when you switch it. Ours has a tiny amount of wiggle to it, but that's nit-picky on our part.

It's about time we have another phone with a physical shutter button. That's a feature that's disappeared over the past year, and we've missed it. When we're taking a picture, using the display as a viewfinder, we want to concentrate on the scene, not on where the shutter button is on the screen. That's where a physical button really helps. You find it by feel. The button itself is round, with tiny little rings carved into it (presumably by tiny little carvers). It's large, and stands out a little more than you might like. But we'll trade the aesthetics for utility -- you'll have no problem finding it with your index finger when you're taking pictures.

The EVO 3D's shutter button is a two-stager, much like what you'll find on a real digital camera. That is, you press it down partially to focus the shot. You'll actually feel the shutter button stop when it hits the first stage if you do it slowly enough. (Try it once or twice -- you'll get the feel for it easily enough.) Continue pressing the button, and the camera snaps the picture. That's a really nice touch.

Despite having a couple of garish cameras, the back of the phone is actually pretty stylish. It's sort of a soft-touch plastic, and the majority is done up with some diagonal striping, giving it a little bit of texture and grip.

The battery cover prices off from the bottom. No secret buttons or levers here. Once it's off, you've got access to the surprisingly slim 1730 mAh battery, and the 8GB microSD card. The card's not spring-loaded or anything; you just slide it out.

What's under the hood

The EVO 3D is one of the first dual-core processors from Qualcomm to be available on a phone in the United States. In fact, the EVO 3D's got a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. On top of that, it's got a full 1GB of RAM (we've got 803MB useable). And that helps things fly.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

All dual-core phones are not alike. The video above shows Sense 3.0 on the dual-core EVO 3D, as well as Sense 3.0 on the dual-core HTC Sensation. And there's an obvious difference (at least when the phones are side by side. Is the EVO 3D the fastest phone we've used? It's certainly up there. Maybe not quite at Galaxy S II level. But for a carrier-supported U.S. phone, you can't get much faster right now.



There's a task manager preloaded on the EVO 3D. Note that it's not a task "killer" -- there's no blacklist, and so you're unlikely to cause any instability. Android 2.3 is perfectly capable of managing memory and closing unused apps. But if you do need to manually shut down an app, this is the place to do it. Also: Sense 3.0 tosses in an app that will free up storage space. It's in the SD & Phone Storage settings, under "Make more space. And that's what it does -- it clears app caches, freeing up a little space.

Let's talk battery life. The more things change, the more they stay the same, right? We've actually had pretty good use out of the EVO 3D, and while battery life isn't the best we've ever seen, it should be more than adequate. But it really all depends on your usage. This is a 4G phone. And like the EVO 4G before it, Wimax will chew through a battery. Watching videos (2D or 3D) nonstop? That'll kill it, too. That's just the way it is. Bottom line? Battery life is above average.

The software

The EVO 3D runs Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread!) and Sense 3.0, which is the most recent version of HTC's custom user interface. As we said in our HTC Sensation reviews (U.S. and European versions), Sense is only getting better. It's got a killer lockscreen that gives you quick access to four apps of your choosing (here's how to customize them).

The Sense experience itself is relatively unchanged -- it's been evolving for a couple years now over several generations of phones. The premise remains relatively unchanged: Seven home screen, lots of widgets, icons and toggle switches. (Note that there is a 4G on/off toggle switch.)



The notifications bar -- the window shade you pull down from the top of the screen -- has increased functionality in Sense 3.0. There are two tabs to it -- one for notifications, and one for quick settings. The notifications tab shows all of the traditional information -- messages from running applications -- plus throws in shortcuts to as many as eight (in landscape) recently used applications. The quick settings tab gives you easy on/off access to Wifi, the mobile hotspot, 4G data, Bluetooth, GPS, how much memory is free, and a shortcut to all settings.

Another fun feature of Sense 3.0 is a cool little rotation effect you get if you flip through fast enough. It's a nice alternative from the utilitarian Leap feature.


The app drawer on the EVO 3D is still that one-page-at-a-time thing, which we're not a big fan of. But at the bottom of it are a couple of icons that'll speed things up for you if you've got a boatload of apps installed. The first button is for the normal list of apps. The star brings up your frequently used apps. And the downward pointing arrow shows all of your downloaded applications.

There are a fair amount of applications preloaded on the EVO 3D, whether they're from HTC or Sprint. A few of note:

  • 3D Games: A portal for 3D games from Gameloft.
  • Blockbuster: Streaming movies.
  • HTC Hub: Once you're signed in, you'll see things that your "HTC Friends" (ie other people on HTC Hub) are sharing, including apps and pictures, plus back up preferences on HTC's servers.
  • NASCAR: Go fast, turn left. It's a Sprint staple.
  • Mirror: A fun little front-facing camera app that acts as a mirror. You're so vain.
  • Peep: HTC's own Twitter app.
  • Polaris Office: A decent office software app.
  • Qik Video: The old-school video chat app.
  • Spider-Man 3D: Gameloft's Spider-Man game ... in 3D.
  • Sprint Hotspot: Wifi tethering.
  • Sprint Radio: Internet radio.
  • The Green Hornet 3D: The movie ... in 3D
  • TeleNav GPS Navigator: A Google Maps alternative.

Fun fact about the preloaded apps on the EVO 3D. You can uninstall some of them. That's known as killing off the bloatware. OK, OK. So they're not totally killed from the phone. They may be uninstalled, but the install files themselves are left behind. We're not going to get all worked up over that. There's plenty of storage space on the EVO 3D for a few clingers. And once the phone's rooted, they'll be permanently deleted. But for us, out of sight and out of mind is good enough.

Putting the 3D in the EVO 3D

Up until now, we've basically described your basic high-end Android smartphone from HTC. Been there, done that, right? It's the 3D content that sets the EVO 3D apart.


Let's start with viewing 3D content. It's a seamless experience. If something's been done in 3D, whether it's a still image or video, you just select it like you would any other piece of media (ie you tap on it), and it shows up on the screen. And you don't need any funky 3D glasses to view it.

There are a number of 3D still photos preloaded in your gallery, and you can take more with the 3D camera (more on that in a minute). "The Green Hornet" movie is preloaded in 3D as well, and there's the "Spider-Man 3D" game,l too. And as we mentioned above, you can purchase additional 3D games from the included "3D Games" Gameloft app.

Using the preloaded content as our benchmark (presumably it's been cleaned up and optimized as best as possible), we get a good feel for the 3D content on the EVO 3D. Now, a good bit of what we're about to write here will be subjective. And that's fine. Three-dimensional content on a smartphone isn't for everybody.

Still photos are pretty painful to look at. And that's a shame, because the ones on the EVO 3D are very well done, as you'd expect from preloaded content. But viewing 3D still on the EVO 3D suffer from one major flaw -- you have to be looking straight at them, and heaven help you if you move the phone.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

You can actually see the 3D "shifting" of a still image. It's noticeable in this video -- and really tough on the eyes when you see it in person.

There's a weird shifting effect that occurs when the angle changes even slightly, and that makes viewing still pictures very hard to do. Also, pictures that don't have a lot of contrast -- ie lacking an object that stands out in the foreground -- can be more difficult to look at.

Taking a picture of a three-dimensional picture doesn't exactly show you how it looks in 3D -- the effect is something you'll have to experience for yourself. But this is one of the better examples, with a foreground object and good color contrast.

3D games

Spider-Man 3D, as seen in 2D

Here's another place where we were pleasantly surprised. The Spider-Man 3D game isn't horrible. In fact, it's playable in 3D. Now, we'll expect to see some variation between 3D apps -- and who knows just how extensive a 3D gaming library there will be in, say, six to eight months.

But the shifting issues we have with still images weren't really a problem in something like Spider-Man 3D. That's not to say the 3D wasn't bit of a strain on our eyes. But for short bursts of gameplay, it wasn't bad.

Taking your own 3D photos and video

What about photos that you've taken? They're subject to the same rules, of course. Lighting's going to play a big part of your photos, as it always does. But no matter how good a photographer you are, you're going to have the same shifting effect.

Videos in 3D fared a bit better, which surprised us. That goes for both "The Green Hornet 3D," as well as video we shot. You still have the shifting effect if you change your viewing angle of the screen, but it's less pronounced than in still photos. Maybe that's because there's motion to distract you? Now that doesn't mean we'd necessarily want to watch an entire feature-length movie in 3D.

There's also a simple tool for trimming video.

Snapping a 3D image is just like snapping a 2D image. Only it's in 3D.

Making your own 3D content is simple: Fire up the camera app on the EVO 3D, and make sure the 2D/3D toggle switch is in the proper position. The screen will change to the live 3D image. Then snap away. It doesn't take any extra time to shoot a 3D pic or video, which is good.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Once you've got 3D content, you can upload it or share it just like anything else. Upload it to YouTube, and it plays back on the EVO 3D just fine. Play it back on a computer, and it's converted to the sort of blue-red thing you're used to. Plop on the right glasses, and anyone can see it.

One thing that's really lacking, at least in comparison to the only other 3D phone available -- the LG Optimus 3D -- is a central hub for all 3D content. There's no one place on the EVO 3D to bring together all of the photos, videos and games. LG's done a great job with it (even adding a dedicated hardware button to access it), and it's something that either Sprint or HTC should have added. Sure, all of your photos and videos are available in the gallery, but 3D games are floating around like any other, and there's no quick access to a dedicated YouTube channel for 3D content. It's just not as elegant. By a long shot.

The bottom line is that viewing 3D content on the EVO 3D is decent, but that shifting effect pretty much relegates it to full gimmick status for us. That's not to say 3D on a smartphone isn't gimmicky in the first place -- it definitely is.

Taking 2D pictures with the EVO 3D

We've pretty much covered this in our comparison against the EVO 4G camera. The long and short of it is you've got a capable 5MP shooter in 2D. It'll do still photos in up to 2560x1440 resolution.

Images open in a new window in full resolution

Video is, well, video. You can crank things up to 720p, which we've done here.

Youtube link for mobile viewing

Other odds and ends

  • There's been concern over voice quality. In our use, it was pretty much on par with the majority of phone we've used. Some calls were better than others -- your network will affect that as well as any supposed software issues.
  • The rear speaker: Decent enough.
  • The front-facing camera: Still waiting on a reason to use one.
  • Hackability: As of the time of this writing, they're real close to releasing the root method. It's coming.
  • Data speeds are comparable to what you'll see on the EVO 4G. Data is data.
  • If you want to output content (2D or 3D) to a high-def television, you're going to have to use one of those MHL adapters. You plug it into the phone, then plug another microUSB cord into the MHL adapter to power the whole rig. We'll wait for a dock to be released, thank you very little.
  • There's no NFC (near-field communication) on the EVO 3D.
  • The Swype keyboard is preloaded on the EVO 3D.

The wrap-up (aka what if I don't care about 3D?)

That's the big question, right? Is the EVO 3D a good phone even if you couldn't care less about taking or viewing 3D content?

Unequivocally, yes. In fact, it's a great phone. We're having a hard time finding a reason to knock it. Yeah, the camera contraption on the back is a little oversized, and it's definitely noticeable when you're holding the phone in your hand. But that's absolutely not a reason to not buy it.

Personally, I couldn't care less about 3D content. It's gimmicky. It makes my head hurt. And I get hate mail when I say such things out loud. But that's the thing about 3D. It's not for everybody. And that's the great thing about the HTC EVO 3D. Even without the dual cameras and 3D photos, video and games, it's easily the best Android phone on Sprint.

  • Thanks for the whole review. Thanks for using the word sneaked!
    I must say that only the reviewers have said the 3D is gimmicky. I've yet to see one person on the Sprint Facebook page say they don't like the 3D. I, in fact, think it looks nice. The only place I have found I can post the 3D pics properly is on dropbox. The other sites rename the extension upon upload. HTC should have made a 3D posting site.
  • Buyer's bias will prevent you from seeing any owner posting about it being gimmicky for at least 6 to 9 months. That's how long it takes before people are willing to admit a buying mistake. It takes a really bad phone to have recent buyers write a bad review, usually they just take it back. This is why reviews are good to read, especially when the reviewer had no out of pocket expense to justify. Never trust a new buyer's opinion.
  • Actually I own an Evo3d and yes I find the 3d to be gimmicky. I'm still shooting in 3d and show off the 3d to curious friends, but I'm quick to tell them it's just kind of a neat gimmick and nothing more.
  • Dude the phone is a ACE. True phone freaks will love this phone. My wife loves hers as I do mine. Iys a kick ass phone. I just dont know why people focus so much on a feafure that u never ever have to use. I didnt give a crap about 3D I just wanted all the upgrades QHD,gorilla glass, dual core, better battery, 1gb of ram. Screw 3D but the 3D pics are very cool.
  • Thanks for your honest option. Good review. I'm waiting to see what else comes out this year, I really don't want to use my upgrade on something I don't think I'll use. Any more info on the kingdom?
  • You're not going to buy this phone because it has an extra feature that you do not even have to use? That sounds like you may never buy a phone again. I think there is always something on a phone you may not use. I never use Footprints, NASCAR or Car Panel, but I bought this EVO 3D.
  • You can't uninstall the ugly cameras on the back of the phone. The 2d/3d button is already missing on 2 of our 3 test units, the 3d is gimmicky, and there isn't a kickstand. It has less surface area on the screen than the OG and overheats really bad if you play angry birds for an hour. I don't see a win with the phone other than a dual core chip. If I needed more storage, I'd just buy a 32GB chip for my Evo.
  • What do you mean by it has less surface area on the screen? Last time I checked, the E3D had a 4.3 inch 540 x 960 qHD screen whereas the E4G has a 4.3 inch 800 x 480 screen. Same screen size but a higher resolution for the E3D!
  • It's 4.3" corner to corner like a TV, but it is NARROWER, so it has less surface area. Do the math. Better yet, (to really make it hurt) put an OG Evo side by side and you can SEE it. I currently have BOTH models but the 3VO is a test unit. Go ahead, line the screen up side by side...Identical in height, but oops..it's narrower....hmmmm
  • Actually, you are right, the screen is about 2mm narrower and is exactly the same length (tallness). I'll be darned. I can't correct the other post, since it has been replied to. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that it is still superior in almost all other ways to the 4G.
  • "Superior"? Hardly...It's merely an evolution of technology. NOTHING about this phone (other than the 3D) screams superiority. Hell, the Thunbderbolt could claim to be superior using your criteria, and it's pretty much a copycat with more RAM and a different radio. The Evo was evolutionary. Don;t forget your roots... :) That is an outstanding review though, Phil!
  • coming from the evo4g to the thunderbolt is a huge upgrade my man.
  • I currently have in my possession, an Evo, 3VO and a Bolt. No, the Bolt is NOT a huge upgrade.
  • Perhaps I don't understand what you are writing. Compared to the Evo 4G the Evo 3D has to the 33% more RAM, RAM is twice the speed, twice the storage, twice the GPU power, three times the CPU, bigger battery, more flexible radio, better screen (sharpness, contrast), higher res screen, sharper camera, dedicated camera button, 3D video, 3D display, 3D stills, higher video framerate, stereo audio recording, and better Sense. That makes it far superior to the 4G in every way except maybe the lack of a kickstand and a less loud speaker. I am not knocking the Evo 4G, it was/is a great phone, and this is a wonderful successor.
  • Please explain this "math" to me.
  • It's too late, I'm sorry. If you're old enough to post on here, but haven't memorized the formulas for determining area in various shapes by now, you're through.
  • Thank you for the helpful response. You do, of course, realize it would have been nicer AND easier to simply post the dimensions of each screen.
  • Not only does it have the same surface area, it has more pixels. The GPU is also much faster. It has twice as much ram. And twice the storage. And a much larger battery. And much faster processors. I have not found it to run any hotter than the OG. Who cares if it has dual cameras on the back. So it is missing a kickstand. That is about all.
  • It's all good...(in response to you saying it is a little smaller)
  • Actually, he's right about one thing... The surface area on the Evo 3D is about 3% smaller than the Evo 4G, even though it has the same diagonal length and a higher pixel resolution. I proved as much in the forums using mathematics.
  • Yes, the 3VO does have a higher resolution, but it's really not anything I notice with the naked eye, especially on such a small screen (I'm talking about phones in general, and not picking on the 3VO)
  • I care that is has dual cameras on the back...more crap to scratch and uglify.
  • Ram storage is for the os the sd card cant help that. U dont have an upgrade so dont get tge phone. I did the buy back program so if I upgrade again later to a photon or quad core it wont cost me much over 250 if that much.
  • Ram storage is for the os the sd card cant help that. U dont have an upgrade so dont get tge phone. I did the buy back program so if I upgrade again later to a photon or quad core it wont cost me much over 250 if that much.
  • RAM is not storage. The two have nothing to do with each other.
    RAM = memory, used by the OS and for programs that are running.
    Internal storage = flash storage of the OS files and user programs/files.
    External storage = SD slot for flash storage of programs/files.
  • Wrong. The memory can can only do so much to help for the lack of internal storage space. I kept running out of internal space because some of the big apps, you're not able to move to the sd on the OG EVO. I kept deleting apps and i still didn't have space. When you run out of internal storage, apps like Google talk won't run. I can't see why someone would not want this phone. It's like the EVO times 10. I'm very happy with it. My primary reason for the upgrade was the internal storage and a higher capacity battery that actually last longer than on the OG EVO.
  • Where the hell did all the "Wrong" comments come from in regards to RAM? Is this some kind of flash mob mentality? I never said dick about the RAM and know the difference between RAM, ROM, internal/external storage.
  • Agreed, I have the EVO 4G and I don't want to waste my upgrade on a gimmick. I really hope the 4G+ cones to the states soon, I like the toggle switch going from still camera to video.
  • so, you don't wanna waste your money on a phone that has over twice the processing power than your Evo, twice the RAM, more internal memory, better battery life, 35% more screen resolution, better quality pictures and video, more features in Sense 3.0, and Dlna connectivity to boot? Notice how I hadn't even mentioned the 3D stuff. Its just an extra added feature that you don't have to use. You get all of this for the same price as any other dual core smartphone on the market today.
    SO, you'll excuse me if I don't understand your line of reasoning here.
  • Better battery life is debatable. When I'm using the 3VO the battery life is the same as the OG. In standby, it is the same as after the OG got the Gingerbread update. Sense 3.0 is nice, but I have a Flyer running that and will probably go with another launcher as soon as I get bored with it...That's just software. Twice the RAM? It needed that for the dual core chip so it's actually a downgrade in the RAM department since it's a dual core phone. It works well though, but wait until dual core apps start appearing...it will lag then because of the lack of onboard RAM.
  • No. The amount of RAM has absolutely nothing to do with the CPU speed or number of cores. More RAM is more RAM. Adding another core does not increase the need or demand for RAM. It can, however, increase the demand on the battery (depending on a variety of complex factors). Plus, the Sense 3.0 probably consumes more RAM.
  • Dammit people, learn how to read. WHEN THE PROGRAMS WRITTEN FOR DUAL CORE COME OUT, THIS PHONE WILL BE LACKING DUE TO THE LACK OF RAM. The PROGRAMS will be wanting more and more RAM, just like the computers of yesteryear. Welcome to the age of bloatcode. As storage and RAM jumps in capability, lazy coders will bloat apps.
  • not necessarily. Isn't there a limit to how much RAM an app can use? I believ its 32 MB isn' it? You forget that Android is not like a PC. It manages its Ram much more effeciently. Android is designed to take up half a phone's available RAM anyway, so if an intensive resource hog app is ran, the OS allocates the memory for said app. I wouldn't worry to much about it. Besides, by the time apps become availabe that will significantly slow down the dual cores of today, more efficient quad cores will begin pushing out the gate. SO, no worries...
  • U gotta be joking. You must not have an upgrade. So ur sayn the phone "with all the uprades" is a gimmick bc it has 3D.
  • Dude, my phones change weekly sometimes but I do own an Evo4G. I don't upgrade phones through Sprint. I just buy one of our test phones when we're done with it for like $50.00 when I need a new phone.
  • @ Starfleet Captain:
    True, but that is still one big gimmick to simply ignore. All the qualifying factors for your support for the EVO3D are the same, and more, for the 4G+. Minus of course, the gimmick. When people fall back on the arguement of, "you don't have to use the 3D function" I take that as an asinine statement. That toggle switch and the imposing dual cameras, are rudimentary forms of the physical build of the machine itself. Hey, more power to ya, if you like the 3D function and capability of the self titled phone. However, I will wait. I hope the 4G+ comes.
  • Got to admit, on paper, this phone sounds epic. And this coming from someone who loves his Droid X. However, the ONLY thing this phone is missing -- and many won't care -- is the hdmi out. I use mine A LOT. I would definitely miss that. Otherwise sounds like a steal at 199.99 if you're on Sprint.
  • Pretty sure it does HDMI out through the HDL (micro USB) port, unless they dropped that before release. I would test it, but I don't have a cable.
  • MHL port.
  • Exactly what I meant. Thanks. Either way, the Evo 3D does do HDMI out.
  • Either way, they found a way to incorporate an HDMI capable port that charges using the same port AND sports DLNA. You know these cables wont be expensive.
  • IT`s cost me $61. include tx, after they bought my OG Evo 4G back.
    I think that`s best deal.
  • I traded mine in and also did the buy back program that will get me $240 for the phone when I trade it in, in 1yr. That was worth $30.
  • It has HDMI out...Its not the same as passed phones and you have to buy a new adapter..But HDMI out is there
  • It is not missing HDMI out, you just have to use a special cable that is not included.
  • I switched from the Droid X which I loved to the Evo 3D and I do not regret it, this phone is amazing!!! I used a bunch of "roms" on the DX and none even came close to Sense 3.0 . Great and honest review. This is an amazing phone.
  • I'm really enjoying this phone. I occasionally like using the 3D camera and games, guess I'm lucky no headaches or problems. You just have to be somewhat still. I wouldn't use the 3D in the car or something like that. This phone should be flying through games but for some reason doesn't. Everything else is buttery smooth.
  • Phil, I got a Nexus S 4G after I sold my Evo (had it almost1 yr since launch) on craigslist. I cancelled my pre-order from Best Buy for the Evo 3D. I did win a Evo 3D form sprint and i played with it and still have it and trying to convince my wife to give up her Epic 4g for this phone but shes putting up a fight since she is not that savvy. Her reason behind is that she just got the Epic in May and paid for it. Anyway, after playing with it, it is all what you described the phone came about 40% charge we played with for about an hour on Tuesday and put it back in the box. Yesterday, Saturday I took it out to charge and it had some battery life in red. Besides the 3d its a really good phone. BUT, I would say its the second best Android phone Sprint has next to the Nexus S 4G.
  • 2nd best? That's craziness!
  • The Evo 3D walks all over the Nexus S 4G in every paper and real-world spec. I don't think I follow your logic.
  • Dont get that logic if the nexus 2 4g is running 2.3.4. I have compared the speeds and its almost a tie. I do have the phone here. The HTC Sense 3.0 is faster than the older sense.
  • The T-Mobile Sensation compare to the EVO 3D,it`s to slow, lacking alots.
  • Liked the review, but, please, all phone reviews should include: - What's built in. Compass, Accellerometer, proximity sensor? Then, we need some measurements of phone design quality. Manufacturers will ignore this critical area unless reviewers cover it. - Reception- how well does it receive weak signals?
    - GPS reception- Does it lose GPS when driving down a fringe area road?
    - Actually, I'd like to see you scratch test the screen and parts of the case and to try to wear away the rubberized parts, but maybe you can't afford to sacrifice that many phones.
  • Great article Phil,
    I agree, this phone kicks all kinds of a$$. The 3D is cool to have and definitely fun to play with, but it certainly does not define this phone. And in no way should be a reason to not choose this phone. In fact, if I wasn't already on Sprint, I would seriously consider switching carriers to get this phone. I love the "EVO" brand. There is a level of quality that comes with the name. And although I couldn't go with the EVO View, my next phone will probably be an EVO...would that be the EVO 3 or EVO3D 2??? Hmmmmmm...
  • Great question WHO KNOWS it might be EVO 3D2 or EVO 2 honestly who cares I am a proud member of the EVO FAMILY BRAND ON SPRINT FOR THE DURATION THAT'S FOR SURE...2012 will bring the QUADCORE EVO probably at 1.5 or 2.0 Ghz quadcore processor probably at 1.2 or 1.5 gig of ram with a 2.0 front facing camera,ICE CREAM SANDWICH, another different model of sense 3.1.and a bigger 4.5 or 4.7 inch screen with higher resolution or maybe the same QHD 960by540. Who knows techonolgy is so grand......
  • have u finished the revolution review yet? I can't seem to find it. I thank the MOTO phone on Sprint will kick evo azz
  • Wow...GREAT JOB PHIL...I must give you MAJOR PROPS on your overall review. I am a former Evo 4g owner and current Evo 3d owner and I am going to simply say that the EVO 3D is the best device on the market. I recieve 16 to 22 hrs daily of battery life on my device and I appreciate the optimized task manager and power saver mode on this device when set at 30% you recieve 4 to 8hrs of extra battery life from this device. I will go on record now as saying that the EVO 3D is the best android device on the market from a battery standpoint. if you properly charged your battery that came straight out the box and drained it down then charged it in 3 cycles then you will recieve the same battery life out of this device just as I do. Industry wise the specs on the evo 3d is ledgendary in it's self so I am happy to know that it will remain the best for the remainder of this year. As my daily driver I know that this device is extremely snappy and the overall performace will be hard to beat even if the Galaxy S2 is faster I doubt it will beat the evo 3d in performance on a daily basis. Plus we all know that HTC supports there device so ICE CREAM will be on this device as it's first OS update SAMSUNG NEVER SUPPORTS THEIR DEVICE THEY ARE JUST GOOD AT PUTTING OUT NEW DEVICES...HTC RULES ALL MANUFRACTURERS....
  • Well I must say when I first played with the phone @ the Sprint store my head started killing me.....but i only paid 53$ for it after I traded in my EVO 4G.......but on the on other hand I love this phone I just wish it was a way I could watch more 3D movies.....I just wish it would have came with more 3D content on it......but if anybody kno any websites where i can watch/download 3D movies/videos besides YouTube.com plz let me kno
  • What's wrong with YouTube?
  • cool
  • Looks like a great phone. However, since Sprint is likely to get the Galaxy S2 (Within) soon I plan on waiting until I can compare the two.
  • Infant 3d technology will get better. Viewing angles will increase with ICS.
  • Sitting in the Sprint store waiting for my 3D to be delivered while reading this review. Awesome timing.
  • Good review but I am tired tired tired of the gimmicky comments. Do people realize you DO NOT have to use the 3D feature and it is limited to the camera,movies,games!!!How about we commend HTC for putting in new technology at no extra cost!! Instead of focusing on a feature you think is useless or will never use, how about you focus on the ones you do care about. I'm sure the camera was a gimmick when it first came out, how about apps, the internet, video camera, bluetooth, games.
    Let me ask, would the galaxy s2 be any less of a phone if Samsung added 3d???? Personally, I like the 3d effect and it doesn't cause me any eye strain or headaches. Is it something i'll use all the time..of course not. I also never plugged my Evo4g to my tv once so I guess hdmi is a terrible gimmicky feature.
  • I agree with your argument concerning the 3D feature being a gimmick. I think that word is tossed around too much. It wasn't so long ago that consumers called the front-facing camera for video chat a gimmick. Now many won't buy a high end Android device unless it has one (whether they use it or not). I believe the device itself has gotten harsh criticism because of people's opinion of the 3D feature, which I believe is unfair. I don't own an EVO 3D, nor do I want one. Very happy with my Nexus 4G. But that's just because I like vanilla Android, Super AMOLED screen, free tethering out of the box, and NFC. But it doesn't make the EVO 3D gimmicky or bad. It may be the best smartphone on Sprint or on any other carrier for that matter. But it isn't for everyone and that's why it is criticized and that's not fair. Rate it for what it does, not for features it may include that people are ambivalent or uninformed about or doesn't fit their phone preferences. It's like saying that I only like phones that are black, so the white iPhone 4 sucks, but the black one is awesome. I have a feeling if this phone didn't have 3D it would be revered, but because it does have 3D, people have issues with it. Doesn't make sense.
  • You're right! I only use my front facing camera to take a self picture everytime I get a new haircut. I'll be damned if my future phones don't have a ff camera!! I also really like my Nexus S 4G for all the reasons you listed. Where the hell is my Google Wallet?
  • I switched to T-Mobile for the gx2 but I had to switch back to get the Evo 3d I love this phone the 3d is what sold me it works way better then most reviews say.My friend has a 3ds it was cool but was hard for me to stay on the sweet spot with the evo 3d i have no problems even the wife thinks its cool.
  • Wow...GREAT JOB PHIL...I must give you MAJOR PROPS on your overall review. I am a former Evo 4g owner and current Evo 3d owner and I am going to simply say that the EVO 3D is the best device on the market. I recieve 16 to 22 hrs daily of battery life on my device and I appreciate the optimized task manager and power saver mode on this device when set at 30% you recieve 4 to 8hrs of extra battery life from this device. I will go on record now as saying that the EVO 3D is the best android device on the market from a battery standpoint. if you properly charged your battery that came straight out the box and drained it down then charged it in 3 cycles then you will recieve the same battery life out of this device just as I do. Industry wise the specs on the evo 3d is ledgendary in it's self so I am happy to know that it will remain the best for the remainder of this year. As my daily driver I know that this device is extremely snappy and the overall performace will be hard to beat even if the Galaxy S2 is faster I doubt it will beat the evo 3d in performance on a daily basis. Plus we all know that HTC supports there device so ICE CREAM will be on this device as it's first OS update SAMSUNG NEVER SUPPORTS THEIR DEVICE THEY ARE JUST GOOD AT PUTTING OUT NEW DEVICES...HTC RULES ALL MANUFRACTURERS....
  • Good review, however, I don't understand why some people are getting headaches or hurt eyes from the 3d. It's all about holding it still and at least 12 to 14 inches from your face. Of course if u move it side to side the pictures or vids can become blurry. I already had practice on my daughters nintendo 3ds so I was ready and I think the 3d is quicker to see and get in the sweet spot than the 3ds. Believe me, I was a 3d naysayer but when u learn the proper way to view it, it is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Makes everything else look boring! No way I could ever get another phone without 3d! My only gripe is there isn't a catalog of 3d movies to purchase. But all in all, I got the phone for everything else but 3d and i said 3d is only a gimmick but now I know that this kind of 3d is here to stay!
  • I love the phone and everything about it.. I was reading through a few post about 3d content.. Well I have come across a few sites that have side by side movies that you can convert and transfer to your sd card and watch http://www.3dsbs.com/
    http://www.3dtorrents.org/ I use freemake video converter..i have about 15 movies ive download and converted already.. if you need a guide on how to convert just google it or look here there might be some info
    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1140313 enjoy!!
  • Just because you don't understand or YOUR eyes don't hurt, doesn't mean others don't. Indeed my eyes also hurt when viewing 3D content on the Evo. I have no such problems with 3D at the cinema. I can't explain WHY they hurt, but they do. Yes, I know how to hold a phone and not move it. Yes, I have spent considerable time looking at it. I am not all that impressed with the sample 3D photos... HOWEVER... the sample 3D photos that were included were NOT TAKEN WITH THE EVO, and they don't seem to be quite right. Looking at 3D photos taken WITH the Evo are better. And for some reason I can't explain (and Phil seems to agree with), 3D *video* taken on the Evo 3D is far more impressive.
  • The stock 3D pics are great! I knew they looked too good to be shot with the EVO 3D. I've finally figured out how to take great pics and video.
  • In regards to 3D technologies. Have you ever considered 3VO is 'glassless' vs. cinema which uses 'shutter glasses' technology. Maybe that is "WHY they hurt" your eyes, just sayin.... 3VO for many including most OG owners, this can be an incremental 'upgrade', but for owners of Epic/Nexus 4g, not worth it hardware wise. I say to people who are on the 'upgrade' fence, wait until end of Q2/beginning of Q3. Sprint will have many more offerings coming from many new vendors such as MOTO, LG, iPhone, etc... We will not be limited to only 2 vendors for our flagship phones like in the past. Will upgrading to the 3VO last me 2+yrs to meet my personal criteria when it comes to 'future proofing' in terms of hardware upgrades? No, I'd rather wait for the dust to settle and see what other next generation phones from other vendors have to offer, then decide. Not jumping the gun and pulling the trigger just because of the "3D" hype. Under the hood hardware, 3VO is just the "enough" new hardware tech. HTC has always done when putting out new flagship phones.
  • Cinema has *never* used shutter glasses, they used polarized light. Only monitors and TV's use shutter glasses... and they really are horrible.
  • http://www.xpand.me/cinema/ Incorrect. Shutter glasses "have" in the past and "are" currently used in cinemas.
  • Eeeew! Well, I have been going to modern 3D movies and IMax for many years and I have never encountered shuttle glasses in them. I hope this isn't a new trend.
  • Is this the best phone on the market right now? I think so. It is just a shame that it is on a crappy network. Oh, Now they want LTE? Where have you been second rate carrier? And who the heck needs 3D? What a bunch of BS! These companies need to focus on hardware that people want and that makes sense.
  • "Crappy network" depends on where you live as I've never had any problems with Sprint service. How exactly does the 3D take away from the other hardware aspects of the phone?
  • Crappy network ? Yawn that's bullshit http://www.speedtest.net/android/64977536.png http://www.speedtest.net/android/64980528.png Enjoy overpaying. Which will be even worse with the new anal assault that will soon begin with their new data pricing (Verizon) Edit and that is with the Evo 4G. Waiting on the SGSII for Sprint
  • yes sprints network is a fricking mess right now and has been for 6 months. so bad in fact they waived my eft's when i moved to verizon 3 weeks ago. also those new data prices will not affect anyone who is in a contract right now... only new customers or if you add a new phone.
  • I live in NY and consistently get 7-10Mbps on my E3D. As has been stated, network throughput depends on time of day, location, weather, network congestion, etc.
  • I've been a huge fan of 3D, but when I tried this in the Sprint store, it gave me a headache. I'm waiting to see the Thrill on AT&T before I decide.
  • the 3d is a gimmick... honestly im sorta tired of this phone stealing the spotlight when it's really nothing too special. the gs2 will blow this thing out of the water when it hits verizon and sprint.
  • 3d content only sucks when viewed for a long time. Just spent the fourth weekend taking pics of the nefews on the beach. Very cool and much better than a standard cellphone picture...even my inlaws thought so. It's a cellphone so your aren't looking for high quality but more of a cool, fun memory snapshot. It does it and doesn't pretty decently for being new tech. I felt like this review was pretty light and didn't have much to it compared to other reviews done on this site. Not much empirical data to backup some claims...etc etc. Subject comments on battery life. After waiting over 2 weeks, pretty weak review Phil. Busy schedule and a holiday will do that I'm sure.
  • >"3d content only sucks when viewed for a long time" Wrong. It completely depends on the individual. My eyes hurt IMMEDIATELY when using the 3D technology of the Evo 3D. It is still cool. And it doesn't detract from the awesomeness of the phone.
  • >"I felt like this review was pretty light and didn't have much to it compared to other reviews done on this site. Not much empirical data to backup some claims." Yeah, I have to agree. For example, no benchmarks, no solid data on batteries, no new (better) camera comparison, no info about video. I greatly appreciate the effort, but it does seem rushed.
  • Benchmarks are overrated.
  • I couldn't agree with you more that benchmarks are, indeed, overrated. But they were done on most of the other phones. Is it a new policy to ignore them now? Just curious.
  • I had a Hero then won Phil's Nexus One in a contest, which I then traded for the original Evo 4G (from a guy on Craigslist who had a Google I/O Evo). Then my wife needed to upgrade her Hero so she got the Evo 3D. Well, of course, I was jealous as hell since she now owned a better phone than me, so two days later I traded in my original Evo to Radio Shack and picked up the 3D for around $97. Couldn't be happier! The phone flies, and Sense 3.0 is what stock Android should be. And the 3D is more than a gimmick to me. It looks amazing and everyone I show it to is absolutely blown away. So...thanks for the Evo 3D, Phil! And great review!
  • If you're worried about wasting an upgrade because of the 3D "gimmick", trust me, you shouldn't be. Even if you never use the 3D feature, it is still a worthy successor to the OG EVO. It's amazingly fast and right now is indisputably the best phone available on Sprint. Unless you want to wait for the Galaxy S2, which I can totally respect, this is the phone to get. It's wicked fast. I never really liked Sense (I used LauncherPro), but this made me a fan. If you don't want to upgrade or don't have one available, I'd recommend Synergy ROM for the EVO. It brings the great Sense 3.0 features and is a beautiful, fast ROM. What CM is to AOSP based ROMs, Synergy is for Sense.
  • I'm sorry but if you already have an EVO, this would be a waste of an upgrade. The 3D feature sucks. I don't care what anyone says. Yeah its dual core but this is not a game changer and more importantly, this is not a worthy successor.
  • ??? Compared to the Evo 4G the Evo 3D has 33% more RAM, twice the RAM speed, twice the storage, twice the GPU power, three times the CPU power, bigger battery, more flexible radio, better screen (sharpness, contrast), higher res screen, sharper camera, dedicated camera button, 3D video, 3D display, 3D stills, stereo audio recording instead of just mono, higher video framerate, and better Sense. That makes it far superior to the 4G in every way except maybe the lack of a kickstand and less powerful speaker. I am not knocking the Evo 4G, it was/is a great phone, and many will be very happy to stay with it. If you don't care about the 3D stuff, then ignore it and the Evo 3D is still hugely more powerful and feature-packed phone. It is not a waste of an upgrade.
    It very much is a worthy successor.
  • No. It is not a worthy successor. And that is my honest opinion. I'm not saying this phone is garbage. It's a good phone. If you had a mediocre phone then by all means get the E3D. All I'm saying if you already have the EVO, this phone is a waste to upgrade to. But I guess its all about having the lastest and greatest so you can flex your "muscles".
  • I'm curious to know what exactly would constitute a worthy upgrade in your opinion. Being that all the high end devices on the horizon this year are dual core, 4+in screens, hi resolution displays are you saying people should sit on their upgrades until quad core phones with 64 gigs of ram and holographic displays come out? Come on. I'm also curious to know if you've actually used the 3D. Seems to be a lot of regurgitation of the same so called negatives going around. I'd like to know if your opinion comes from experience or what you've heard.
  • .
  • You forgot to add /s for sarcasm.
  • For those of you that have an issue with the lack of HDMI out, I can tell you that imediashare is the answer to your problems if you have a wii, ps3 or xbox. It streams audio and video flawlessly. No HDMI cable needed.
  • meh... other than the crisp lcd im not a fan of this phone at all as i played with it last night at a sprint kiosk. im glad i moved to verizon and the thunderbolt... alot faster than my evo4g ever was. sprint's network is a mess right now. feels good to have reliable 4g coverage where i live too.
  • I don't know if it's been mentioned, there are a fair few comments and I'm on break, but the quick app thing in the notification pull down holds up to eight of the most recent apps, not five, as stated in the review. Just swipe it to see the others.
  • I have had my Evo3D for a week now. I came from an Epic 4G, and after reading the early reviews about the Evo, I was a bit nervous. I think I was expecting all kinds of problems from what I had seen from other posters. After a week of use, I have to say, I love this phone! It's slick and fast! I did not get the phone for the 3D feature.. and still think of it as kind of a bonus on top of a very nice phone. The only thing that has not worked properly for me is the Qik app.....but after emails to Qik, they are forwarding my comments to their developement personnel.. we'll see. As with all new toys, it has taken me I bit of time to get used to how the phone operates, but now that I have sort of "learned by way around" I am very pleased with it.
  • I don't see 3D as a gimmick, rather as an added bonus. In my view, a gimmick is something shady or something that doesn't work properly. 3D capabilities work great on this device, considering that its a phone and that mobile 3D technology is still in its infancy. I will admit that viewing 3D content takes a little getting used to the 1st time you see it, but as soon as you find your particular sweet spot for your eyes, you can't help but be impressed. Everyone I've shown 3D pix/vids (Blackberry, Android, iPhone users etc) to has been wowed. I think the problem is expectations, it seems like people hear 3D and expect to be able to shoot the next avatar movie on the phone. I think instead of nitpicking, people should be applauding HTC and Sprint for being innovative and still managing to make a great high end device. This phone handles whatever is thrown at it and handles it well, with no hiccups. As has been stated many times by others, if you take 3D out of this phone, it's still great and currently the best phone in the Sprint lineup.
  • Sorry but I disagree. I think they dropped the ball with this one. How many people you think would drop the OG EVO for this. I bet you not many. As a consumer, people have the right to "nitpick". 3D sucks. No kickstand. Subpar design. Sure its dual core but it will be outclassed real soon. Anyway, I hope Sprint and HTC do better on next years EVO.
  • They dropped no ball. You think just because you don't like the 3D aspects of the phone that somehow detracts from the rest of the phone? Wrong. There is nothing "subpar" about the design. Of course the CPU will be outclassed eventually, EVERY PHONE WILL BE... it is a computer and technology marches on. Exactly what would you have wished for with an EVO 4G successor? Other than just a kickstand?????? Compared to the Evo 4G the Evo 3D has 33% more RAM, RAM that is twice the speed, has twice the storage, twice the GPU power, three times the CPU power, bigger battery, more flexible radio, better screen (sharpness, contrast), higher res screen, sharper camera, dedicated camera button, 3D video, 3D display, 3D stills, higher video framerate, stereo audio recording (not just mono), and better Sense.
  • I dropped the original for this and have not regretted it for a minute. I know three others who are going to do so as well after fooling around with my 3D. Dont get me wrong, I love the original but this phone is simply better, hands down. Better battery life, more ram, more on board storage, better processor, more polished UI, better screen resolution, sleeker design etc. 3D doesn't suck, looks quite good considering its being shot on a phone and as I stated b4 mobile 3D technology is still fairly new. The kickstand issue can be easily remedied with cases. As far as what we've come to expect from high end smartphones, what core functionality is missing? None. Complaining about 3D capability is like complaining about how accurately your phone dictates texts when u speak to it. Both are bonus features, extras. Things that are used sporadically, if at all.
  • Had the phone (coming from an EVO 4G) and ended up taking it back. No denying it's fast and that the 3d is very cool - but there is something else that doesn't get mentioned much. The system font size is smaller. Because of the increased pixels, the font size of all the standard stuff on the phone is smaller, which can make it more difficult to read (depending on if you do small fonts well). Couldn't In the end, I went back to the EVO 4G because of that. Really like the phone but didn't feel like straining to read stuff. YMMV.
  • You DO know that you can adjust the display size of text, don't you?
  • Please share that information (if it really exists)! Because I am unable to find a font adjustment for ANYTHING except the browser. And it really isn't needed there because unlike everything else, there you can zoom in. Some of us don't have 20/30-year-old eyes anymore and don't appreciate the considerably smaller fonts on the launch screen, contacts, text messages, etc...
  • You can in certain apps - but for the system font size not that I have found. In some ROMs, I've seen that capability but not in any stock android phone I've seen. Post where you found that capability - please. There are hundreds of posts on the net asking for the ability to increase the system font size in Android. I'll look forward to your response.
  • Personally, I think he is just making it up, or talking about some custom ROM or root hack.
  • I have a Evo3D...and i admit, it has been a damn sexy beast, but peeps...have you all SEEN the specs for the new Moto Photon....OMFG! now THAT phone is SEEEEXY!
  • Photon Specs:
    -4.3-inch 540x960 qHD display (might be a pentile matrix screen, unlike Evo) - same or worse than Evo3D
    -Dual-core Tegra 2 processor @ 1GHz - worse than Evo3D
    -8 megapixel camera - might or might not be better
    -1GB RAM - same as Evo3D
    -WiMAX connectivity - same as Evo3D
    -Soft-touch backside with a metal kickstand - kickstand good IF u use it
    -Laptop dock - overpriced and technically not a phone spec
    -Android 2.3 running MotoBlur - worse than Sense and bootloader is encrypted How is it THAT much better?? If anything, you can make the argument that it's worse.
  • Again, not that I am unhappy AT ALL with the E3D, you forgot to mention a couple of crucial factors about the photon that gives the 3D a run for its money.. 1. that is a nvidia processor there!
    2. that 1G of Ram is DDR2...COMPUTER grade!
    3. Its a WORLD phone
    4. it comes with 16GB INTERNAL STORAGE AND a SD slot for additional storage
    5. some reviews state motoblur might not be on this phone thats some pretty good specs there!...trading the 3D aspect for that is not truly a hard choice for those that wont really use the 3D feature...although I would miss the Sense 3.0...it really is a beaut!
  • 1) An Nvidia processor doesn't make it better.
    2) And you know the Evo 3D isn't using DDR2?
    3) Vast majority of customers don't care about it being a world phone.
    4) Can't argue that! As long as the price of the phone isn't any higher.
    5) Guess we wait and see Both sound like very good phones. I wouldn't call either superior to the other.
  • According to the schematics HTC released to the FCC, the EVO 3D has DDR2 RAM as well.
  • Nice review. This phone is a beast.
  • Good review, I just want to know where the people tripping on the Evo 3d got there's. Where I got mine they didn't have a gun to my head to use my upgrade. I know everyone can give there opinion and you have 30 days to return it.
  • FINALLY A REVIEW!!!!! Great one, Android Central(Phil)! I've owned the Evo 3D from the 22nd of June and I still wanted to hear your opinion. :)
  • I honestly disagree that the 3d is "gimmicky" Most 3d content that has messed with my head has been due to the content being poorly conceived. For instance, when taking pictures/video with the evo3d you need to be around 3 to 4 feet away for an optimal affect. Otherwise, if you're too close, you are left with a converged image that makes your brain cry for help. Here's some good stereoscopy for ya :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDzboLJ8qPU
  • Good review, and very fair I think. I have a hard time understanding the people who attempt to argue how the EVO 3D isn't an upgrade over the original EVO. Faster, more than double the memory, higher resolution screen, upgraded Sense, the option to use 3d if you're into it...or not if you aren't, same screen size but slightly more comfortable to hold. From my standpoint as an EVO owner since day one, and having used the EVO3D off and on for a couple weeks, the EVO3D is an improvement in many ways. I do agree that the point size is smaller on the EVO3d, but that's not a huge issue to me. I'm also not a huge fan of the 3D, but hey, I can turn it off. 16:9 vs 4:3 aspect ratio? Again, not a big deal. The difference in viewing area between the EVO and EVO3d is a whopping 1.07 square inches in favor of the EVO. Certainly not nearly enough to pitch hissy fits about. The increased memory is highly appreciated as I'm running out of space on my EVO for new apps (yes, I moved apps to SD). That you can remove the app stubs for the Sprint applications without having to root is also appreciated. As far as benchmarks, who really cares? Specs can be off the chart, but real world use is what's relevant. If the EVO3D isn't your cup of tea, more power to you. You're welcome to hold off for the Blur'ified Photon, or the SGSII...hoping Samsung gets the hardware right, and is able to push out updates going forward...Moment, Intercept, Transform, Epic? Who knows, maybe Sprint will push out another HTC Android later this year.
  • The Evo 4G is not a 4:3 aspect ratio (it is close to 3:2) and the screen size difference is more like minor 0.2" not a major 1.07"! Memory does not hold space for applications. Memory is RAM. But yes, the increased storage space on the 3D is nice. Otherwise, I do agree with you :)
  • RAM/ROM, Flash, NAND, whatever. It's still memory.
  • That would be an "oversight". LOL!! I crack me up!
  • Interesting that the review came out the day I took mine back. I actually sorta liked the 3d. It was fun. And I like that sound is greatly improved in the video (you can actually record a very loud live concert and hear what is happening). Battery life is improved. Cameras are still "meh," but Vignette gives no advantage like on the old Evo. Killer for me in the end is that the phone is unpolished in several ways. The higher resolution screen and less width means that touch typing in portrait is nearly impossible. Not enough memory for apps, and if you save apps to SD, they icons on home screens are screwed up after a reboot. 4G signal strength is worse. Sure, there's a dedicated camera button, but pressing it does not bring up the camera app (what?), and the shutter lag is dreadful. And the button actually bothers me when I hold it in my hand. So it went back. My Evo 4g is just fine... I feel it's better with CM7. Sense 3.0 is stupid. Please explain the function of that silly carousel, for example.
  • There are serious flaws with your evaluation: * A 2mm width difference is not going to make any big difference in portrait typing. I know people that type portrait all day on screens MUCH smaller than the Evo. * Memory is RAM. Has nothing to do with storage space for applications. The 3D has 33% more total RAM than the 4G and at least as much free RAM when running. * It has a lot more internal storage free than the 4G does. And on the 4G, it was more than enough for many dozens of applications when coupled with SD card. Most apps can be stored on the SD card. This is a non-issue. * It comes with an SD card twice the size of the 4G, which is *tons* more space for apps. * The problem with the icons disappearing is a known bug in Sense that will, no doubt, be fixed with an update. However is minor and there is a workaround- simply selecting a new theme will bring them all back. * In my testing, the Evo 3D's 4G signal strength is the same as the Evo 4G. * Pressing the camera button DOES bring up the camera, you just have to hold it for a second. Otherwise, people would complain about accidentally pressing it all the time. * There is a bit of lag in the shutter button, but it is exactly the same lag that is on the Evo 4G. But I do agree with a few of your points: * The carousel- it is silly and actually somewhat annoying. I wish they would give an option to turn of the hyper spin crap. * I also agree that the 3D image/video stuff is fun, although an eye strain. And I will add my own: * There is no way to adjust the font size for the menus, text messaging, and anything else other than the browser. Since the fonts are now smaller, it would be a welcome feature to add.
  • It comes with an 8GB chip...So does the Evo. Math Fail.
  • I thought my Evo 4G came with a 4GB card... I don't remember now. I swapped it for a 16GB immediately. Nothing wrong with my math, just my memory...
  • What an apologist reply... "it has plenty of space," "sure it's a bug, but it will be fixed," "there is lag, but," etc. Come on. And 8GB card gives you "tons of space"? Who doesn't throw it away and get at least 16? And your testing says 4G is the same? Take that to the bank. LOL. When I talk about the size difference, the higher resolution in combination with the shorter width, everything is functionally smaller... menus, all text in apps, etc. You go back to the Evo and it's easy to see the difference. The higher resolution doesn't make text sharper like on the iPhone, it just makes everything smaller. It does have more memory for apps, but half as much as most of the competition these days. Not enough of an upgrade for me, sorry. And if I try to save some to SD, the icons are broken. Oh, yeah... that's not an issue, because it will eventually be fixed, right? Thanks for the correction about the camera button, but you should have stopped there. :)
  • You need to take a chill pill! It is not an apologist's reply, it is a realist's reply. The 3D does have plenty of space internally- twice that of the Evo 4G. And in the real world, having used the Evo 4G for over a year, I have never come CLOSE to running out of internal storage space. And I probably have 40 applications installed. I understand what you are saying about the size/screen. I have both right here and have used both extensively. The keyboard is not that much smaller in portrait- it is just 2mm less wide (was 108mm, now 106mm, a difference of a whopping 1.9%). The resolution increase makes no difference in the width of the keys on the keyboard at all. It did make the icons a bit smaller on the launcher screens, however. What the higher resolution DID do is make the fonts smaller. And it is very irritating that there is no way to adjust the overall system font scaling to make it more like it used to be. As for the icons disappearing, I didn't say it wasn't an issue, I said it is a "known bug" and a minor one at that, since there is an easy workaround. And knowing HTC, it is a bug that will be corrected with the next update.
  • How is a whole gig not enough memory for apps? Seriously? I have 80+ apps total and have yet to move anything to the card. As of right now I have 0.95gb available. I dont have small fingers and Portrait typing is as simple on this as it was on the original. I type more in landscape though, cuz its more comfortable. Picking up 4G signal has not been an issue, had full bars here in NYC with the original EVO and the same goes for this one. The camera button DOES launch the camera, u just have to hold it for a second or two which I think is good, No accidental launches in a pocket or bag. To me shutter lag is a bit less on this than the original, but hey it's a camera phone, get a Canon or Nikon etc if u want professional pix. For a phone, I feel the camera is definitely sufficient. As far as sense 3.0 goes its more polished, more functionality. Power saver, quick settings and built in task manager and recent apps in the notification bar are nice new additions. The carousel feature and new animations are nice EXTRAS, emphasis on the word EXTRAS. They don't make or break the sense UI. To label sense as stupid because of an eye candy thing like the carousel is ridiculous. I love my original EVO, still have it. But the 3D is a better device, and a worthy successor.
  • I've had the E3D since June 24th and I can honestly say I have enjoyed very much.... 3D and all. The initial reviews did make me nervous, but I figured what the hell as I can upgrade next year as well. I was getting really annoyed at all the "Oh noes, da 3D's is the gimmicks!" comments that were floating around before the phone was even released. It became almost a knee jerk reaction for many forum posters on the various sites I read. That being said, I kept an open mind for on the whole thing and hoped for the best.... I can honestly say I was happily surprised. Firstly, as others have said, the phone is fast. Fast enough to run anything I want. I like the new Sense. Also, I have taken one 2D photo since I've gotten it, all the rest have been 3D! If you really enjoy the 3D as I do, it is almost boring to take normal pictures now.
  • I absolutely agree! Everything else seems boring! I can't believe people still want the same boring technology. Go ahead and wait for your photon, you Samsung garbage or whatever, bottom line is those phones are just like so many others! But the EVO 3d is king! HTC always adds a feature that separates themselves from others! Yeah I'll be the guy standing beside the guy with the gs2 saying" that's nice, but can your phone do this?!"
  • So... what can the Evo 3D do that the Galaxy SII can't? Give you a headache?
  • Have you actually TRIED the phone? I've started to notice that almost everyone who says "Oh it gives me a head ache" either has A) never actually USED the damn phone, or B) tried it for less than 20 seconds and went "I can't figure it out, I dont like it".
  • It will have Android 4.0 months before the Galaxy S II (USA phones). Plus it is not built like a toy.
  • Those who claim to get headaches are the ones who just want to call 3d a gimmick and not even try to view it properly. My wife has been wearing glasses all her life and viewing 3d content on my phone gives her no ill effects and she quite enjoys it! I just found a site and downloaded some beautiful well known 3d movies for free! My phone just got a million times better! I can't even call it a phone anymore. It's a multimedia megaplex! Gs2? Photon who? Nexus what? BORING!!! Muhahahahahaha......muhahahahaha!
  • I have had my 3D for over a week and used the 3D a lot. I don't think 3D is a gimmick, and it does hurt my eyes- sometimes more than others. Perhaps there are those making false claims, but this situation is not a rumor. People are different, and some people's eyes just don't like it.
  • I dont see why people are still complaining about the 3D feature. I mean seriously, its dont been proven as something that works on the phone, and works extremely well. If you are having a hard time seeing the 3D images on the phone, or are getting a head ache, then you simply just have not gotten used to the freaking then. I've not once had a head ache from using the phone. When I go around showing people the 3D capability with the phone, yes people usually go "ow that hurts my eyes alittle", but as that just proves, THEY ARE NOT USED TO IT. This technology is something that you have to let your eyes adjust to, and once it has, its damn near seamless! This phone is faster than ANY other phone I have ever been able to play around with, has better features (not just the 3D), has a very nice feel to it (as in I feel I could drop this phone quite a few times and not have a single issue), battery life is rather good, cameras take beautiful pictures (although the otter box case that actually covers the camera lenses will add a greenish wash over any imagine of animals with dark fur. Taking the case off corrects the issue), and so many other great things. If you want a phone that can do absolutely ANYTHING that you could possibly want your phone to do, then this is the phone you should consider getting. If you want a phone that you can whip out in front of your friends and feel unique knowing that you have the only phone with that sort of technology, then consider getting the phone. There is almost no reason at all on why you would not want to get it. If you feel that 3D is just a gimmick, then just be prepared to join those whom thought HDTVs were just gimmicks, or those that thought putting a camera on a phone was a gimmick, because we all see where that technology has gone since those apparently "gimmicky" days. Regardless of your position with 3D, eventually in the near future, nearly everyone is going to be wanting/having 3D devices. And what's sadder than that, is that just a good couple of years later, Holograms could even be put out onto the market for TV's and such, and you can guarantee that the day the first TV comes out that has some sorta hologram like functionality, everyone and their grandmothers are going to call it a gimmick as well and then quickly proven that once again, they were wrong. In today's technological society, there is no such thing as a "gimmick" anymore, but instead technological advancements. Whenever a new technology comes out, everyone swears up and down that it is just a gimmick, but then within a couple months, that technology ends up growing and growing until it becomes the standard that everything uses. Same thing even happened with wireless networks. Everyone thought that it was just some stupid gimmick, but shortly after being put out into the market, it became one of the single most demanded technologies of our time. Oh, and we definitely can not forget that the cell phones that we all currently use, are just gimmicks as well ;) When "cellular phones" first came out, they were rather big, clunky, and only a rare few people used them, and everyone thought of them as gimmicks that wouldn't ever be wanted/needed by society, but I guess if that were true, then none of us would be sitting here complaining about a "gimmicky" new technology being used on a "used to be a gimmick" device.
  • I can see the 3D effect on the EVO3D, I'm used to it, and I don't care for it. That it gets you all hot and bothered, great. Doesn't change the fact that on a tiny screen 3D offers little value beyond gimmickry 3D has been lauded as the next best thing for few years now. It's been forced on theater goers not because it enhances the experience, but rather it helps justify jacking ticket prices 25-50%. 3D tv's haven't exactly flown off the shelves. For most people, 3D will never be the make or break factor in making the purchase. While it's true that eventually everyone will have some sort of 3D device, it is because the components are cheap enough to make it so, not because consumers demanded it. Just because its there, does not mean people will use it.
  • Thanks for review Phil. Only 2 faults to EVO 3d is usb port placement & no kickstand. The rest is amazing! I've took a few pics 2d and 3d and cant seem to put the toggle back to 2d. Very happy with my new phone.
  • OMG! HE SAID IT DIDN'T RECORD IN 1080P! People can be really stupid if they don't do their homework. What a bad review! Bias against HTC! SO FULL OF SH*T! /sarcasm
    (Actual comments posted here about the Engadget review)
  • Not sure I understand your post. Anyway, the Evo 3D cannot record in 1080 at all, at least not right now. It is not an option, although the hardware likely supports it. Phil also neglected to point out the the Evo 3D can record STEREO AUDIO- yet another feature not found on the Evo 4G. (Yes, it has two mics!)
  • I tested the EVO3D against my Nexus S 4G and even though the EVO wins on specs the Nexus was actually faster in every scenario I tested for. the EVO scores higher on tests like Quadrant, but in real world usage the Nexus won every test hands down. I didnt like the extra camera under my finger when holding the EVO, the 2d 3d button rattles on the side, the shutter button is Sharp to the touch and the speaker sucks. The call quality and build quality seem better on the Nexus and I normally dont like Samsung phones. The screen has better viewing angles is better in sunlight than the EVO and my biggest complaint with the EVO is why did HTC put the charging port on the side. Very difficult to use while charging. Oh, I forgot one more boneheaded move on the EVO, Sense 3.0 doesnt work in landscape, so the HTC car dock only has horizontal position and only allows for navigation. Sense 3.0 on the HTC tablet has landscape viewing. That was the main deal breaker for me. If you want or need 3d, then get the EVO. If you want speed and great battery life go with the Nexus. There will also be several more competitors for the EVO next month on Sprint. The launch of the EVO 3D will be a failure. I know Sprint managers that are sitting on stock piles of EVO3D's. They are not selling nearly as many as they thought they would.
  • Exactly! You know why? Majority of Sprint customers don't see this as a worthy successor. To me is a waste of an upgrade. Whether you 3D fans like it or not, this phone can't hold a candle to the OG EVO. Dual core yes, impact no. That's is all.
  • Exactly...You can't ell a 3VO owner that though...They are hyper-sensitive about their phones.
  • What a cop-out, non-nonsensical reply. I can't speak for others, but I am critical of that which is wrong and defensive of that which is right; regardless of the device I own. The Evo 3D did a lot right, and has a few things wrong.
  • So because I think the 3VO is a gimmick, my comment is a cop out? Grow up.
  • No, because you think that anyone that doesn't find fault with the Evo 3D (AKA, anyone that doesn't agree with YOU) is "super sensitive". You are the one that needs to grow up.
  • No, it goes to prove I'm right. If I say 3VO owners are hyper-sensitive (for proof, read the above posts) ya'll flip the fuck out and start calling names.
  • Please read all my posts. Nowhere did I call anyone any names. That is completely out of character for me.
  • Well, to each their own opinion. The objective data is that the Evo 3D has much more of everything that makes a smart phone s