Sprint now lets you use voice and data simultaneously on Galaxy S8

Sprint has released an over-the-air (OTA) update for its version of the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+. In addition to the usual round of bug fixes and security improvements (not that those aren't important), the company also took the time to add its new "Calling Plus" feature.

The feature allows users to use voice and data at the same time, no matter if the user is on LTE or calling over Wi-Fi. The previous "WiFi Calling" feature has now been rolled in as well. From Sprint:

Calling PLUS combines two features: one old and one brand new! WiFi calling - our VoIP calling feature that lets you make and receive calls over WiFi [sic] Voice and text on the Sprint LTE network, allowing simultaneous voice and data

Calling PLUS is delivered to your device by software update. Once your device has received the software, set up is easy!

  1. On the phone, select Settings > Calling PLUS.
  2. Slide Calling PLUS to On.
  3. Customer can view Tutorial pages to learn more information about the service.
  4. View pre-populated address. If the Country field says Non-USA, Select the Country and choose USA. Enter a USA address manually. If address is not shown or is incorrect, enter the address manually. Address must be within the USA.
  5. Select Save. Your phone will validate the address required for E911 service and completes the enablement of Calling PLUS.

6.Select Calling PLUS options to enable each feature: Wi-Fi Calling is On by default. LTE Calling is optional but recommended to allow both Simultaneous Voice and Data and call handoffs between Wi-Fi Calling and LTE Calling. Call handoffs will go from Wi-Fi to LTE even if the LTE Calling switch is Off. LTE Calls require the Wi-Fi Calling switch to be turned On for a handoff to Wi-Fi.

That's it! Your phone is now enabled for Calling PLUS. You can call anyone using Calling PLUS, the person or party that you're calling does not need to have Calling PLUS in order for it to work.

Sprint has also added the Calling Plus feature to the LG Stylo 3 and the Samsung J7 Perx (opens in new tab).

Has your phone received this update yet? Let us know down below!

  • WOW! T-Mobile has this feature for years now and finally Sprint has 2 devices already that does this with a extra option that you need to turn on! What a joke
  • Do you understand the difference in the technologies and why that is? Just curious :P.
  • Funny how you and the person below you both had two downvotes right after commenting on the same post. Maybe someone has two accounts? You didn't say anything wrong, just that you disagreed, so I doubt it was anything more than a personal grudge downvote.
  • Spoken like someone who doesn't understand how CDMA phones work :P
  • BTW they had already that feature few years back and for some odd reason they disabled it
  • yes was on in S3 era ...turned off when S5 hit ...to use the bandwidth for clearer calls I think Kenny
  • That's due to the way cellular modems for CDMA and LTE have changed since then. Originally, you had the processor, or system in a chip (SoC), which contained the modem. For CDMA, the chips at the time contained only the CDMA modem, but not the LTE modem which was a separate chip. Because of this, those early devices with both CDMA and LTE could use both at the same time, but at a cost of pretty big power inefficiencies. (GSM also used separate LTE modems early on, but the combined modems for GSM+LTE don't suffer the same restrictions as both are essentially GSM.) In the effort to improve power efficiency, the LTE modems began getting integrated into the same SoC as the CDMA modem. Because of how the power amplifiers and antennas work in being able to support only one technology, GSM or CDMA, at a time, only one of those two could be in use at once in the new integrated SoCs. So that's why it came and went briefly. It was only available on a few devices that had separate LTE and CDMA modems with their own separate power amplifiers and antenna systems. (And as for why Verizon isn't like this, Verizon has had the LTE stability to have VoLTE for some years now, so it's only Sprint users who have been stuck holding out as they only had the option to make calls over CDMA or wifi while Sprint was slowly solidifying their LTE network over the past few years. Verizon only had a short while where phones did not support simultaneous voice and data.)
  • @bjn714, very well said.
  • Nice explanation
  • Verizon's had it for awhile. Same technology.
  • Sprint phones no longer just CDMA anymore.
  • Please, and I am not talking sarcastically...explain. Because I had this when I was on VZW for years. Also, my sister (Sprint) was able to do this on her S6 and then it broke. They gave her a Note 5 replacement, and she now can't do this. Seems weird...
  • Hopefully you aren't a technician for a cellular company. T-Mobile uses GSM and Sprint uses CDMA.
  • Verizon uses the same technology as Sprint and they've had it enabled for years as well.
  • Sprint had it back on Samsung Note 3, so that`s not new.
  • Meanwhile articles from 2014 detail how this has been possible on every other carrier for YEARS (BEFORE 2014)
    https://www.theverge.com/2014/9/20/6661887/you-can-finally-talk-and-use-... Jesus, Sprint is sad.
  • Yeah - but at least Sprint users don't have to talk to Verizon... that'd be much sadder
  • Sprint made a bad bet with WiMAX LTE. They couldn't pivot the same way Verizon did with VoLTE. Sprint just resolved a lot of the technical issues, namely how *traditional* CDMA doesn't allow for Voice+Data. I recently switched from Sprint, but mainly for price. Glad to see they're still competing to stay in the game.
  • Welcome to 2017
  • No wonder Sprint service is so cheap. Haha
  • step up from walkie talkies :)
  • Yeah lol. I know coverage varies by location, but where I'm at in the mod West Sprint has a terrible network, and the few times I've talked to some one with Sprint it sounded like I was using a tin can and string. Its frustratingly difficult to hear or understand the other person.
  • Actually with Sprint this could be done before, but only over 3G. They are finally getting to work with LTE.
  • There was the HTC EVO4GLTE that pulled off simultaneous voice and data on Sprint also. I'm going off of memory here, but if I'm not mistaken it got around the CDMA limitations by having two radios (one for voice and another for data).
  • Sprint needs to shut down, back in the day sprint home phone service was over priced then they become a long distance carrier it also was over priced and now a cell phone company that thinks they have good service. This is being done on a unlocked S8 with straight talk full lte service at marshall ill but i fire up the S7 edge from sprint i get 3g service. Just shows even a mvno has better service then what a major carrier has.
  • Yeah - that's just what we need in this country - fewer mobile provider options.. Jesus Christ...do you people even think before you type something....
  • I don't think Jesus Christ gave you his opinion.
  • He might have. How do you know?
  • Pretty sure he doesn't talk with someone who uses his name in vain.
  • Straight talk runs off Verizon's network. They don't have their own towers.
  • Very good for those on Sprint!
  • At least Sprint is FINALLY getting on the ball with this. To be fair, Sprint PREVIOUSLY HAD THIS FEATURE when they initially rolled out their LTE Network in 2012. However, it went away (For reasons I still don't understand) when they rolled out their LTE+ Network with the Galaxy S5, which used dual bands for their LTE (Leveraging the 800 mhz space for better in-building coverage). SO, for faster LTE with better coverage, we sacrificed Simultaneous Voice and Data.
    Still though, I stick with Sprint because while I acknowledge that Verizon and AT&T are better, I refuse to pay double what I normally pay for these conveniences. I don't need my phone to work in the boondocks and Mountains because I'm not there. And if I am, their free roaming takes care of my calling needs. As far as T-Mobile. THEIR SERVICE SUCKS in the College town I'm in. JUST PLAIN SUCKS. SO, SPrint, it is. It's reliable 99.5% of the time I need it to be and that's good enough.
  • Had it on wimax in 2009-10 too
  • At least Sprint has handoff feature for Wi-Fi to LTE. When I had s6 on AT&T I was excited to have Wi-Fi calling update only to realize that AT&T Wi-Fi calling didn't support handoff. My calls would get cut out if came in or out of Wi-Fi.
  • T-Mobile has had Wi-Fi Calling to mobile network handoff for a few years now. I'm not sure when they implemented it, but I can't remember when they didn't have it.
  • That was a couple years ago!
  • Welcome to the year 2000!
  • Wow. Finally. Hopefully this in sign that they are working to eliminate CDMA completely.
  • Hopefully, Verizon will have their CDMA network shut down within a few years. Kind of sucks for anyone trying to utilize an older phone, but whatever.
  • Good for the folks on Sprint.
  • This is excellent news for sprint users. Hopefully they expand the amount of devices the service is available on to include more of the recently released phones. It would be a shame for this to not be available on The G6 and U11.
  • Why does Android Central only write about Sprint now? Sprint is the fourth most popular carrier... What about the other three? Android Central seems to only write about Sprint or Mint or some other BS carrier that nobody cares about.
  • You must not come here often because last week they wrote articles about T-Mobile and Verizon. Also, Sprint is still considered as a major carrier. Just like the other three.
  • Hey Nicholas, AC usually writes about their sweetheart and poster child T-Mobile actually, never mind that for a lot of people that their coverage is absolute sh*t, unfortunately. Oh, and you’re right, they do push the hell out the Mint BS, as well, who also operate off of T-Mobile towers. So, if your coverage with T-Mobile is sh*t, guess what it is with Mint? Lol 😂
  • @ kevin - so .. Since you think their coverage is bad they shouldn't write about it? I see AC write about AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile, and Verizon when the stories are relevant.. o_O
  • Used to love this feature on my old S3. Actually came in handy a few times. I was surprised all phones didn't have it.
  • I just checked for it and it's downloading. Oh yeah.
  • Sprint had this when wimax was deployed too.. Back in 2010 I believe
  • I had no idea I didn't have this feature. I guess I don't need it? I hardly ever use my phone for calls, and when I do I'm almost always in a wifi area.
  • Another great reason I've been on Verizon all these years. Hell I can't remember when this wasn't available on a Verizon phone. Oh wait... Now I remember... My Moto Razer flip phone didn't have that capability.
  • I just got notified of this update for my S8+ which I've scheduled for tonight.. One thing I did notice for voice calls is not having HD Calling which is great for talking to another Sprint phone... Some other features also disabled.. I have had the WIFI calling on my phones for a while and the simultaneous stuff hadn't bothered me really anyway... I would guess this is all a step to pure Voice over LTE all the time and not using the CDMA network at all down the road... I am not sure I'll keep it turned on except when needed.. At my vacation home, cell service is lousy but I have internet so my phone works that way...