Is the Sony Ericsson CS8 an Android Device Releasing in June?

We've previously reported on Sony Ericsson's Android plans which were to expect a high-end device to launch the Sony Ericsson Android party in 2009 and other, more affordable devices to follow suit. So a mysterious Sony Ericsson device dubbed the CS8 has popped up in T-Mobile's tentative release plans (via tmonews) and the dots are slowly connecting...could this be the high-end Sony Ericsson Android device!?

Leap with us here, the Sony Ericsson CS8 is to be released on June 24, 2009. The 8 in CS8 is being speculated as an 8 megapixel camera--which definitely qualifies as a "high-end" feature. With no other Sony Ericsson device making any news, perhaps this is what will run Android?

We know it's pure hearsay and rumors at this point but after going through MWC and CTIA with little Android news, we're willing to grasp at straws. Let's hope that the CS8 is an Android device and that it will be released by June!

Casey Chan