Numbers only tell part of the story when it comes to how big a phone actually is – excuse the cliche but it also comes down to how it feels in the hand. The LG G2 packed a 5.2-inch Full HD display into a frame that would often be found paired with much smaller display sizes through a mixture of unique design and possibly a little witchcraft. Now the LG G3 is here, have the LG boffins done it again? Sure, the display size has gone up, but how much bigger has the phone got?

Well, see for yourselves. A press event is never the best place to really size these things up, but overall it's not grown by much. It's a little taller, but with that curved rear, once again LG has created something that just doesn't feel as massive as the numbers might indicate.

We'll be spending much more time with the new LG G3 in the coming weeks. For now, what do you think? This size increase look OK, or was the G2 really the limit for you?

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LG G3 and G2