Sony confirms PS4 PSVR games can be enhanced on PS5

Psvr Illuminated
Psvr Illuminated (Image credit: Nick Sutrich / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Sony confirmed that PS4 PSVR games running on a PS5 can see enhanced resolution and framerate.
  • Games had to have been created using dynamic resolution and unlocked framerate in order to qualify.
  • PS4 games cannot be specifically enhanced when running on PS5.

In a PS5 blog post, Sony confirmed that PS4 PSVR games running on a PS5 could see enhanced visuals and framerates, contrary to what was thought in the past. a Tweet (via UploadVR) from PlayStation London Studio even goes so far as to say their PSVR game, Blood & Truth, will run on the PS5 with a higher resolution, framerate up to 90 fps, the highest detail assets used at all times, and even improved textures over the PS4 version of the game.

Sony's PSVR strategy on the PS5 has, thus far, been a bit murky. As recently as a week ago, it appeared that most, if not all PSVR games running on PS5 would only be able to utilize the PS4 version of the game rather than having an enhanced version for the PS5. Now, with the news from PlayStation London Studios, it seems that may not always be the case. While it's almost certain that we won't be seeing new PS5 games that use the original PSVR hardware, Blood & Truth's example shows that PS4 PSVR games could find new life with PS5-enhanced visuals.

Ps5 Psvr Blood And Truth

Source: PlayStation London Studio (Image credit: Source: PlayStation London Studio)

Ever since Sony launched the PS4 Pro, many developers have taken up the mantle of designing games to take advantage of the PS4 Pro's more powerful hardware while still running on the original PS4 hardware, as well. Since the PS5 is able to run PS4 games in a similar way to the PS4 Pro, the additional power provided by the PS5 hardware means games can run even better than they did on a PS4 Pro.

While not all developers are going to take the time that PlayStation London Studio did to specifically enhance their games for PS5, many existing games will see automatic graphics enhancements so long as they support dynamic resolution and an unlocked framerate.

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