Skype Video for the HTC Thunderbolt leaks out

Although the HTC Thunderbolt was supposed to of have launched with it -- it didn't. And although HTC and Verizon tried to hide the fact it ever existed -- it didn't work. Skype Video has now leaked out for all Verizon HTC Thunderbolt users. No telling how long it will work for once Skype and Verizon catch on, or if they'll even care enough to bother shutting it down but we do know it will only work on the Thunderbolt so, don't bother trying it on anything else at this point.

Phil took it for a ride over 3G and Wifi. It works over the former and works pretty well over the later, but doesn't seem to do much for the person you're talking to. (Hi, Jerry!) Remember that this is leaked and unofficial software, so consider yourselves warned. Download links are at the source link, if you're the brave type. [Droid-Life] Thanks, 0mie!