When buying a new Android phone, one of the things to keep in mind is how fast or slow certain manufacturers release software updates for existing hardware. Google's Pixel line is the current go-to if you want the fastest updates possible, whereas companies like Samsung can be agonizingly slow in this regard.

Sony's always done a pretty good job at pushing out software updates in a speedy manner, but it's never had an official statement on where it stands on this. However, this has now changed with the recently spotted Sony Mobile Android Upgrade Policy.

According to Sony:

We aim to support all premium range devices with the latest Android updates for two years after the device has launched. We may choose not to upgrade a mid-range or entry-level device if testing does not meet our exacting standards and we feel the hardware isn't capable of delivering a stable user experience.

It's often the norm in this industry that flagship phones will receive software updates longer than cheaper ones, so Sony's stance here isn't all that surprising. I'd prefer the company to be more specific about updates for mid and entry-level phones rather than telling people to just wait and see, but even so, this is better than nothing.

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If you plan on getting a new Android handset this year, does Sony's stance on software updates sway your decision one way or the other? Let me know down in that comments section.

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