Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S and Live with Walkman now on Three UK

Two of Sony Ericsson's more interesting devices have just made their way onto Three UK at subsidized prices. The Xperia Arc S and SE Live with Walkman are now available for free on any of Three's standard 24-month contracts.

The Arc S, SE's new flagship device, can be yours for £28 per month, while the Live with Walkman is offered for a more frugal £18 per month. With its shiny new 1.4 GHz CPU, the Arc S gives a modest boost from the original Arc's 1 GHz chip, and boasts new functionality like 3D panoramic recording. The SE Live with Walkman, which represents the manufacturer's current budget offering, is offered free on contracts of £18 or more per month.

We'll have a review of the Arc S appearing in the next week or so, so keep wathcing. In the meantime you can check out our first impressions of the Arc S and Live with Walkman from last month's Xperia Party.

Source: Three UK (opens in new tab)

Alex Dobie
Executive Editor

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  • is the Sony Ericsson phone brand strong at all anymore in the UK/Europe? just curious because i think it's dead here in the US.
  • It's pretty strong out there. The whole Ericsson branding has kept Sony out of the mainstream here.
    Look at the difference in their tablets and phones.
    One has respect and the other doesn't.
  • If Sony wants to create a Walkman Music service, then they should just put an app in the market, and couple it with a free media playing app that is better than all the rest, instead of preloading bloatware. We buy android to get away from itunes. Not to have a lesser version of it.
  • All the slick phones are in Europe and Asia. Just like our cars, all the phones made for the US are all bulky and hideous looking.