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Sprint clarifies voice-data on Evo 4G, says WiMax still being tested

Yesterday we heard from HTC, manufacturer of the Evo 4G, about the Android phone's capability to do voice calls at the same time as data. And as a quick follow-up, Sprint just pinged us on Twitter to clarify things on its end. The Evo 4G will do voice calls at the same time as you're connected over WiFi and not when you're connected over EV-DO (3G).

That's par for the course these days on any CDMA carrier. WiMax is a brand-new ballgame, however, and Sprint says they're still testing things, and that simultaneous voice calls while using data over WiMax is to be determined. That lines up with what HTC told us. It's not a hardware issue, it's just a matter of getting it to work, and getting it to work properly. So godspeed, Sprint. We've got faith in ya.

  • As long as you've got Sprint's ear, could you ask about the possibility of buying an Evo without voice service at all? At this point, it's unnecessary. You can use Skype or Google Voice+Gizmo5 for voice service. Why would I bother paying for any overpriced minutes on the POTS lines?
  • A major feature of the EVO 4G is its ability to act as a mobile hotspot, sharing its Internet connection with other devices. If it isn't possible to have simultaneous voice and data connections, you'll miss all your phone calls whenever the mobile hotspot service is active.
  • It's called going to Best Buy & buying it full price. There's no way Sprint or any carrier is going to sacrifice the core part of their business for just a data plan. However, you've certainly got an idea in the making here. A 3G data only service for devices would certainly be a great new business model if you could monetize it. This is what a good startup company that wants in the data business should do. Just a thought.
  • Yea you can get data only plan at and pretend that you are hard of hearing or deaf, then you will get flat rate 29.99 dollars for unlimited data and text. No voice plan. Blocked call. if unblock call, then you will get charged 20 cent per min. I am using sprint data only plan for my hero.. I hope I will swap it when EVO came out.. Voice doesn't concert me..
  • Sprint only offers data/txt options on select devices and only for the hearing impaired thru a seperate division called "relay".
  • Sprint really needs to get this to work or run the risk of being the only major US carrier not to support simultaneous voice and data. AT&T and T Mo already have it, and Verizon will begin to have it with 4G LTE.
  • And here I thought the Q&A was going to be official answers that you were going to obtain from a source at Sprint. Sprint had stated earlier that Data + Voice over 4G was being tested (as I said in my forum post) but somehow you got no way no how in your "quotes." Who were you quoting that was so blatantly wrong that Sprint had to speak up due to the wrong information?
  • I don't understand the big deal about the whole talk and surf the net at the same time complaint. I personally never do that and I don't know anyone who does. Whenever I see the AT&T commercials where the guy is on the phone on hold and decides to download games and surf the net all I can think is that I hope he's plugged in and charging cause the phone is going to die with all that and obviously bluetooth running.
  • I've used it from time to time. A big issue with it though is using GPS and Voice at the same time, ie, talking while driving. Once you receive a call and lose data, the GPS is done with. It would be nice to be able to look something up online while talking to someone, or read an email while on the phone with someone, or send an email/document to someone while having them on the phone. There are many practical uses for it.
  • I'm so with you. I've found myself in many positions were it would come in handy.
  • I don't understand. How do they not know yet? One would think that "talk + data = yes" or "talk + data = no" would have been in the technical specifications of WIMAX. That kinda leads me to believe that the real answer is "talk + data = supposed to but we're having trouble with it".
  • When I was talking to Sprint at CTIA, I was told that making simultaneous calls while on a WiMAX connection will be possible.
  • I'm torn with this. Even if you were using speakerphone, the voice has to eat up CPU cycles. It would reduce the capabilities of the phone to do data. Honestly, who really wants to fumble with a device while making a phone call? I don't even do that with my desktop computer. When you try to do two things at once, you really end up doing neither correctly. While it's a nice point for AT&T, it's not an entirely useful thing. I just think the use case for such a thing is extremely limited, in my two cents. Take it or leave it.
  • I use it a lot. I'll be talking to my wife about going to see a movie and with out getting off the phone call I can look up theater and times. She'll then suggest dinner too and what places we could go and where they are in relation to the movie. I got all that done without hanging up a couple times to get her input and then go back and look. I always use my BT headset leaving my hands free to check on info. I once was using slingplayer and got a call and took it while slingplayer muted the sound. I finished my call in like one minute and once I hung up the sound came back on never once stopping the video (football game). That was cool. I agree it's not the end all be all but it is nice to have.
  • Does that mean that I can make calls via wifi on the Evo? Reason I ask, is beacuse I can only get a signal for AT&T in my house. If I can make voice calls through my wifi network at home then I can switch to Sprint and get the evo.
  • In my area there is no 4g coverage.. So that means that if I was to use the phone as a hotspot I would not be able to recieve any of my calls?