Skype Video for the HTC Thunderbolt leaks out

Although the HTC Thunderbolt was supposed to of have launched with it -- it didn't. And although HTC and Verizon tried to hide the fact it ever existed -- it didn't work. Skype Video has now leaked out for all Verizon HTC Thunderbolt users. No telling how long it will work for once Skype and Verizon catch on, or if they'll even care enough to bother shutting it down but we do know it will only work on the Thunderbolt so, don't bother trying it on anything else at this point.

Phil took it for a ride over 3G and Wifi. It works over the former and works pretty well over the later, but doesn't seem to do much for the person you're talking to. (Hi, Jerry!) Remember that this is leaked and unofficial software, so consider yourselves warned. Download links are at the source link, if you're the brave type. [Droid-Life] Thanks, 0mie!

  • @Chris: To of have?
    Work for once?
    Over the later? haha sorry, couldn't resist. @Jerry: I'm thinking it's time for some "trimming." : )
  • everything installed great,,tyvm android central;) i was windering if someone cud help me,,,my end of the video im coming out very dark and apperantly it is hard for the other person to make me out,,,how wud i brightin my end up????? i went in to FF cam settings and i got it so im super bright,,but no change in skype,,i stood under a bright lite and it had very little effect however it did have sum...funny thing is when i first get vid on skype it is bright fir a brief second then darkens,,is there any settings within the skype program,,,i did not see any..please help lol...tyvm
  • Its not really a Leak, its available for download right from the Skype Website.
  • If you got Skype video to work on your android phone, I want to see it. Especially, if you downloaded it from their site. Because even Skype is still saying 'coming soon'
  • How about a video instead of a still picture? Or is it soooooo slow, that this IS the video?
  • It works. Well I signed on and did a test call and hit video. My front face can worked.
  • Works for me. Thanks.
  • Skype 2.8 on OS X doesn't work with this. How do I quit Skype? It won't go away now!
  • go to the 'MY INFO' tab
    hit menu
    hit Sign Out or
    go to the 'MY INFO' tab
    under the STATUS area, tap "ONLINE"
    then tap "SIGN OUT" took me a bit to find it, too---i was freaking out about battery life since it was constantly running
  • It works really well I was surprised. I am still wondering what it will do to the battery if you are logged on all day as battery on HTC phones are a commodity and it has taken me two weeks to get my battery to a nice level. Still I feel that front facing cameras are just like 3D its more nice to say you have it and play with it a couple times then it just sits there taking up space.
  • I doubt they will shut it down. IMO these kinds of "leaks" are intentional. A way of testing it with a few Thunderbolt owners who are savvy enough to peruse these sights and download it first.
  • Just tried pretty good.
    So far better than tango. Gotta use it more over the next couple of days to really see how it works
  • How is the sound? Can you hear anything?
  • The sound was fine...if you've ever used tango, to me this is better.
    But I only fooled around with it for a short time
  • Thanks Timco. Do you have any audio problems with your TB when recording video or when talking over Tango?
  • Can you video chat with anyone using Skype on a computer? Or can you only talk to other TB Skype users?
  • You can use to call computers too, not just tb users
  • My first try was with Tango from my TB to an iPhone. The iPhone could see me, but couldn't hear me, I could see and hear the iPhone. I gave up after that. My TB is one that ( virtually) can't record audio when recording video, so I wonder if I'm hosed on any video chat until HTC comes out with their fix. Facetime works great on my iMac to iPhone and to iPad2. I was hoping for something as good for my TB. Maybe Skype will be it.
  • Works wayyyyyy better then Tango, at least on the 10th minute call i just made to my wife on her laptop. Voice was good, and video was good. Used over WiFi
  • This application is asking for more permissions than the normal Skype application like acting as an authenticatir for other accounts.
  • Anyone notice after the update that u can't use this version of Skype?