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Computerworld digs into the saga of ADW.Launcher

ADW Launcher, once a staple in the Android community, mysteriously stopped being updated some time ago. While updates to Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean started to come out, ADW still looked like something of the Gingerbread generation. Then, all of a sudden, ADW received an update that made it into something more 2012-appropriate.

So what happened that led to such a big gap in development? Wonder no more. Our pal JR Raphael  at ComputerWorld talked with developer Ander Webbs about ADW, 2011 and the crazy ride that led to the eventual updating of the app. Its quite a story, and is worth a read at the source link below.

Source: ComputerWorld

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

  • Now if only Federico Carnales would come back and update Launcher PRO xD
  • Man, I haven't heard that combination of names for a looong time. What ever happened to that one?
  • Man I hate that guy! Kept blowing smoke about the Launcher Pro rewrite for over a year and then put out UberMusic. People got hooked (including me) and paid a good amount for it (still had faith in him despite his never-ending promises of the LPP rewrite). Then, he just vanished.. UberMusic never saw an update after the 1.0 release on the (then) Market.
  • So basically he was just in it for the money.
  • Yea lp was amazing but like all good things the developer has grown up and moved on.
  • Really a great read. I haven't used ADW in ages because the stock Android launcher is now so awesome - but I just downloaded this in support of Ander's ability to be a human *AND* a developer and cooperating with an interview. :) I'll put it through its paces.
  • TL;DR:
    A Californian-Chinese company wanted to acquire and further improve ADW, including hiring the dev, and at the end it seems they just rickrolled him for his money. Amazing. Who is this company, and how many others have they done this to?
  • JR is awesome. One of my favorite bloggers. It's good that ADW is stepping back up into the launcher game.
  • I'm glad adw is back. It's my main launcher once again.
  • Dead-end business deals are always a bummer. What's worse is that in the meantime CyanogenMod abandoned ADW as its integrated launcher.
  • They stopped using ADW because it's no longer open source. That's also why they don't include ROM Manager any more.
  • Actually ADW remains open sourced while specific ADW EX feature sets did not unless they were exported into the regular ADW app. CM also abandoned ADW because they began work on Trebuchet(sp?) themselves which was based off of the stock launcher. The fact that ADW was no longer being supported helped with their decision. As for why Ron Manager was removed, that was because they moved to OTA updates and their really is no point to having it anymore aside from using it to flash CM recovery. I love that Wander is back to supporting ADW. He's a good upstanding guy and a good Dev. He was always quick to respond to any issues, questions or ideas you had swell. I wish him the best of luck in the new generation of the battle of the Launcher. Apex and Nova have grabbed themselves a big foothold in his absense.
  • The ADW update is quite nice. Has all the customization I have grown used to. The menus seem well done and its easy to understand what the options actually do. I always use a custom launcher on my tablet because I don't really need a dock on it so I'd rather hide it.
  • I have an old Galaxy S Captivate running Gingerbread and LauncherPro was always my goto launcher because it ran so well on old hardware. Once I realized it was abandoned and wanted something different I started trying others such as GO and ADW but never really liked the performance on either. However this new rewrite of ADW runs amazingly well - and looks great. It brought back a lot of fun to my trusty old Captivate and I'm glad I gave it another chance.
  • Nova all the way....
  • Tried to go back to ADW after using Holo, Apex, and Nova Launchers. Sorry....
    No go!
  • Update uber music!
  • I am still using ADW since my HTC Inc 2 has not gotten the ICS and since Nova and Apex will not run on I decided to try out the new ADW. The rewrite has brought some speed and smoothness to my old phone. And it is a hell of a lot better than the stock htc launcher.
  • it's amazing update I must tell. But there still something needs to work on :)