Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc sneaks out

Some press shots and a quick promo video for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc have surfaced and despite our several years of feeling slightly burned by the Xperia line, we have to say that it looks pretty darn good. The purported specs suggest that the 854x480, 4.2 inch display sits atop a very thin (8.7mm in the middle) phone with a curved back, a 1GHz Qualcomm processor, Gingerbread, and an 8mp camera. 

Check out the video and a couple more press shots after the break! [Gagadget via Engadget]

Dieter Bohn
  • WOW
  • Nice.
  • Curved backwards? Kind of like the Opposite of a Nexus S,
  • And even dumber than the Nexus S. There is no earthly reason to curve the back. All that does is reduce internal battery space.
  • Why is it every time I think to myself "that's a dooshe bag comment" I look down and see ice bike?
  • WOW x2!!!
  • Don't trust it. ITS A TRAP. You will be waiting a year for an update lol
  • I'll wait!!!!! This phone looks amazing!!!
  • "IT'S A TRAP."LOL But it's a beautiful one, though. If only I could trust SE.....
  • Wow, that is the prettiest phone I have ever seen!
  • They make gorgeous phones but then they forget about them once they're out.
  • looks really cool.
  • Quote: and despite our several years of feeling slightly burned by the Xperia line Guys, if these guys are at CES, head back to their booth and express that to them. We already know how bad Sony is. Go back and press the booth monkeys for update time lines. Of course they won't be able to give any, but they are a pipeline to management.
  • the hard buttons on the front just ruin it all... they look ugly!
  • one sleek phone
  • what carrier?
  • hayyyyy when ever i slot a memory chip in the phone it doesnt show why