Soulslike 'Mortal Shell' announced for PS4, looks spectacular

Mortal Shell
Mortal Shell (Image credit: Cold Symmetry)

What you need to know

  • Cold Symmetry features man AAA game developers.
  • The team has been working on a soulslike game called "Mortal Shell" for a while now.
  • The title was finally revealed with an incredible trailer.
  • It's coming to Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4 later this year.

At Android Central, we always try to bring you news about exciting games. Today, a soulslike game called "Mortal Shell" was announced from Cold Symmetry and Playstack. According to the press release we received, Mortal Shell is an uncompromising, authentic, and hauntingly beautiful action role-playing game built upon the ruthless traditions of the popular genre. The trailer features stunning worlds, fearsome combat, and menacing foes. The ability to conjure such devastating and unique area-of-effect attacks is the highlight. I've never seen a game do "ice spikes" that well before.

Cold Symmetry's co-founders — Andrew McLennan-Murray, Anton Gonzalez, and Vitaly Bulgarov — said the following in a joint statement.

For a small team like ours, developing this title in many ways felt like crossing an ocean on a paddleboard. To finally announce Mortal Shell is one of the most exciting and terrifying experiences we've had in our lifetimes. The last two years have been a time of non-stop growth, full of shocking revelations of sheer complexity that goes into creating a video game that you, yourself, would really enjoy playing.

Mortal Shell should launch later this year on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4.

Asher Madan